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Love after life

"Rin," Jaken screeched, "you're such a nuisance to lord Sesshomaru!"

"That's enough Jaken. Go find Rin some food." Sesshomaru calmly stated.

"B-b-but… But my lord!..."

"NOW!" Jaken stormedof muttering that Sesshomaru had such a soft spot for Rin. It was like they were practically related. She was like his what to him? You'd think she was his daughter.

The wind blew on Sesshomaru's silver-blue hair, bringing with it the scent of a demon. He knew this demon was no match for him, but he had an eerie feeling that something was going to go wrong. He was about to find out how wrong, and he was sure to go insane with anger.

The demon's aura came into focus. He noticed that it was an ogre. Sesshomaru enjoyed killing ogres. The ogre was approaching rapidly. He told Rin to go hide behind a tree and stay out of danger. Sesshomaru didn't notice or just didn't care but Jaken was watching.

The ogre had a greenish tint that was like a palely sickly look. His face was crusted with you could only guess was mucus. He had red tiny blood shot eyes and a very ugly face that has that ogre-y look to it.

The ogre stood before Sesshomaru and looked down at him, having been taller than the demon lord. "My name is Tyukai and I have come to take your Tokijin! Surrender it now or I will kill you!" Tyukai bellowed.

"You insolent fool! Do you actually think that you may draw the power of Tokijin? Ha I'd like to see you try. And kill me, Sesshomaru?" He drew Tokijin from its sheath and prepared to swing. "You're a fool."

It seems the ogre was having second thoughts and was about to run away when Sesshomaru sprung at him. He was about to swing his sword for the fatal hit when Jaken started yelling, "No my lord! Don't swing! Wait one second."

Sesshomaru chose to ignore the toad thing and sliced at the ugly ogre. Blood splattered into the air and then rained back down over the dead demon. When Jaken screamed, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Sesshomaru thought he heard Rin scream as well, but hers was one of pain. But he had killed the demon... Why would Rin be hurt?

Jaken, why are you screaming? Shut up."

"Mi-Milord, you h-hit, yo-you hit… AGHHHHHHHHHH, YOUU HIIIT RINNN."

Sesshomaru froze, processing the information. The only thing he could manage was, "What?

OH no what's going to happen to Rin? Wait till the next chapter. Btw the next chapter will be longer my beta Karla Rain Resengaen told me to. She's such an awesome beta. Catch ya later R/R (I like criticism)