Kind of just a weird idea that occurred to me. If you like it let me know, maybe there is more. None of the characters are mine.

Dude woke up late, after eleven, same as always. As consciousness slowly dawned on him, he was troubled by the sight of a small wrinkled green man, with large pointed ears, standing at the foot of his bed, looking over him. Although he had had several white Russians the night before, more than he usually drank, he didn't feel that this was a reason that he should be visited by a small green men holding a wooden walking stick.

"Dude?" he inquired of the small green man.

"Awake he is now, sleep all day I thought he would," said the small green man.

Having not been entirely clear in his first attempt to ascertain the identity of the little green man that stood at the foot of his bed, Dude thought it would be better if he were clearer in his inquiry. "Who are you?" he asked.

"Wonders who I am he does, the same question I would ask him," said the little green man.

"What?" asked Dude, now totally baffled at the little green man.

"Come I have seeking Lebowski Magnus, and here I find a sleeping man," said the little green man.

"What?" asked Dude again, to confused to notice that he was repeating himself.

"A dark time it is and the Sith have extinguished the Jedi. Come I to Los Angeles, a hidden Jedi to find. Hiding in Los Angeles Lewbowski Magnus is."

"Are you saying that I am this Lebowski Magnus, person? Because there is more than one Lebowski in Los Angeles. I know this for a fact."

"Yes, but hiding in plain sight, a thorough disguise it requires. Out of bed get you, come with me you must."

"Now wait a minute, I am not going anywhere with you, little green man."

"Forgotten you have, I am Yoda."

"Okay Yoda, I am not going anywhere with you." By now Dude had gotten out of bed and was sitting on the edge of the mattress. Yoda reached into his brown cloak and brought out what looked to Dude like a large flashlight. He handed it to Dude.

"Here, take your lightsaber, as was given to me to hold for you."

Dude examined the flashlight. It looked like an unnecessarily complicated flashlight. It had way more wiring than should be needed for something as simple as a flashlight, but Dude figured not being an electrical engineer, he really didn't know how much wiring a flashlight really needed. He pointed the flashlight at Yoda and motioned his finger to turn it on.

"Stop with your finger. Up point your light saber," screamed Yoda pointing with one finger in an upward direction.

Dude pointed the flashlight up, turned it on and a bright blue streak of light appeared out of the flashlight. Dude was amazed at the brilliance of the blue light coming from the flashlight and the heat it generated. With the light the flashlight also made a high pitched humming sound. Dude switched the flashlight off and the light and humming sound disappeared.

"Now," said Yoda, "to Dagobah come with me."

"Wait a minute little man, let me get my robe." Dude got up from bed and walked to the closet. He returned wearing his bathrobe. He put the flashlight in the front pocket of his robe and followed the little man out of his apartment, not bothering to lock it as he left.

The little man walked out on to the patio of the apartment complex with Dude following him. As he walked outside Dude noticed a rocket shaped object sitting on the patio. The little man walked up to the rocket and opened a door on the side.

"Small it is, but we will fit," said Yoda and climbed into the rocket.

Dude had never seen a rocket so small before and doubted that it would be able to go anywhere, and eager to see the look on Yoda's face when the rocket went nowhere he climbed in after the little man.

Yoda pulled the door closed, behind Dude and the rocket lifted off.