The Stars and the Moon

Chapter 1

Once Upon A Rainy Night

The cry of a small child would normally wake anyone within hearing distance but at this moment no one did. On the street of Privet Drive people were sleeping and had not heard that during the night its guest from a whole other world full of many things they had not even begun to understand or agree with had come to visit. The guest had placed the small child in question at the wrong house. The note that would and could have easily fixed the mistake had it not been soaked by the morning dew. The note was smeared and only a few things were readable; the young child's name and the fact that he would no longer be living with his parents. Young Harry had not been left in the care of his muggle relatives as the night visitor jailer had planned but instead had gone to a home across the street. A military family that had been stationed there only a day or two after the wife had witnessed a Marine murdered. The person that had killed the Marine had been stupid and had been spotted by a Marine's wife who in turn testified and he had gotten the death sentence. The young family had a daughter named Kelly and had only lived in Britain for a few months when young Harry had appeared on their door step; only a few weeks before they were to head back to America. Harry had been adopted into the family and given their last name, Gibbs. Everyone, not including the night visitor, had been completely unaware that Harry should have been at the house across the street. And no one even knew that Harry would not attend Hogwarts until he was 17 when he was went there along with his father's team who had been assigned there. Harry would go to Hogwarts in order to be close to his family. No one, at the moment of the nightly visit, had been aware that Harry's biological parents were alive and had looked for Harry and had lost all hope when they didn't find him. They didn't even know that Harry had been taken from his home in hopes of having him trained and ready to defeat the man that had killed many without even blinking and eye along with the people who followed him, the death eaters. They also, to this day, do not know who had taken Harry in the first place. Only two people did know who took Harry and it would be some time before they talked.

16 years later….

"We have a new student who has arrived all the way from Washington, D.C. in the U.S.," Albus said as he looked over his staff. Lily and James looked at the headmaster blankly. Severus sneered at him while Remus whispered furiously to Sirius to behave himself. "His family is military and he moves around a lot and he wishes to complete his final year here; I wish for him that it to be the best."

"This student is more important then others because…," Sirius asked looking up from being chastised by Remus.

"Because this student's family happened to live on Privet Drive on the very same day that young Harry was dropped off there," Albus replied calmly. "Apparently they lived across the street from the Dursley's before they were re-stationed in America. We may have found Harry."

-Scene Break-

"DiNozzo, what did I say about harassing Harry," Gibbs asked with a raised eyebrow as he peered at his senior field agent on the ceiling.

"To not do it because he can now legally use magic and will use it against me if a given a reason," Tony recited from memory.

"And you still haven't learned your lesson," Kelly summarized as she unstuck Tony from a ceiling. Tony stuck his tongue out at his wife and she rolled her eyes. She smacked the backside of his head.

"That reminds me, where is Harry?" Gibbs looked over at his only son's room. They could hear him blasting things with his wand. Jethro sighed sadly; ever since they had told him that they would be in Britain Harry had been a tad bit… upset. Harry was upset because he would have to leave his friends in America and he wasn't too thrilled with this prospect; to add to it all Tony and his sister would be his body guards while he was in Hogwarts because of him being a very important person to not only to the NCIS Director in Washington but also in Britain. It had been discovered that Harry was a very strong wizard and also a very smart one at that. All of them jumped again when they heard something else blow up. Not even Kelly could disarm him so none of them attempted to interfere on his rampage. But Shannon was more daring then the rest of the family as she opened the room to Harry's door to tell him he needed to be out and ready to leave for Britain in five minutes. They heard him grunt and then the door slamming which made them all flinch. All of them were thinking one thing… today was going to be a long day.

-Scene Break-

"Where are they," Sirius asked as he looked around expectantly. Lily rolled her eyes.

"Tired and wishing that we could get some sleep," a weary voice in front of them said. Sirius spun around and his jaw nearly dropped. The person who had spoken was a near exact copy of James… except the eyes. Another smacked the look-a-like on the back.

"That was because you refused to sleep on the way over here," the other pointed out. Five more people came up behind him.

"He refused to sleep on the way over here because he could not sleep through your snoring," Ziva said as she came up. "I was barely able to get to sleep through your snoring. It was like listening to a chainsaw all night long." Kelly snickered at Tony's horrified look. Ziva turned to look at Kelly. "How on earth do you sleep with him in the same room?" Kelly grinned.

"Silencing charms," Kelly said mischievously. "Got to love them."

"Welcome to Hogwarts," the headmaster said so that they would not continue on the awkward conversation.

"Welcome, my ass," Harry muttered darkly. Jethro cuffed him on the back of his head. Harry rolled his eyes and rubbed the back of his head. He shot a cheeky grin at his father and then turned his attention back to the introduction speech that the headmaster had begun.

"... it is exciting to have you join us Harry," the headmaster continued on. "This year will serve as an interesting year. We are also having a Christmas Ball. I hear you are a good dancer." Albus looked over his glasses at Harry who was sticking his tongue out at Tony for prodding him in the back to pay attention. The headmaster chuckled. "If you follow me to my office you will be sorted into your house and you can get settled into your dorm. Would all of you like to come to my office or would you like to head to your rooms to begin unpacking?" The adults looked at each other and silently came to an agreement.

"We will head to your office to see Harry sorted," Kelly said. With that the group followed Sirius, Remus, and the headmaster up to his office. Albus took a seat and offered them lemon drops. Kelly, Tony, and Sirius each took one but the other's politely refused. Kelly tested the lemon drop making sure that there were no potions in the lemon drop and then began sucking on it. Once Tony saw that it was safe he began sucking on his too. Sirius, however, popped the lemon drop straight in his mouth. Remus eyed his friend to make sure that he wouldn't do anything stupid in front of the guests. Albus summoned an old hat that was assumed to be what Harry would be sorted with. He placed the hat on Harry's head despite Harry's look of annoyance.

This is tricky, very tricky.

What can be so tricky about sorting me?

You have qualities of all 4 houses.

Well, then pick one.

It is not that easy. All of your traits are equal to one another and with you intelligence it would be pointless to just try and pick one.

Well then, what are you going to do? I sort of have to go here.

You can be an apprentice with a teacher of your choosing. I'm sure the headmaster can work it out to be in something you want to have mastery in.

Get on with it.

You better be a…Apprentice!

-Scene Break-

"So what house is he in," Lily asked as soon as two dazed men walked into the room.

"He wasn't sorted into a house," Remus answered. "The hat put him as an apprentice. According to the headmaster the reason he couldn't be sorted into any particular house is because he has traits of all four houses and knows far more then we could teach him in a mere seventh year class. He's a prodigy in America. Basically, the kid is brilliant. His older sister is too from what I can tell but I hear that Harry is the better dueler and is not one to be messed with."

"Did he recognize either of you," Lily asked hopefully. Sirius grinned at her question.

"He asked me if I was an Animagus and if my form was a dog because I seemed familiar," Sirius answered. He then seemed to falter. "Harry won't talk about the night he was left on Privet Drive. I overheard him discussing with his 'father' that he was having nightmares of that night again. It seems to get more pronounced here in Britain." Lily sighed and sat down. James quietly came in and sat down next to his wife; both of them wondering the same thing. Would Harry remember them? Would he ever forgive them for looking away for only a minute? Would he accept that they were his parents or would he walk away? If that happened, would they ever see him again? These questions seemed to be the reason that at that moment they did not see their daughter watching them with a worried look before she left the room in search of something. Something that she had not lost but her family, her parents, had.