two dayz after our tally encounter me and yin decided to take it slow for a while when master yo asked where we were two dayz ago i replyed we went to lina's instead thinking it was a trap

master yo just stood their hmm i never thought of that lily he said i was shocked (ussually master yo never believes my lies maybe he's become a changed panda) i thought to my self

but just in case maybe ill only lie when me and yin are gone for more then a couple of dayz with yuck and tell the truth every now and then i was really happy to confirm master yo asked if we went to spooky forest with lina? i said yes he said well in the forest you may come across people who are either strangers to you or really mean and nice to certain people that is if the persen does what the mean person wants {kind of like tally right yin} i whispered {exactly like tally} she whispered back and while niether yang nor master yo knew of the adventure we had with my brother

chapter 3 up