Chapter 5: Buffy Learns Their Fates

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Recap – Longer in case anyone skipped Chapter 4: Willow and Kennedy got their just desserts.

Xander's includes getting the girl of his dreams (Buffy). When her two vampire ex-lovers try to interfere, she stakes them before turning all of her sultry attention on Xander. But in true Zeppo fashion, he is less than a satisfactory lover. Which leaves the worked up Slayer needing someone else.

Cue 'Wussley' – Season 3 BtVS version of Wesley, not post-Season 2 AtS version of Wesley. He succeeds where Xander failed…repeatedly, with Xander being an unhappy witness to. (The two lovers are too caught up to realize they have an audience.)

Buffy looked at the unusual pair that stood before her in the airport while she waited to board the plane to San Francisco. "So what you're saying is that the Tribunal decreed that Xander, Willow and Kennedy posed a threat and sent you two to punish them? Just who are you?"

Gideon answered as Barabas stepped away from the small, powerful blonde…ironically in fear. That was good for a private chuckle. "I am an Elder that teaches at the Magic School. This is Barabas, the Demon of Fear. We were chosen to ensure the punishment was equivalent to the severity of the crime they wished commit."

"But they're not dead and haven't lost their memories," she clarified.

"That's the beauty of it," Barabas couldn't stop from gloating. "They were given their deepest desires, only to see them turn into their greatest nightmares. All without hurting them physically of course," he hastened to add before retreating again.

"Then when the scenario reaches its conclusion, time will reset in their minds and they will live it again and again," Gideon further elaborated.

"For how long?" Buffy questioned with a dangerous glint in her eye.

"Until their bodies cease to function. Then their souls will be released to be reincarnated into new bodies so they are given a fresh chance at redemption…eventually," he refused to lie to spare her feelings.

For a minute, it looked like she was going to destroy them, causing even Gideon to back away. But then she remembered that her ex-best friends had been warned several times that there would be serious consequences if they broke the terms of Willow's sentence. She nodded at the two relieved beings with a sad expression before turning to walk onto her plane.

A/N: Whew! That's done with. Now we can truly wipe our hands of them and basically forget they existed, apart from the occasional fond memory.