Percy POV

It was a week before Annabeth's birthday and I needed to do something special for her, this might be our last summer together. Hmmm… a surprise party! But who would I invite? No wait, scratch that, who would Annabeth invite? Before I made a list I remembered I had to get my mom and Annabeth's parents to agree. I sprinted down the stairs only to find my mom and Paul kissing on the couch. He was still my teacher and that was still creepy. I sprinted even faster up the stairs, into my room, and slammed the door shut. I locked the door and decided to start on the invite list. I took the closest pencil to me and the closest piece of paper and immediately scribbled:





My thoughts trailed to Tyson. The last time I had seen him was last year. I wondered how he was doing. He would defiantly want to come. He would probably strangle me if I didn't let him come, but now was time for party not for Tyson. I got back to the list.





I double checked the list making sure I didn't miss anybody. Once I was sure I slowly walked down the stairs. And when I say slowly I mean SLOWLY like slower than a turtle or slower than a snail or even a dying snail or even oh you get the point. But when I finally got down the stairs my mom and Paul weren't kissing anymore, in fact Paul had finally gone home. I found my mom in the kitchen cooking dinner. I asked, "Hey mom, um Annabeth's birthday is in a week and um, I was thinking of holding a surprise party for her. Is that fine with you?"

"Yes dear, as long as it's fine with Annabeth's parents." My mom replied.

I screamed yes mentally. I then thought oh Hades. How was I going to ask Annabeth's parents?