NOTE: Anikin is meant to be different from Anakin Skywalker. It's done on purpose!
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I was dreaming. Normally dreams came and went, nothing special. This one was different. Always the same. There was Anikin. My friend. There was the blaster, levelled at my head. And then Anikin was gone, and the shadows closed in. I called out to him, but he was still. Pheobel walked towards me in silence, reaching forwards, ever-closer. Her nails grew long and sharp, then they ripped into my chest.
I woke sweating.
"Another nightmare?" I nodded at the red-headed woman standing above me. "I know it's not easy, but you have to let go. You must control your feelings, and then, only then, will the dreams fade." My Master was right. She was always right. "Entering planetary atmosphere now," a voice sounded from the cockpit. "Already? Master- you should have woken me!"

"You needed your rest, Sara-Lea. Before the mission. How's the leg?" I bent and stretched the scarred muscle. "A little stiff. It's fine."

"Your back?"



"Fine, Master."

"Don't be impatient. Stomach?"

"I'm about to explode. Can we get on with this already?" My Master sighed. "What did I just say about impatience?" It was my turn to sigh. "Sorry, Master. My stomach's fine. Everything's fine."

"Physically, yes." She stood and walked out of the small room, knowing the meaning of her words had penetrated.

"Ah. The Jedi have arrived. How wonderful." The short, squat woman who greeted the Master-Padawan team had a breezy voice that didn't seem to fit with her plain appearance. But that was the way with Diians, they were short and- usually- thin. "I apologise for the delay. We had a slight problem en route." I remembered the 'slight problem' quite clearly. Fuel leaks were never, ever fun. "At least you're here now. I am Ta-su-fe, the High Ruler's personal aide." She held one hand forward, twisting it sideways. My Master repeated the gesture. "Gei, Ta-su-fe. I'm Alevvni Goshar, and this is my Padwan, Sara-Lea Skywalker." Ta-su-fe's eyes widened. "Gei." Gei, I remembered, was the word of greeting on Diio. The eye-widening, I reasoned, was due to my famous name. I twisted my palm towards Ta-su-fe, and smiled. She turned on her heel and marched us outside. It was raining. Of course it was. Diio was a planet not unlike Coruscant in that everything was a gleaming silver, except for a few key differences. One was that it always rained. There was a storm that had started some eighty years ago, after a hundred-and-twenty-nine year shower, and hadn't ceased yet. The tall buildings were not only well-insulated, they were decorated by the many climbing vines and flowers that thrived in such a wet climate. There was an insignificant crime rate here, except when it came to spats with Rhea, its sister planet and one big swamp. Having been to both, I still don't know which one I prefer. Rhea had its charm in the hand-made, elegantly carved wooden houses and natural beauty, but Diio had the clear skies and the curious combination of nature with technology. Rain was ever-present on them both. My Master pulled me out of deep thoughts. "Remember to pay close attention, Sara-Lea. Anything and everything could be vital-"

"Yes, Master." I knew that speech off by heart. "Do we have to go through the patience thing again?"

"No, Master." We followed Ta-su-fe into the heart of Diiogeik, the Capital City. The mission was waiting. It had already begun.

Why, Sara-Lea? Why? It's your fault. Why did you do it? Why? Why? Why? I woke in a feverish sweat, as always. The dream was changing. Anikin was talking to me. I looked over at my Master's still frame silhouetted against the filtered light from the window. She was awake. I felt a comforting blanket of the force surround me. Alevvni was comforting me. She knew I'd had the nightmare again. "It was different this time." I said. She sat up. "I'll be honest with you- I've no idea whether that's good or bad. Still the same themes to it?" I just nodded. "It was never your fault, you know that." I sighed. "Where are we off to first?"

"The High Ruler's tower. We'll have to talk to him before we do anything." I pulled my outer tunic on over my inner, buckled my belt with its many pockets and hangings-on, slipped my feet into worn, knee-high brown boots and tossed my hooded cloak over my shoulder. I could see Alevvni drawing her soft grey hood over her lurid red hair, attempting to tuck her doubled-over ponytail in. "Or you could get a haircut."

"Thankyou, Sara."

"Then again, if you did that I'd need to get a glowrod."

"Thankyou, Sara-Lea." In my Master's strange take on basic, Thankyoumeant shut-up-now-or-the-saber-makes-an-appearance. I tried to bring up a smile to put the dreams out of my head. Together we headed towards the turbolifts, if you could call them that. The shafts were so small it was a squeeze to fit one Diian in, let alone bulkier humanoids. We went into different lifts, and, after I promised to beat my Master down, pressed the button. Alevvni sped away, but mine was stationary. I punched the button again. Nothing. I made a move for a different lift, but the doors slammed shut. Sighing, I flipped open the control pad with the force and reached for my hydrospanner. I hadn't touched a single thing when black claimed all light, and I dropped- not just a dozen or so stories, but through reality itself. I reached out to the force, but found only darkness.