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Edward's Pov

It has been 2 years, 2 years since Bella died, and I can't still deal with the pain. It's a hundred times worse than when I left her. Reneesme has grown, she's 17 now, she has also been spending more time in La Push with Jacob Black. She's happy, but sometimes she still hurts over her mother, we all are, even Rosalie. We got our own house, in Oregon, close by where Selena's coven is. Dene has taken charge, since Bella was no longer there. Death toll this week has risen, police still has no leads. All victims found drained completely, and some show signs of being tortured. Dozens of teens gone missing, still no sign of them anywhere, families mourning and citizens frightened. The news-reporter said on the TV, since the Voltrui has seemed to have died in the explosion too, vampires everywhere have gone mad, to gain the power to take the throne.

The door opened, Alice came in with some mail in her hands. "We got mail by some business corporation called 'Bella Lee'." Alice said. "Bella Lee?" Esmee asked curiously. "Yeah, I heard that it's very famous in North Dakota, wonder why they sent us a letter," Rosalie said coming down from the stairs. Soon the whole family came into the living room, Carlisle took the envelope and read, I read it through his mind, it said;

Dear Cullens,

The Bella Lee Team would like to invite you to our company in North Dakota; we have some important news to discuss with you, involving your lost member of the family Bella Cullen. We understand that it will be a very touchy matter to discuss, but you'll find that you will be glad you came. If you do, we have 3 members of the Bella Lee Team, who will escort you to our building. The names are, Nancy, Darien, and Amber. Thank you. –The Bella Lee Team.

Curiosity was bubbling through me now, what can they possibly tell us by my Bella? "Carlisle, should we go?" Esmee asked. "I think so, it is about Bella, we should inform Selena's coven, and Dene's too, they should know as well," Carlisle said. Just then the door rang, numerous times. "Hold your horses!" I'm coming, I'm coming!" Alice yelled. When she opened the door six vampires flew into the room, Dene and Selena each had an envelope in their hands. "Did you guys get a letter from the Bella Lee team?" they asked. We nodded, "Are you going?" Fay asked. "Yes, we were just about to tell you," I said. "Oh, well so are we, we got our plane tickets, you?" Fay asked. "Just got them," Jasper said putting the phone down.

We wasted no time, if there's something involving Bella, I want to know about it.

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