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"So what is it we need to talk about?" I asked annoyed we had been interrupted.

"Not here." Edward said as he quickly walked out of the cafeteria. Bella glanced back at me before following him. I was becoming more and more irritated. What couldn't he tell me here? I thought back recalling the events of lunch wondering what had gone wrong? Had I done something wrong?

"You've done nothing wrong, now just follow my lead." Edward said as we walked in to the main office. "Excuse me, Mrs. Smith my brother Alec is

sick. I need to take him home." She looked at him curiously as though she didn't believe him. I decided to use this opportunity to relieve myself of the pizza I had been forced to eat at lunch.

I bent my head down and began gagging as I threw up chunks of the pizza reminding myself that nothing was worth going through this again. Feeling I

looked down at the mess on the ground realizing exactly how gross this human act was. My eyes drifted back to the secretary in apology.

"You can call our mother to make sure we get home." Edward stated as we walked out of the office.

I looked over to Edward as we got into his car.

"Explain." I demanded.

"Just wait. I want to go somewhere a little more private." he pressed his foot to the pedal.

I turned and looked out the window trying to find something to distract me.

It wasn't long before I glanced up and noticed the two of them again.

Bella's hand resting on his cheek, there was obviously something they were keeping from me. The possibilities were endless. Did I say something wrong to Amelia? Led her too close to our secret? No I had been cautious. Did Edward hear something in her thoughts? There was no way she could have guessed our secret? Did Jane say something? I had been overtly listening to their conversation making sure there was nothing wrong. Did Edward hear something in Jane's thoughts? Somehow I felt that this conversation would be directly related to my sister. Then again had Alice seen something? Did Alice see how this had ended? Would I do something to harm Amelia? Between Alice's visions and Jane's current attitude towards me anything was possible.

I had barely noticed the car stopped. I glanced around my surroundings to see we were at a trail end in a secluded part of the woods. "Let's go."

Edward called as he ran through the woods Bella and I quickly following.

"Alec," Edward sighed when he was sure we were far enough away from any interruptions. "I need to tell you something, something I saw in Amelia's thoughts." My whole body froze rigid as my mind once again raced through the possibilities.

"Alec, please, just listen to me." Edward tried to

relax me. What the hell was Edward supposed to do? Where the hell was Jasper when I needed him? I stopped and waited for Edward to make some smart ass comment but got nothing. Was he actually not listening to my thoughts for once.

"Alec," Edward continued. "While you were talking about family she replayed some memories of her mother. Her last memory of her mother in


What the hell was he talking about? What did that have to do with anything?

"Her mother died a few years ago while they were on vacation. You see I started piecing parts of her memories together and learned some things about

Amelia. Her family used to live in New York, It seems her mother was born into a large Italian family, a few years ago she decided to take the family to Italy to explore their family roots."

I was still confused what did this have to do with anything. What was it that he wasn't telling me? I listened as Edward continued on with his explanation.

"They were visiting the western edge of Italy staying just outside of Casciana Terme when she saw a flyer advertising Saint Marcus day."

"No, no, no, no, no." I knew where this was going. I knew what he was going to say. I couldn't control myself anymore. Without realizing it I

released my power. Damn, Bella would know what was going on. I couldn't face her again after doing something so reckless. I went to recoil when I realized that both of them were still standing there staring at me.

"I'm not just here to be a pretty face." Bella winked at me. Of course, she had her shield up, that was why Edward hadn't said anything about my thoughts earlier.

"Edward, tell me it isn't true." I pleaded with him.

"Alec, I'm sorry her last vision is of them in the square on Saint Marcus day. A man in a cloak approached her, whispered something in her ear and they walked away-"

He didn't say anything else. For hundreds of years I had anticipated Saint Marcus day. It disquieted me now to think about the thousands of lives I

had taken and to think that I myself might be responsible for taking the life of someone close to someone I loved. I was repulsed by myself. I suddenly felt as if they were looking at me, judging me. I didn't need their sympathy;

Bella with her perfect track record and Edward, always striving to live up to Carlisle's expectations.

I started to speak, to say something, anything, but nothing would come out. I turned my back to them and began running. I needed to get away. I began

running west when I crossed a familiar scent. I came to a dead halt as I debated my options. Judging by our location in the woods I knew exactly where she was. When we first moved in with the Cullen's Jane and I had found a small cave a couple miles east of the house. It had been comforting, the walls of the cave reminding us of the walls in the castle. Why was she there

now though? If I were to go to her now would she reject me?

I decided to take my chances as I followed her scent deep into the cave. Although the cave was pitch black my natural vampire vision allowed me to see her flawlessly. For the first time since lunch a small smile formed on my lips as I noticed her features. Jane stood there standing before me with her arms outstretched waiting to embrace me in a hug. "Alec, I'm so sorry." She whispered as I walked into her open arms.