The New Assistant

Part 1: The Ritual

"Hey, Onee-chan I'm home!" I shouted as I walked through the very large oak front doors of my house, they were about 8 ft. tall and were stained dark brown. There were cravings of apples and flowers throughout.

I stepped into my foyer, bending over to take my red converse and socks off. It was high ceilinged and had a big multicolored chandelier hanging from a gold chain, the floors were red wood and polished to perfection, basically a rich cliché.

Just then I heard a loud scream from upstairs, I recognized it as my sister, Alexis'. I shot strait up looking up slightly then taking off, bolting up the stairs (which were white granite and had black ivory hand railings, it mimicked a piano). I heard her scream again this time I recognized the word; no. I looked around desperately trying to find were it was coming from, I then heard a loud thump, she screamed again this time the word; please. I heard the gunshot a second before blinding pain radiated from my right leg I fell on to the floor clutching it slightly. You see not only was Alexis my sister, she was my identical twin; we shared a telepathic connection, strongest whenever the other was in pain, no matter how small. I somehow managed to stand up. I took a step on shaky legs. I looked down the hall to my left then right, I shot to my left, she was in her room I was sure. I stopped at the last door on the right. I placed my hand on the doorknob (which was crystal) when a man's voice said,

"There's someone else here right now, standing outside the door right now huh!?" his manner of speaking was vulgar and disrespectful. "Don't lie to me, I heard someone shout!" I heard her sob. "You there, come in right now with your hands were I can see em'!" I froze in fear, he knew I was there! I turned the doorknob slowly till it clicked open. I opened the door, the metallic smell of blood rushed into my nostrils; my sister was lying on the ground clutching her right leg she was curled away from me. Blood was pouring from behind her hands, creating a pool. I brought my hands to my mouth, in shock.

I looked up, her shooter was a man in his late 30's, his hair and eyes were dark brown. His eyes held a crazed gleam to them which only became more prominent when he sneered, revealing tobacco stained teeth. His build was large, at least 6 ft. tall.

"W-what do you want!?" I said letting my hands move down to my sides, clenched in white knuckled fists.

"Do you really think you're in a position to be demanding answers right now?" he said holding up a black pistol, aiming it at me, and fingering the trigger, almost lovingly. I felt my short nails painfully as I tightened my fists even more. "I thought not. Anyway, now I accidentally killed my daughter and I need her alive so I won't go to jail. In order to bring her back to life, I need one of you to be a sacrifice and one as a handhold that she can use to get back into this world. You decide which." This guy was beyond slightly crazy, he was a sociopathic murderer!

"Never, you Bastard!" my sister yelled through clenched teeth. His sneer grew into a full toothed simile his eyes crazier than ever.

"Now, now, no need for such language young lady, but oh well you just decided to be the sacrifice, for you have just pissed me off." He said in a mock parental tone, he shrugged his shoulders and said "Say goodnight, girly."

"NOOOOOO!" I screamed, he shot and I felt half of me literally being ripped away, she was dead, I knew. I felt an immense pain in my chest, were my heart was, he must have shot her there, killing her instantly.

More of her blood, bright crimson red, pooled around her, it reached my bare feet, it was warm. I fell to my knees with a thud, for my legs were no longer able to support me. My mouth was agape I stared and at the floor, now stained red. I was frozen in pure shock.

"Now that, that's done…" said the murderer, trailing off, I looked up he had his back turned to me and was bent over behind my sister's bed. When he stood up I saw an arm, white as chalk, and a leg, that same deathly white. He turned around, he was holding the body of a girl, her eyes were wide open with pupils dilated, the left one was green, but it looked really faded almost as if it had a gray film over it, at least compared to the other one which was the color of well watered grass. Her hair was strait and black it was slightly layered and had red highlights in it that matched the color of blood. Her lips were blue tinted as well as her fingers and toes. He stepped over Alexis' body and set the girl down in front of me. Kneeling, he set down the gun next to him and fished around in his tuxedo jacket's pocket till he found what he was looking for, I saw the silver glimmer of a blade. The knife was one of those army knife things the ones were the blade folds in and out this one was serrated and had dried blood on it. He grasped it in his right hand and cut open the pointer finger of his left with the tip. He smeared his blood on his forehead writing the kanji for death. He grabbed the girl's right hand and sliced open the palm, blood barely oozed out of it. He grabbed my right hand, I was too much in shock to protest as he sliced open my palm, the pain was hot and searing, I whimpered in response. Blood gushed out in time with my franticly beating heart. He then folded up the knife and placed it back in his pocket, never letting go of my injured hand. He picked up the girl's hand again and pressed mine and hers together, wounds touching, blood mixing. He then started chanting I couldn't understand the words they were complicated and confusing, it almost sounded like he was speaking Japanese, but backwards.

