as me, yin, and yuck begin walking to where he had stated as where this tally lived i couldn't believe he wanted to go see her as much as i could so i asked why are you going to go see her? im not he replyed hoping for an answer i asked then why are you going to her house? im just going to go and beat the living daylight out of this girl he added but then i said but aren't boys not supposed to hit girls? yuck just stood there staring at me yeah so he finally replyed then i remembered yuck was the only exeption for that rule i then kept walking and when we got there i noticed she wasn't home um guys i tryed to make them notice too but i just stood there wondering around i mean when i said um guys yuck just told me to keep looking he asked me to look over something which i examined throughly and to my suprise i found that this girl seemed to not just have left evidence without knowing i nudged yuck and we both looked it over together this girl had a unstable crush on him we were shocked almost to death yin motioned us to hide as she had just noticed tally walking up to her house so we all hide in a hedge this was a really stupid hiding place yuck whispered i think so too i whispered back yuck hit his foot on a rock that tally had put in the hedge we were hiding in and managed to keep his mouth shut until she left which took until 4:00am yin whispered to me who would leave at 4:00 in the morning? i don't know she's a cat and cat's are ussually nocternal yin of course she's living i told her i agree with lily yuck said as soon as she left yuck let out a low scream which was good cause we didn't need her coming back (which i doubt cause she's too far away) we find some place to sleep for the night and as all hope goes well until tally returns in the morning.