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Chapter 2; A New Friend

Albus started off towards the luggage cart when someone stepped in front of him. Albus stumbled, "What the?" A little blond boy chuckled,

"Woopsie" he looked at Albus and his grin started to fade off his face. "Look I'm sorry. I didn't mean to trip you. I'm Scorpius Malfoy, a first year." He held out a small fragile looking hand. Albus hesitated, and thought my dad knew a malfoy. Maybe it is Scorpius' dad. Albus reached out and shook his hand. "What is your name?" Scorpius asked. Albus opened his mouth but no words came out. He tried again. This time he succeeded.

"Albus Severus Potter, I am a first year as well." He didn't know much about the malfoys but that his dad was the same year as his dad when they went to Hogwarts. "So, Scorpius what house do you want to be?" Albus was curious to see what house he would be in at Hogwarts. Albus never met someone who looked so skinny and fragile that he could snap like a twig. His sand-blonde hair lay on his head, that shined slightly from the sun on it. He had a crooked smile with pearly white teeth.

"I want to be in Slytherin just like my father." Scorpius proudly said. "My entire family was in Slytherin." But what if it doesn't work out and he is in a different house then he thought. Albus thought. "Look Albus—" Scorpius started. "I have no friends yet so I was wondering, if you wanted to be friends with me?" Scorpius asked nervously. Albus never imagined him without any friends. Maybe it was just his personality.

"It's so crazy on the train. My dad told me it was full of people but not this many. Albus tried again to start a conversation with Scorpius, but it failed— again. He didn't think that Scorpius had any care in world. Scorpius seemed like the uptight way of person. He did come from a wealthy, pure-blooded family. "I better go put on my robes. My eldest brother James said we should be arriving soon. James is a Gryffindor, just like my mum and dad were." Albus waved a bye to Scorpius and started towards to door; when Albus was almost out of the sliding door of their compartment when, Scorpius murmured something that had no chance of being heard. Albus stopped dead in his tracks and turned around and gave Scorpius a puzzled look. He then spoke up, "I said, I should probably do the same thing. My Luggage compartment is near there too, so can I walk with you? Only if that is okay. I don't want to intrude." Albus nodded 'okay'. They then started the journey to get their robes, which seemed like a long journey because so many students were out and about so it took some time to reach their destination. Once they were changed they walked back to their seats and began to have a long chat. They talked about all kinds of things including what has happened in the past but they didn't have that much to talk about it since they were after the time of it. But they mostly talked about their future at Hogwarts. It made both of them fill with gitterz. Albus knew that he wanted to be apart of the Gryffindor lifestyle at the best witch and wizards school around. As for Scorpius he would continue the tradition of the Malfoys' being in Slytherin.

They talked for the entire end of the trip to their destination of where they would get off. They of course weren't paying attention and zoned into oblivion. But when the compartment door flung open and they heard the snap of a finger they rejoined life. When they looked at the corpret who interrupted the conversation and saw that it was James. If James didn't show up then they would have been stuck on the train and brought back to King's Cross station. Albus and Scorpius looked at each other and jumped up as Albus screamed "Lets go!" When they ran out of the compartment they ran into James and pushed him into the wall. When they reached the exit of the train they jumped off the stairs and ran to join their fellow first years. Albus smiled which showed the crooked teeth he had. He had a friend at school without even being placed into a house to begin and stay for the best 7 years of his life.

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