Annabeth's POV

I was lying in bed feeling guilty after I left Percy on Half-Blood Hill, but hey, he was being an idiot. But I remembered my promise to him "We'll keep in touch." I went over to my desk and turned on my laptop, I owed him an apology, and I had been just a little bit harsh to Percy. I opened up a new e-mail and started typing.

Dear Seaweed Brain,

You didn't think I was going to break my promise did you? By the way…on half-blood hill, I said I was confused and I needed time to sort things out and I did. But I really feel bad for that. And what were you going to say?

How was your birthday? Who came? Was Rachel there? I wish I could've been there. Did you have fun? Yeah I know - I probably sound like a worried mother right now. But I have a present for you. I'll answer your questions. Truthfully. All of them. Every single one. Or you can save the present for later. But I hope you like it. I really do.

Those days you were gone…where were you? I promise I won't get bad. Well, not too mad. No, not mad at all. Kind of.They almost had a funeral for you. Did you know how much pain you put me through? I knew you weren't dead – but somehow I knew I had lost you and I was afraid you weren't coming back. When I cried it was because I thought you wouldn't come back – not because I thought you were dead. What would you do if you were me?

And about Luke…he was my brother, but he put the sky on my shoulders and you were the one who took it of my shoulders. Now I have to wait for your reply - but please tell me you forgive me. I have to know.

Love, Wise girl

I then erased that and put:

Your best friend,