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"What? That can't be she's hiding a tree." Sesshomaru said.

"You mean that tree. Well it's along ways away and you killed that ogre pretty fast so…" Jaken stopped short.

"So what."

"You *sniff* hit Rin." Jaken practically screeched.

Sesshomaru anger was getting the better of him. His eyes turned blood red. His face turned into that of an angry wolf and hello came fluffy.

All of his built up anger was directed on one person… Jaken.

Deep in his heart he knew it wasn't Jaken's fault.

But needless to say Jaken completely freaked. He stormed off trying to get away from a raging Sesshomaru, when he tripped over a falling tree branch and landed on his left arm.

You could hear the snap and his cries of agony.

Sesshomaru transformed back into his body and went towards to the dead ogre's body and sure enough there was Rin.

He checked if there was a heat beat and when there was none. He gently picked her up and walked slowly to Jaken and toward over him.

His face a blank stare the only thing that could possibly give way to what he was feeling was his cold eyes penetrating to the very depth of Jaken's.

He whispered "let's go Jaken; we have to save Rin before it's too late."

"Yes my lord. But you already used that power to save her already once before.

"Yes but that's not the only way Jaken you will soon see that there are powers you can't even begin to imagine" Sesshomaru stated.

"Ohm then where are we going my lord?" Jaken asked.

"We're going to Rondu. I have a … a thought."

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