Rating: K

Category: Harry Potter and NCIS

Pairings: Lily/James

Warnings: Completely AU.

Summary: Somebody kidnapped Harry. His parents didn't notice until it is too late and they find out he is with someone they had never met before in a very high position.

Credits: To J.K. Rowling for writing the Harry Potter books in the first place.

The Stars and the Moon

Chapter 9

Epilogue: Finally Home

Last Time...

"Water," a voice croaked.

10 Years Later...

"Caitlin, get back here," Ziva called out as she chased – attempted to, anyway – the giggling 5 year old. A loud booming laugh followed by a call of "Daddy!" A loud thump followed by a squeal of delight caused a smile to spread across Ziva's face.

"Hello, Harry," Ziva greeted as she gave Harry a quick kiss. A groan of disgust caused them to pull apart. Ziva gave her oldest son – James Jethro Potter-David, 7 years old – an amused look. Standing next to their older brother was their youngest son and his fraternal twin sister, both each were 3 years old.

Abigail Lilian Potter-David and Timothy Anthony Potter-David had been a surprise to their parents – the healers and doctors had told them countless times after many tests that Ziva would not be able to have more children.

"How are you feeling," Harry asked as he rubbed Ziva's belly. Ziva gave a reflexive smile and sighed a little as she recalled that morning.

"Your sons are making my bladder a kickball," She calmly informed him. Harry smile – he was going to have two more sons. The two boys already had names picked out for them but they had a few more days until they were supposed to make their arrival.

Alexander Harry Potter-David and his brother Nathan Sirius Potter-David had come about due to an invention of a potion by Hermione Snape. After the birth of her first son – Daniel Severus Snape – she had problems having another child and created the potion; she had two more children after that.

"You guys ready for lunch," Harry asked his children as he grabbed his coat from his chair. All three children that were awake – Caitlin had fallen asleep – let out a cry of "Yeah!"

"Harry, we may have to delay that lunch," Ziva warned him as her grip tightened on him. Harry gave Ziva a surprised look – the lunch had been a weekly thing since they had started dating. "It's time, Harry."

"Tim take the kids and get Abby and Jethro – they're in the lab," Harry barked. "Tony start calling people. We're heading to the hospital."

"Grandma," a chorus of children called out as soon as the doors to the elevator opened. "Grandpa!" The four children – Caitlin had woken up – ran into the lab and straight to Abby and Jethro. Tim walked in when they were trying to explain what was going on to their grandparents.

"Ziva and Harry are headed to the hospital," Tim said once he got the kids to quiet down. "Ziva's water broke. Tony is driving – when he left I heard him talking about lights and sirens."

"Well, let's go," Jethro said as he headed to the elevator. "Abby call the director."

"Where are they, Director," Fornell asked. Vance gave the man an amused smile. Fornell was worried and he could tell.

"They are at the hospital," Vance answered. Fornell blinked several times – he feared the worst.

"Who got shot," Fornell asked. Vance tried to hold in his laughter.

"Mrs. Potter-David probably feels like she had been," Vance answered amused. "No one has been shot. Special Ops. Agent Potter's wife went into labor." Fornell blinked once again and opened his mouth to say something when his phone went off.


"Hey, this is Tony. I'm calling to tell you that Ziva has gone into labor. I'll call you with more details when they're born."

"I already know, DiNozzo."

"You're in Vance's office, aren't you?"

"I am."

"Right. Like I said I'll call back when I get more details."

"All right. Goodbye."


"I am looking for Ziva Potter-David's party," a familiar voice asked at the nurse's station. The nurse pointed to the lobby – it was an odd group. There was Lily and James siting with Sirius and Remus in one corner.

Along the wall was Jethro, Abby, Tim, Tony, and Fornell. Across from them – sleeping in the chairs or playing with some electronic game – was Caitlin, Jethro, Abigail, and Timothy. The man shook his head and headed to Jethro.

"You made it," Jethro said surprised. The man gave Jethro an assessing look – he knew that Jethro wasn't trying to be hurtful – however, the surprise in the mans voice indicated that his role in his daughter's life was unpredictable to those that knew her.

"I did," He conceded. He paused for a moment and then held out a hand for Jethro to shake. "It is good to see you again, Jethro. The man shook his head as he studied the group.

"It is good to see you too, Eli," Jethro informed him. Eli, as many Mossad Director's before him, had a busy and unpredictable schedule. He always managed to come a day or two after the births but had never been around for the births.

Eli doubted that the magical side of Harry's family had any idea as to who he was. He only knew them from pictures – Ziva and Harry sent pictures monthly as well as letters from them and his grandchildren.

