Edward's POV

"We won!" We were deafened by the cheers, and 'Whoo-Hoo's!' by everybody. "Take that Voltrui II butt!" Emmet boomed.
I rolled my eyes at my brother, but couldn't supress the smile forming on my face.

Bella let out a breath of relief as her eyes scanned the fields, letting everything soak in.
"We won, we actually did it," she whispered.

"Did you really have any doubts?" I asked. Bella looked up at me, "No, I guess that I just was afraid."
I opened my mouth to speak when Emmet came over to us, and put his arm around Bella's shoulders, "Don't be afraid sis' when you have a army like ours anything is possible," he said.

"No argument there," I muttered. Bella giggled, I smiled at her, Emmet looked at us oddly, "Newly weds," he muttered to Jerry.

"So," Fay said walked over to us with Dene in tow," Aro and his army is history, General Micheal Consworth and his troop are back home and have vowed secrecy to us, and WE JUST SAVED THE ENTIRE WORLD!"

"Yes, no more innocent humans will be plucked from their lives and dragged into the vampire world, for a existence of violence, war, etc." Bella agreed.
"Quick question, where do we go from here?" Sarah asked, "Yeah, we're not going back to Antartica are we?" Ann asked.

Bella smiled, "No, no more hiding, but even though the war is over we still have plenty things to do," she said.

"Like, having the injured humans taken back home, coming up with a cover story for all of them, fixing the damages here in Italy, and not to mention the first election for a new royal family," Tara added.

"Yes, the vampire world is finally becoming more civilized, I couldn't have picked a better time to be changed," Fay said.
"Bella found you in an alley, you would have been dead if it wasn't for her, you didn't really pick a time to be changed," Ann said.

"Yes, but I picked the best time to go to a restaurant with a full trash can, and walk over to the dumpster in said alley, I'm a genius," Fay told her.

We rolled her eyes at her, Let's go home. Bella's thoughts surprised me but I quickly recovered and took her hand and we walked away and ran together into the woods, and back to where we were truly happy to be.

Fay was right, the vampire world did become more civilzed. Less barbaric.
In fact, many of them have gone vegetarian after a crazed newborn spread a rumor, yes a rumor of all things, spreaded like a spiderweb or a disesase that Aro fed off so many humans that his head was filled with death and blood, and that was the true reason of his own demise, and not because his camp was set on fire, and exploded after being hit with a torpedo.

"After all my years in existence trying to convince vampires to drink animal blood, and when they told me I was a mad man for going against my true nature, an actual mad man spreads a ridiculous rumor and they believe him?" Carlisle said, after Fay asked him what he thought about it.

"What I can't believe is that a vampire can go crazy, whose to say we aren't all crazed vampires?" Sarah asked.

"I would have felt it if any of us went crazy," Jasper answered.

"And I would have seen it," Alice chimed in.

I simply tapped the side of my head, in response.

"So you see, Sarah none of us are crazed vampires," Dene said.

"When is Mr. Fredwrick going to give you that guranteed spot in the art gallery he promised?" Bella asked, Dene.

"He isn't, he's going to have all my paintings and sculputures displayed!" Dene said, joyfully.

"How big is that art gallery?" Fay asked. "Huge, after this I might be discovered!" Dene said dreamily, falling backwards onto the couch.

"Are you going to dedicate it?" Selena asked, sitting down gently in the armchair. "Am I going to what?" Dene asked. "Dedicate it," Selena repeated.

"You mean like singers do to songs, or authors to books?" Dene asked. Selena nodded, "Yes." Violet leaned towards Dene and whispered, "I think that's what dedicated means, Dene."

Dene waved her off, "I don't know, I haven't thought about it." "You should, every artist has their inspiration," Selena said getting up.

"I just get pictures in my mind, I guess if I had a inspiration it would be from the world and life itself, my experiences," Dene said. "Wait, I thought it had to be a name, like Carrie, Jerry, Sherry, Beary, Larry, Berry, Mary, or Teri," Fay said, suddenly and stupidly.

"No, not nesscarily," Selena told her.

"When's the art show?" Hope asked. "In two weeks, please dress formally for this event, it starts at 8 PM sharp," Dene answered.

"Shopping." "We're going dress shopping for said event," Alice said.

I fixed my tie and straightened my tux, I turned around from the mirror, and faced my brothers. "Emmet, is that a clip on tie?" I asked. Emmet looked up from his tie, and grinned, "Nice huh? I got it from the Dollar Tree, no need to get those fancy ties that take forever to put on, nuh-uh," Emmet said, as if nothing was wrong with the cheap clip on

"We're going to Dene's art show, clip on tie are not respectful for such a important occasion in her existence," I told him.
Emmet looked to Jasper, "Jasper, can you please explain to the doofus why this talk is unesscary."

Doofus? Well, it is Emmet.

"Okay, Edward it's completely unesscary to talk about it when we can just tell his wife," Jasper told me. "What? Jasper dude!" Emmet exclaimed, looking betrayed.

"You said to explain why it was unesscary," Jasper said, shrugging before he strolled casually out of the room.
A minute later, Rosalie barged into the room, "What is this I hear about a clip on tie?"

I left the room, to give them their private moment to sort it all out.

I ascended down the stairs, everyone was in the living room talking and waiting for the other to get ready, so we could all go together, (Esme's request, to go together as a family.)

The story is that Hope's coven is Bella's aunt and cousins, and Selena's is Carlisle's sister and her children are our cousins. In a way that's what we are, a family, brothers, sisters, and cousins.

Alice was sorting through a stack of magazines, when I made my way over to her, "Bella is with Nancy and Amber, talking about the Bella Lee's new products in the den," she said, without looking up from the magazines. "Thank you," I said.

"No, no pineapple flavored blood, was a failure we can't sell it anymore."

"I beg to differ, I heard it works excellently for the Underwater wellders."

"They drink from fish all the time, they don't know taste."

"They are very rich."

"I don't care how rich they are, bad taste is bad taste."

I cleared my throat, all three ladies looked up to see who came in, then they returned to their conversation, all except for one who kept her eyes on me, Bella.

She walked over to me, "Hello," I greeted, "Hi," she replied. Nancy giggled, and Amber walked with her out of the room, I reminded myself to thank her later.

Bella fingered my tie, then she sighed, relieved. "What was that, love?" I asked. "Huh? Oh, just checking that's all," Bella replied. "Did you think I would have a clip on tie as well?" I asked.

"No, just checked in case,"Bella admitted. I took her hand, and lead her to the couch, and sat down. "Pineapple flavored blood?" I asked.
"It's horrible, but Nancy thinks that it could still work, and Amber thinks she's crazy," she said.

"What else?" I asked. "We are experimenting with fruity flavors and only a few have been succesful," Bella said. "There's grapes, bananas, apples, and strawberries," she said. I smiled, "Strawberries are my favorite, ever since a girl moved to a small town named Forks and," I stopped, when she hugged me, a smile on her face, "I know how the story goes," she said.

"It's my favorite story," Bella said, "Mine too," I agreed.