After about ten seconds of his senseless chanting I felt a strange pulling sensation, it didn't hurt exactly just… slightly unsettling.

The pulling was growing stronger and stronger as time passed, his chanting was reaching it's climax, he was yelling now.

The pulling was now painful, I screamed slightly in pain, the pulling only got more agonizing.

"Let…GO!" I yelled. Just then I was ripped from my body with the most agony I had ever felt in my life. I was suddenly surrounded in darkness; it was almost as if it had substance. It was choking; it filled my mouth and nose. Two white lights appeared suddenly in front of me, they were warm, I felt it. They both suddenly started getting bigger and bigger till they filled my vision, my surroundings were now white. Then they materialized into people, the one on the left's face came into view first, long nose, thin lips, big oval eyes the color of the sky on a cloudless summer day, my sister! Then the one on the right, fuller lips, shorter nose, and medium almond shaped eyes, both green but the left one dull, like grass on cloudy day, and the other bright like the color that embodies spring. That guy's daughter, the one he was supposedly resurrecting?

"Alexzandria?" they both said, I nodded then I looked at the green-eyed girl and asked,

"Who are you?" she smiled sadly and said,

"My name is Lydia Tsukino." She stuck out her hand for me to shake, I noticed red on it, it was her cut one. I slowly lifted up my hand which was still cut and was bleeding profusely, I paused. She then grabbed my hand when our blood mixed she disappeared with a flash of light leaving me and Alexis. I still stood with my hand extended in front of me, I let it fall to my side limply, while saying,

"Okay?" I heard Alexis giggle slightly, I turned to face her she was stifling her laughter behind her hand. "What?" I asked cocking my head to the side, my arms crossed.

"The expression on your face!" she giggled. I couldn't bring myself to laugh with her, she was still dead, and nothing could change that. She stopped giggling when she saw my expression. "Gomenisai." she apologized looking down cast.

"Onee-chan, you're dead…right?" I asked

"Yeah, I guess I am." She admitted pushing one of her light brown locks behind her ear.

"Gomenisai, I couldn't save you, I could have done something, anything"

"Nee-chan… it's not your fault, it's mine I'm the one who should be sorry, I left you alone, but please promise me something, before he calls you back." I nodded

"Hai, anything..."

"Please move on. Live your life, fall in love but, I know that in order to do that your gonna' have to let me g-"

"Never!" I yelled, cutting her off,

"Please." I saw her desperate expression, it broke me further.

"Fine, I promise, I'll try my best."

"That's all I can ask for." She smiled and hugged me. We were the same height of 5'4, but to me she was always taller. I wrapped my arms around her, never wanting to let go, but I knew I had to. I un-wrapped my arms and took a step back.

"Onee-chan… See you later?" She nodded, and smiled sadly. Then suddenly I was slammed back into reality, painfully.

The first thing I saw was the murderer's face, he was smiling happily, and his eyes were shining in triumph.

"Ah!" I yelped, jerking my head back, startled.

"Hello, Lydia-chan, it's your father." He said, his breath stunk of alcohol and tobacco.

"I-I'm not Lydia." I said, slightly confused.

"Oh, honey that bitch's memories are interfering with yours, hmm maybe she was just a bit too strong willed. No matter you are Lydia Tsukino, I'm your father, Jacob Tsukino." I shook my head

"I am 'that bitch' you bastard it didn't work!" I yelled, my voice sounded strange it was lower and also it felt different, it wasn't mine. A look of pure fear and helplessness passed over his face, he then picked up the discarded gun, (which was now covered in blood), and pressed it to the side of his head. I realized he was going to shoot himself, but I did not try to stop him. He shot. BANG! He fell to the side, his blood mixing with Alexis'.

"What do I do?" I asked to no one. I looked at my hands the right one still had gash on it, I noticed that my fingers were longer and tapered, not to mention paler. I turned them around the nails were painted black, in all my life, I had never painted my nails black. My left eye hurt slightly, I lifted a hand to touch it, but stopped, I couldn't see my hand. I waved it around the left side of my face, I couldn't see it. I closed my right eye, darkness met my vision. I opened it again; I was now blind in my left eye. I then looked at the clothes I was wearing, black t-shirt, black shorts. I almost never wore black.

