Our House

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The Neils were a rather ordinary family. Mr. Neil was an accountant in North Sunnydale. Mrs. Neil was a house proud housewife. Their eldest child, Wendy Neil age 7 was an average student at Sunnydale Elementary. Her twin Aden Neil age 7 was of average intelligence and finally there was Little Ricky age 1 the baby of the family.

There was one thing that was not ordinary about the Neils and that was their house. It was a very old house, filled with furnishings that had taken the family years to collect. Several family heirlooms also resided there, like the Victorian chair that no one was allowed to sit on, for fear of damaging it. Mr. Neil had once remarked to his wife, "What point is a chair that we can't sit on!" There was also the grand old rocking horse, one of the only heirlooms that were allowed to be touched.

All the rooms were artistically arranged, ,even the twins rooms. Wendy's room was a bright pink, and I mean everything in her room was pink, from her pine dresser down to the bed knobs on her double bed.

Her brother Aden's room was much the same... with a few exceptions. For example, instead of a pine dresser he had an oak dresser and instead of the many, many Orlando Bloom posters plastered on his sister's right wall he had painted a mural of Robin Hood and his merry men. Not surprisingly Aden's room was not pink, but green.

All in all, the Neil's house was a beautiful house. So you can just imagine their horror when they came home to find… that it had been demolished! Only the frame was left standing but that looked like it would collapse at any time. Of course none of this occurred to young Wendy Neil as she crashed through what was left of the front door screaming "Orlando!"

"Wendy! Come back! You'll get hurt!" Mr. Neil yelled at his daughter as he too ran into the now dilapidated house. The other three members of the Neil family slowly picked their way through the rubble that once was their family home. Aden tripped over something. " What the? Oh! Cool a leather Jacket! Mum can I keep it?" Mrs. Neil who was trying to wrestle a small catholic cross out of her youngest child's hands and away from his mouth, was not really paying attention to what her elder son had said, replied. "Yes, yes of course." Then to her younger son she snapped "Ricky! Give the cross to mummy!"

Aden dug into the pockets of the large leather coat and pulled out a small silver lighter and a folded piece of paper. "I will love you forever Buffy. Spike" The small boy read. " Hmm, must be the original owner ."

Meanwhile in another part of the wreckage Wendy was desperately pulling at the tattered remains of a once much loved poster of Orlando Bloom. Her father caught up with her, just as a support beam collapsed over the girl. Wendy screamed. Mr. Neil leaped towards his daughter grabbed her and jumped out of the way. The beam landed with a horrific crash! Making dust fly everything. Wendy sobbed into her father's chest. "Daddy I'm sorry!" She sobbed. Mr. Neil was about to tell her that it was okay and everything was going to be fine. When suddenly he felt a tremor in the earth. "Earthquake!" They both screamed. Mr. Neil hitched Wendy over his shoulder and ran.

As the family watched their house get swallowed up by the earth , Mrs. Neil couldn't help but wonder at the family's almost supernatural bad luck. All the houses that they had bought, lived in or even just stayed in were soon after they left destroyed. The Neils were a fairly normal family.

The End