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Sarily was right. I didn't believe her.

"Jesus Christ..."

"Why does everyone say that? Is he famous or something?"

She really didn't know. Oh God.

"You're a bloody Jedi."

"Not quite. A Padawan learner."

"What difference does it make? You're not supposed to exist!"

"I assure you I do." She smiled, but her eyes still darted towards the unconscious Vampires.

I understood why she didn't want me to kill them, but it had to be done- she didn't know the game. How could I explain it to her? Maybe...

"These Vampires... they're too dangerous to be left alive."

"Is that supposed to be funny?" Her eyes flashed in anger.

"No- I... uh... what?"

"I was shown the films, you know. And I'm not a huge fan of that quote."

Oops. Never a good idea to unwittingly insult the person with a lightsaber still at your throat.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't really think- but these things do need to be killed. They're not human-"

"Where I come from, the majority of life-forms aren't. Not even close, most of them. My best friend isn't! So what if they're not homo sapiens sapiens- they're still sentient creatures who deserve life!"

"They don't deserve life!"

"And who's the judge of that? You? Who's to say who or what is deserving of life? You can't hand out a death sentence just because they're not like you!"

I searched in vain for the right words to rebut with. She maybe had a point, but she didn't understand. "They tried to kill you." I argued.

"So arrest them. Don't murder them." She had calmed slightly, but I could still see simmering anger, just under the surface.

She seemed to have an answer to everything- but it wasn't necessarily the right answer. I couldn't get my point across to her, not while she was so angry and stubborn. I tried to calm her down by reasoning.

"Look. It's hard to explain. But- these things are like you-"

"So I'm next?"

"No!" Dammit! Weren't Jedi supposed to be all about inner-peace and calm? "I mean, they shouldn't exist. My brother and I, we're part of a tiny minority that even knows they do. And we fight them, because all they want is to kill, to taste blood, and to make others like themselves."

I think I got to her. Maybe.

The lightsaber lowered a fraction. "Yes. I completely understand."

"You do?"

She nodded. "Of course. If the vampires want to kill, kill them. Makes perfect sense."

"You don't get it!"

"I know I don't! Jedi don't condone murder! And this- is- murder."

I wanted to hit something. Possibly the stubborn Jedi girl. She was just standing up for her morals, but it was so frustrating when she didn't understand! "If I don't kill them, hundreds of other people will die. I don't want that on my conscience. Do you?"

Sarily finally turned her lightsaber off. She swiveled so her back was facing me. "Fine. Do what you must." She walked away.

I pulled out my knife.


Waking up is a different experience each time you do it.

Sometimes it's in a terrified sweat after a nightmare, other times it's all warm under a huge blanket in some motel. Much as I love It, my car's not the best place to wake up in. Of course, the best is when you open your eyes and there's a hot chick beside you. Good times.

This time was not so good. I sat up and was rewarded instantly with dark spots and one helluva headache.

I groaned. "Sammy? What time did I get in last night?"

"You didn't, eejit."

My eyes flipped open. I didn't know who that voice belonged to, but it wasn't my brother.

"And just for the record, It's Elizabeth. Liz if you want. Not Liza, not Lizzie, not Ellie, Eliza, Elsie, Bess, Babs and not, not Beth. Clear?"

My head swam again. "Nope. Nothing's clear. What the hell happened?"

"Well, there was this elephant, and he was really drunk- that happens, actually. Apparently they're quite angry drunks-"

I groaned again.

"It's really, really simple. Gretel and her cronies turn up, you were getting spliced from here to luncheon, so I decide to poke my head in to save your posterior."

I couldn't put my finger on her accent. It was something vaguely British, but mercifully not like Bella's.

"You... you saved me?"

She rapped her knuckles on my temple. "Avon calling! Is anyone home? Y'oam, of course I bloody saved you."

My head felt like it was about to explode, but a few memories seeped in.

"Yeah... I remember..."

