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Both Luffy and Nojiko looked up to see a surprised and wide eyed Nami at the door staring at them as Luffy laid on top of Nojiko, his erection still inside her. Nojiko's lips slowly formed a smirk.

"My, my it looks like we've been found out..." She said erotically as she turned her head to look up into Luffy's eyes. She then placed both hands on his cheeks and lowered him down onto her lips. Nami gasped as she watched her sister kiss her captain. She suddenly felt her heart racing and began to get turned on by just staring at them while they kissed. Luffy was still in shock when Nami saw them and his shock increased when Nojiko kissed him.

After a while, Nojiko pulled away from the kiss and smiled at Luffy who continued to stare at her in shock. His mouth slightly gaped open before he turned toward Nami. Nojiko followed his gaze and smirked before she leaned up on her elbows pushing Luffy up as well. Luffy removed his cock from her vagina as she swung her legs over the bed and stood up. Nami stared at her sister with wide eyes as she couldn't help but stare at her womanly features.

Nojiko saw her gaze and made her way toward Nami, who jumped slightly in surprise as she made her way toward her. Nami began to nervously sweat as Nojiko stood in front of her and then to her surprised kissed Nami on the lips. Luffy was in shock as he watched the two sisters make out as his cock began to slowly grow. Nami stared at her sister with wide eyes as she pulled her lips away from Nami's and then began to kiss her collar bone.

Nami gasped in surprise and then followed it by a moan as Luffy watched in amazement. He never seen two girls, let alone sisters even though they weren't related, do this. He then suddenly grabbed his erection and began to stroke it as he watched on as Nojiko began to remove Nami's tank top. Nami was petrified. She couldn't move any part of her body as her own sister slowly stripped her of her clothing. When Nojiko ripped her tank top off her body, she looked up at her sister and grinned before grabbing her hand and pulled her toward the bed.

Nami couldn't do anything but move and made a noise when she saw Luffy stroking his erection as they moved closer.

"Not now Luffy-kun, wait until we warm up..." Nojiko told him seductively as laid Nami down onto the bed and climbed above her sister. She smirked before lowering herself and began kissing her on the lips. Afterwards, Nojiko began to trail her kisses down Nami's neck and then chest. When she reached her breasts, she licked her bottom lip before taking one of her breasts into her mouth. Nami moaned as she arched herself toward her as waves of pleasure began to move throughout her body, including a wet spot between her legs.

Luffy just watched as his erection was itching to get involved but was patient as Nojiko began to descend down to her pants and ripped them off, showing Nami's white panties. Luffy watched with mouth gaped open as Nojiko slowly removed Nami's panties to reveal her wet vagina as her vaginal secretion flowed out of it. Nojiko smirked as she lowered herself and began to lick her pussy as Nami moaned in ecstasy. Watching Nami moan, Luffy couldn't take it anymore. He crawled toward Nami as she turned to look at him with one eye open. Luffy then slightly raised her head and allowed his cock to slowly enter her mouth.

Luffy groaned as Nami grabbed his cock and began stroking it as Nami bobbed her head, while Nojiko continued to attack Nami's pussy. Luffy placed a hand on Nami's head and helped her bob her head faster as he felt a sudden wave a pleasure building. With one final thrust, Luffy shot his white cum into Nami's mouth as she began to swallow his sperm. Nojiko opened her eyes in time to see some of Luffy's cum trickle down Nami's mouth and then grinned as she continued to lick Nami's vagina.

As soon as Luffy felt the cum stop, he removed his penis from her mouth and gently placed her head on the bed, as Nojiko raised her head. "I told you to wait Luffy-kun, now I have to get you hard again..." She told him as Luffy chuckled nervously.

"Gomen, I just couldn't wait much longer..." He replied as Nojiko grinned and began crawling toward him.

"Then let me help you get hard again..." She told him as she began to stroke his penis. Luffy moaned as she began to bob her head once his penis was erect again. Nojiko then stopped giving him a blow job and pulled him toward Nami's vagina. "Now, put it in Nami's..." She told him as he nodded and spread Nami's legs. Nami opened her eyes to see what Luffy was about to do, until she felt his cock enter her. She moaned as his erect penis made it's way as deep as it could before he pulled out and then went back in.

Nami moaned as Luffy's thrusts quickened as Nojiko smirked before crawling toward her sister and then hovered over her face. She then lowered herself as Nami began to lick Nojiko's vagina, which made the blue hair women moan. Luffy watched as Nojiko moaned and then looked down at Nami's breasts which were moving up and down along with his thrusts. He then let go of her legs and grabbed both her breasts and continued to deliver deep thrusts.

It wasn't long before both Nami and Nojiko came to their climax, but Luffy wasn't near it as he pulled out of Nami's womanhood and then looked at Nojiko. Nojiko nodded in understanding before she laid him out on the bed and began to hover over his cock. She then lowered herself down on it. She then began to ride him as Luffy placed his hands on her hips and began thrusting his hips upwards to meet each others rhythms.

Luffy eyes widened slightly when he saw Nami's vagina hovering above him as she then lowered herself onto his face. She didn't need to say anything as Luffy began to lick her vagina, while Nojiko continued to ride on his cock. The sound Nojiko and Nami made together caused Luffy to quicken his movements as Nami and Nojiko leaned toward each other. The grabbed each other's hands and held them together as they leaned forward and began kissing. Nojiko's tongue asked for entrance into her mouth and Nami obliged as she felt her sister's tongue enter her mouth. Nami moaned as pressure began building up again at the pit of her stomach. The same went for Nojiko as both moaned into the kiss and Nojiko began to thrust faster.

Luffy felt Nojiko's walls close around his cock and he knew he was nearing his climax. They both pulled away from the kiss and then screamed as they reached their climaxes, while Luffy groaned into Nami's pussy as he shot his cum into Nojiko's womb.

All three were exhausted as Nami and Nojiko laid down beside Luffy as they rested their heads on his chest. Nojiko couldn't help but smile before falling asleep and not before long, all three fell asleep.