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Bella and I had just finished up hunting…yes 'hunting'…when my cell phone started ringing. I answered and was greeted by Jasper's stressed voice.

Um, Edward, I think you come home Nessie is throwing up and I think-

He was interrupted by Alice's screaming.


I had stopped listening,hung up, grabbed Bella, and was running home faster than I had ever run before. The only other time Renesmee had gotten sick was when she accidentally ate a mad cow. As in the disease. So needless to say, I was worried. Nessie was five now; not fully grown. She had the body and mind of a fifteen-year-old. That was a very bad thing. She had started seeing Jake in a different light last year. We had managed to hold off their relationship until a couple months ago, and I was concerned that it was going to fast, to soon. Jake, although he seemed mature, was stuck in the body of a sixteen-year-old. This is also a very bad thing. I decided not to think any more on the way home, and just concentrated on running faster.

When we got to the yard, Alice was waiting.

"Bella, I want your shield up on all of us so Edward can't hear what we're thinking. JUST DO IT!"

Bella had opened her mouth to argue, but Alice seemed not to be in the mood for defiance. I felt my mind go blank as all surrounding thoughts were blocked.

"Now Bella, go inside and talk to Renesmee-" This had to be bad, no one every called my daughter by her full name. "And I'll talk with Edward out here. GO! NOW!" Alice was in no mood to be argued with.

Bella went inside, and I reluctantly sat down in a tree with Alice.

"Now Edward, We all know you have a bit of a temper-" I was trying to read her mind, but she too was blocked. "And I want you to remember how much of a miracle Nessie is. Remember your rage when you found out about her?" I nodded, "And look how happy we all are now. It's like nothing we could have-" Alice was interrupted by a scream from the house.

"You MUTT! I cannot believe this! My daughter! My daughter!" This could not be good. There were then crashes coming from the house, followed by Nessie screaming at her mother.

"Don't hurt him! It was my idea in the first place!" This was very very bad. I ran past Alice and into the house. In the living room were Renesmee had force herself between a furious Bella and a terrified Jacob. Bella was throwing random objects at him, which he let hit him without even trying to defend himself. This was very very very bad.

I grabbed Bella by the waist and sat down on the couch with her.

"What did they do?" I asked while still restraining her.

"Ask him! ASK HIM! Bella was losing it. She was shaking and if she could produce tears she would be.

"What did you do Jacob?" I decided to be the calm one in this situation.

" Um, Hey Edward, how it going?" Jacob was stalling the inevitable. Nessie pulled him to the couch and sat, holding his hand.

"We need to talk with you and Mom." Very very bad. "I know you guy think that I'm really young- I know I'm only five. Don't say it." At this Jacob put his head in his hands. I fell sick.

"Well I'm not a child, I don't act like one and I certainly don't look like one." At this Jake groaned from his hands. I decided to listen to his mind for a clue as to what was going on.

Don't think, don't think, think good things…Um, food, yes food is good, um my pack, um, love, Nessie, Nessie last night, Wait! No! anything but that, flowers, yes flowers and butterflies and trees, lalalalalalala.

"Jacob, just start running now." I growled. He shook his head.

"I can't leave Nessie right now I-" He was interrupted as Carlisle ran through the door.

"We have a problem!"

"You think?" Carlisle looked at Bella.

"How did you find out? Alice isn't here."

"You think I need Alice to figure this out?" She was screaming at him now.

"Figure what out? I got a 'package' from the Volturi delivered to my office today." We all stared at him before Alice rushed in.

"Carlisle I tried to call you, but you were in surgery and they wouldn't page you even though I said it was an emergency and-"

"ALICE!" We all shouted at her.

"What? I tried! You all rely on me too much. Back to the issue at hand, we're moving."

"WHAT?" Everyone except Carlisle, Jacob, and Renesmee were yelling at her.

"Well, if you let us explain, there are two parts to this problem. Well, three really, but you find that out in a moment Edward." I glanced at Nessie, who was holding her mother's hand in a death grip.

Carlisle stood up "I got this letter today from Aro," We all ran over to read the letter, except my daughter, she just walked slowly.

It said:

My dear Cullens,

Hello to you all! I know we didn't get off on a very good foot last time and I have to say I regret coming to Forks that winter in the first place. I know we owe you much, but I have to ask one tinsy little favor. As you have often put it, you all are a family and not a coven. As much as this confuses me, I have to say the idea is intriguing. I think that writing an explanation to the current situation is unneeded, but I shall write it anyway. I have had Jane and Alec with me for quite sometime now. They are both young, almost immortal children, almost. Now they seem to be hitting their teenage years attitude wise. I have no clue how to handle this so I am sending them to you. Keep them as long as you like, maybe a minimum of a couple decades.



We were all stunned.

"There is another part to this problem." Alice looked grim, yet she had future shopping in the back of her mind.

"What could be worse that Them coming to live here soon?" Bella hated Jane.

"This." Alice walked outside and dragged in the two very disgruntled children. "They're here now."

And just like that our lives were shattered.

"Ah What the Hell, Dad I'm pregnant."

I spoke to soon.