"Good-o!" She chirped waaaay too cheerfully.

I did remember. The pick-n-mix of sons-of-bitches, the three girls, that knife- that knife!

"Hey- er… Elizabeth? That knife- where'd you get it?"

She pulled a face. "That's it?"


"No, Hi, I'm so-and-so, eternally in your debt for saving my worthless arse?"

"Oh. I'm-"

"Dean. I know. And I didn't get my knife. I made it. No doubt you think it's cursed, or I nicked it from a demon, but- I'm a very clever girlie, and I made it."

How did she know my name? "Who are you?" I demanded.

"I told you. Elizabeth."

"Elizabeth what?"


I snorted. "And I'm Jack Sparrow. No, wait, go the whole hog- I'm Wedge Antilles."

This only made the oddly-named girl chuckle girlishly. "Hey genius- I already told you I know you're Dean Winchester." She paused for another giggle. "But... now you mention it- Where's Wedge from?"

"Dude- Star Wars. Duh." I didn't know quite what was so funny, but it was clearly hilarious.

"I know that, genius. I meant what planet."

Was she testing me on trivia? Now? "Uh... Tatooine. He's Luke's best friend." If she wanted trivia, I'd give her trivia.

She made a buzzer noise. It sounded like a 'wrong' buzzer. "Alderaan. The person you're thinking of is Biggs Darklighter."

I stared at her. What the hell was up with Elizabeth Swan? Switching subjectsto avoid giving straight answers, knowing my name, having that knife she claimed to have made... there was no way she was kosher.

I got fed up. Worse than that. I got suspicious. I stood up suddenly, grabbing my pistol from my waistband.

She didn't flinch as I aimed.


I chased after Sarily, hoping to catch up and apologise. She saved my life- I couldn't just forget that.

I caught sight of her retreating back, headed for the front door. "Sarily!"


"I'm sorry. I-"

"No- I mean, what did you just call me?"


"Try Sara-Lea." She grinned. "Why does everyone get it wrong?


"Like I said, everyone gets it wrong."

"No- I mean about before. I really am sorry."

Sara-Lea grimaced. " I won't blame you for doing what you've been taught. You did what you thought was right."

Why did those comforting words make me feel worse? "Look- I have to go. My brother might be in trouble."

"Well, then I'll help. From what I've seen you could use me along with you."

"I'd be glad to have you and your lightsabers!"

"I meant for morals."

The comment stung deep. I tried to laugh it off. "Dean won't like that. I guess I'm the more moral of the two of us."

"Then I probably have no wish to meet- what was his name again?"


Her face flashed from nothing to everything and back again, finally resting on something between surprise and recognition. "Sam and Dean." She breathed.


"Oh, no. Sam, you're in danger. You and your brother."

"How do you-"

"It doesn't matter. Can you contact him?"

I reached for my phone. Ignoring Sara-Lea's look of surprise, I pressed 1.

I cut Dean off before he could abuse me for making him wait so long. "Dean? It's coming. I don't know what-" My mobile fizzed and died.

"We need to get to him." Sara-Lea said insistently. "You know where he is?"

"I started for my rent-a-car. "What's coming for my brother?"

"You don't want to know." She looked towards the plain blue Honda. "Can I drive?"

"How old are you?"


"Then no."

She scowled. "You want to get to Dean fast?"

"Of course!"

"Then I'm driving."


Elizabeth twisted one corner of her mouth. "Fine. Shoot me. Now there's gratitude."

"Alright- no bullshit- who, no, what are you?"

"Clearly, I'm the prat who just saved your life and now, apparently, is going to get shot up for it."

I didn't want to shoot her, but if she wasn't human, as I suspected, I'd have to.

"No crap. I heard you- 'Nuswait der' or whatever that was. What hoodoo have you laid on me? You're not human. So tell me what you are."

She started to laugh. "Noswaith da? Your reasoning behind my not being human is that I speak Welsh?"