I stood up; I was shaking so hard that I was surprised I was able to. My legs were covered in red, and the parts that weren't, were chalk white. I went to the full body mirror that was near the closet on the left side of the room. What I saw amazed me, I was now Lydia, my left eye was dulled out green, but my right eye was bright blue, my eye color. My normally light brown hair was now black with red highlights, layered and strait it fell to just above my shoulders. I was tall, about 5'9 and skinny, this girl was an athlete, strong legs, and abs… runner? I touched the mirror in shock, I couldn't believe it, I slide my hand off the mirror, there was blood were I had touched.

I needed to take a shower but first maybe the call the police?

'And tell them what, that I'm Alexzandria Lynn, just in Lydia Tsukino's body? Yeah not likely.' I thought bitterly. 'I better get the hell out of here if I don't I can't fulfill my promise...if I did that… boy would Alexis be pissed at me... I'm taking a shower so people won't stare at me on the street and/or try to help me, I don't want help… or pity.' I thought.

With that goal in mind I went to Alexis' bathroom careful not to look at her or the murderer's body. The bathroom was spacious, with a shower in one corner and one of those spa bathtubs in another. The floors were gray granite, as were the counters. I closed the door behind me. I suddenly felt a wave of nausea and I staggered to the toilet, I threw up blood. I now had blood mixed with saliva dribbling down my chin, that shower now sounded really good. I went to the counter and looked at myself in the mirror, still Lydia. I took off my shirt revealing white skin and a black bra. 'God does this girl wear anything except black!?' I thought, then I noticed it; a scar. It looked relatively new; it ran in a diagonal across my stomach. I fingered it; it was raised and was rough to the touch. Then I noticed another one this one began on my right shoulder and went diagonal down my back and stopped before it wrapped back around to my stomach. It looked a little older than the other one, it being slightly more blended instead of being red. I had more scars littering my upper arms, some looked painful and deep while some were older and smaller. I was wearing a small silver heart pendent I took it off and put it next to her clothes. I stepped into the shower and turned on the water it streamed down my body turning red as it reached the floor. The warm water stung my hand, but I ignored it. After a while the water turned clear. I turned off the water and grabbed a towel from the ring. I dried my face off with it I put back on the clothes then I realized that they still had blood on them… but they were black so you wouldn't really notice when the blood dried. I put back on the pendent, and walked back into hell (aka Alexis' room). I sighed and made my way to the door trying not to step in blood. The door was still open, I walked out into the hallway and slammed the door shut loudly, I jumped at the noise. I ran across the hall to my room, it was a mirror image of Alexis' the closet was on the right side and the bathroom on the left. I went into my closet and grabbed a duffle bag I went to my dresser (which was also in the closet) and grabbed at least 7 t-shirts, 7 pairs of pants and shorts, and as many underwear, socks and bras that I could find. I somehow managed to fit them in the duffle bag. I went into my bathroom and grabbed a toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, etc, etc. I went back into my room and stuffed them into the side pockets. I went to my piggy bank (yes I have a piggy bank) and tried to open the plug, my fingers were trembling too much so I couldn't. Then I threw in on to the floor it shattered and bundles of money and coins exploded from it. I grabbed my wallet from my bedside table it was next to where my piggy bank used to be standing. I counted out the money I had about 500,000¥, I stuffed it into my wallet. I went and grabbed a sweatshirt from my closet I pulled it on, it was dark blue it was actually my older brother's so it was still too big. I put my wallet into the pocket. I then grabbed my Mp3 player, my cell phone, and my journal, off my desk. I opened my journal onto a black page, I grabbed a pen from one of the drawers, and wrote, in English:

Mom, I'm sorry,


I ripped out the page, put the mp3 player and cell phone into my pocket, then stuffed the journal into one of the side pockets of the duffle bag, which I zipped up and through over my shoulder. I looked at my desk, there stood a picture of me and my sister, laughing and smiling, I grabbed it and partially unzipped the duffle bag and stuffed it in, the re-zipped, and sped out of the room, note clutched in hand.

I walked promptly down the hallway, raced down the stairs. I put the note in the middle of the foyer. I went to put my converse back on, before they were a few sizes to big… but now they were fine. I opened the front door, I looked back, and sighed, then I shut the door on my life, running away, but not forever.