"Who are you," Lily asked him suspiciously. Eli knew why she was asking – he knew that he had a dark and looming presence of not only authority.

"I am -," Eli began but found himself interrupted.

"Grandpa," Caitlin called out as she ran over to him. Her younger siblings stayed asleep but her older brother – Jethro – looked up from his electronic device and went to greet his grandfather. Eli didn't have to look at Lily to know that she was gaping like a fish – he just knew that she was.

Eli picked up his hyper 5 year old grandchild. He gave his grandson a brief hug before he took a seat with Caitlin still in his arms chattering about a show on Discovery she had seen.

"Have you been practicing your moves," He asked the two grandchildren that were awake when Caitlin stopped to take a breath.

"Yeah – mommy and daddy helped me practice," Caitlin informed her grandfather proudly. Eli smiled – Caitlin reminded him of Ziva when she had been younger. Initially he had been against naming his first granddaughter after a woman that his son had killed but Harry and Ziva had been very adamant and in the end he could see why she would end up being named Caitlin.

"I have been practicing as well," Jethro promptly informed him as he turned off his electronic device so that he could pay attention to his grandfather. Abby picked up her namesake and handed Timothy to his grandfather Jethro. Lily seemed bewildered by the whole situation – she didn't completely understand that Eli was Ziva's father.

"I am Lily Potter, Harry's mother," Lily promptly informed him as she held out her hand for Eli to shake. Abby gave the woman a slight glare – she hadn't liked Lily all that much as she hadn't been very comforting when Shannon had passed away of a heart condition. It had been just a last year that it had happened and Abby still held a grudge against the woman.

Abby had taken over Shannon's spot as grandma at NCIS and that had caused a rift between the two women. Shannon had been thrilled at the births of her grandchildren but she had passed away before Ziva and Harry had gotten of the two children on their way at the moment.

"I am aware," Eli responded as he made no move to shake Lily's hand – he had his hands full of young Caitlin. "I am Eli David, Ziva's father." Lily pulled back her hand when she realized that he wasn't going to shake her hand. She brought James over.

"This is my husband, James – Harry's father," Lily informed him. Eli internally groaned – this woman was very persistent in trying to get him to talk. Eli settled in for a long day.

Hermione let out a low groan as she felt her muscles relax as she took a seat in her favorite chair. She was sipping on some tea when a knock came at the door. A low whine came from her mouth as with a groan she stood to answer to the door. Hermione opened the door to reveal Kelly DiNozzo nee Gibbs.

"What are you doing here, Kelly," Hermione asked her surprised. Kelly gave Hermione an amused look as she entered the main room.

"Hello to you too, Hermione," Kelly greeted the young woman. Hermione flushed as she studied her strangely calm friend. The two had become friends from when Hermione had visited Harry during the summer to work on her Gift. "Where is Severus?"

"Right here," Severus answered as he came in from his study. Their three kids were in bed asleep and had been for the past couple hours.

"Ziva went into labor," Kelly bluntly informed them. Hermione dropped her tea cup in shock.

"How long ago was that," Severus calmly asked as he cleaned up the mess Hermione had just made.

"About three hours now," Kelly answered. She was lucky that the Snape family had been visiting the U.S for the Christmas holiday's. After Kelly had arrived at the hospital to an odd scene Tony had informed her that neither of the Snape's had picked up their phones. Instantly Kelly had been out the door – she had never seen her father as angry as he had been when Lily had tried to lecture Eli about family duties.

"Should we be there," Hermione asked worried. Kelly shook her head.

"No, it is right now a battlefield," Kelly informed them with a grimace. "Lily made the mistake of trying to chastise Eli David about family duties. Dad wasn't to thrilled with her. Hermione nodded and Kelly wrapped her coat closer to she stood. "Tony or I will call when they are born. Have a good night."

"Who won," Kelly asked as she settled into her husband's arms. Tony gave her a quick kiss.

"Your father, of course," Tony answered amused. Kelly grinned as she noticed a sulking Lily being comforted by James, Sirius, and Remus. Kelly laid her head against Tony's shoulder and soon she was falling asleep. The next thing she noticed was that she was being shaken awake.

"What's going on," Kelly asked sleepily as she sat up. Tony didn't answer and it was then Kelly that her father and little brother holding small blue bundles.

"This is Alexander Harry Potter-David," Harry said as he presented a small boy.

"This is Nathan Sirius Potter-David," Jethro presented the bundle in his arms. Kelly smiled – Petunia had really gone to the stars and the moon for Harry had used what she had given him and created his family. His family was the stars in the eyes.

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