I suddenly felt very sheepish. I quickly lowered my gun. "Welsh? You're Welsh?"

"In a word, y'oam."

"That more welsh?"

"Nope. Just my own take on the English language."

My head began to hurt again. Where was Sam? He was better at dealing with nutjobs than I was. Well, usually.

My expertise lay in barstool pick-up lines and the like. Although- Elizabeth, I had to admit, was okay. Even with the bombsite hairdo and bloodstained clothes a couple of sizes too looked a little under 30. Her pale skin was unblemished, and her irises burned black. That still worried me. There was nothing to show that this wasn't Ruby in a brand-new body. I had to test.

"One last thing; Christo."

"Oh, priceless. Now you think I'm a demon."

"So what? Eyes aren't meant to be black."

She rolled her freaky eyes. "It's called genetics, genius. It's my eye colour. Look at the corneas. White, just like yours. Besides, I can't be possessed." She drew back the neck of her blouse to reveal a tattoo identical to mine across her porcelain collarbone.

She wasn't a demon. My EMF meter in my pocket wasn't buzzing, so she wasn't a spirit or likewise, but I was pretty sure she wasn't human, either.

"Convinced?" She pulled her collar back up, disappointingly high.

"Maybe." I turned away. "Now... where's my cra?"

She poked her head over my shoulder. "My guess is... where you left it. Big clunky black thing like that, it's not exactly hard to miss."

Something dawned on me. A question I should have pressed before. "How do you know about me? About my car?"

"Well, if I were a Hunter, I'd have heard of you. Since I'm not-" She widened her eyes spookily- "It's a mystery."

"You know what? I don't like mysteries. Tell me, or I will shoot you."

She snorted. "Like icy-hell you will."

I cringed at her casual use of that word I was beginning to fear more and more as each day passed, then hoped she wouldn't notice. I was, of course, about to retaliate with something unbelievably witty and sharp, but was interrupted.

What a shame.


I stumbled out of the car wishing I was dead.

Sara-Lea was also not entirely happy. "Such primitive technology. So slow! I don't know how you-" She cut off her own sentence, suddenly spreading her arms wide.

"What?" I asked urgently.

"I sense..."

That curious feeling again. That almost-presence. Maybe that's what Sara-Lea was picking up on.

"What?" I asked again.

She didn't answer me, instead looking to two distant figures.




Elizabeth's head whipped around. Two people were walking towards us. One I recognised.

"Sam!" I roared.

Elizabeth started laughing.

My brother broke into a run. "Dean!" Elizabeth laughed harder. Sam gave her an odd look. "You okay?"

"Course I am. Why wouldn't I be?" Elizabeth stopped laughing and glared at me. I ignored her, for the moment.

"Lycire Swan." The teenage girl I didn't recognise looked towards Elizabeth. "What happened to you?"

"Oh, I'm dandy. I see you found the other one."

"Other one?" I demanded, just as Sam spoke. "This is Lycire?"

"Y'oam. Lycire Swan, definitely not at your service."

"You said your name was Elizabeth." I accused. "You lied."

She gave me an innocent look. "I never lie."

"You son-of-a-bitch! I-"

"Please!" The girl spoke up. "Lycire..."

"Fine. Sara-Lea, meet Dean Winchester. You seem to have met Sammy."

My brother grimaced. "It's Sam."

"Sammy. Anyway, this is Sara-Lea Skywalker."

"Skywalker?" "Skywalker?" Sam and I spoke at the same time.

"You know, you two suck at introductions." I was mad. Elizabeth/Lycire had lied. And now here was some uppity kid called Skywalker. Sure. "Someone's going to explain this right now-"

"-Or you'll start shooting?" Ly-something suggested.

"Don't you start."

"Oh, I haven't yet. But I will." She grinned. Her teeth were white, sharp. Unnaturally so.

I was right. She wasn't human.