UPDATE: There was a little change/jump/partial retcon because of Star Trek Into Darkness. I'll finish and rewrite the beginning of the story some other time but for now I started some kind of a part 2 from chapter 13.

Summary: It's Kirk's last night in Iowa before he joins Starfleet. He has to tell his mother and stepfather the news, but the first person he talks to is his stepsister…


James T. Kirk had made a decision: he will join Starfleet. It was around four in the morning which meant he had four hours until departure. He was standing under a certain window of their house, wondering if she was awake or not. Sighing, he climbed up to the window and opened it without a problem.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" came a familiar voice from the bed as he landed on the floor. Jim only smirked at the reaction and turned on the lights. The girl who was sitting in her bed was only four years younger than him, with mid-length brown hair and light brown eyes. "God damn it, Tiberius, how many times I have to tell you to use the door?" she said angrily, trying to keep her voice down.

"And how many times I have to tell you to stop calling me Tiberius?" he asked with a shrug and sat on the edge of her bed. Isabella was his stepsister, the daughter of his 'beloved' stepfather. Beside his mother, she was the only person who didn't think he was only a troublemaker. "You have to help me, Doc," he said, pointing at his face.

"I'm not a doctor yet," Izzy said, letting out a tired sigh as she took a closer look at the injuries. "You're gonna be fine; I only have to clean the wounds and you're free to go," she told him with a smile before she stood up and disappeared in the bathroom for a while. "Feel like telling me what happened to you this time?"

Jim let out a quiet groan. "I got into a little fight with a few Starfleet recruits in a bar," he said as the girl started to wash off the blood from his face.

"Why I'm not surprised," she remarked sarcastically, grabbing the antiseptic. "Okay, I know you've already heard that from me before, but it's going to sting," she warned him, a sadistic smirk slowly appearing on her lips. He barely winced while she was cleaning the small wounds.

"I'll join Starfleet in the morning," he suddenly spoke up.

The girl's eyes grew wide in surprise. "You will what?"

He laughed quietly, already thinking about how his mother will react. "That's right. I talked to Captain Pike and… I don't know. He believes in me and said I can be a captain and have my own ship in eight years," he told her. "He also talked about my father. About the twelve minutes he'd spent as the captain of the USS Kelvin and how he'd saved 800 people - including me," he added, quieter this time.

"Hey, I'm sure your father would be proud of you," Izzy told him with a small smile, reassuringly putting her hand on his. "And Winona will be proud as well. By the way, when will you tell her?"

"In the morning; before I leave," he replied.

"You're just kidding, right?" she asked, punching his arm. "She deserves more than a few minutes in the morning. You'll be gone for years," she said firmly, jumping off the bed. "I'll wake her up and send her to the living room."

Jim took a deep breath and stood up as well. "What about your father?" he asked.

"Don't worry about him. This move of yours will shut him up for a while," the girl said with a smile. "Zip up your jacket," she added, pointing at his shirt. "Winona would be freaked out if she saw your bloody shirt."

He zipped his jacket and looked at her with a smile. "I'll miss you, Izzy," he said.

"I'll miss you, too, James. You're gonna be a great captain one day," she said before she hugged him. "Try not to get into trouble," she added with a small chuckle.

"I can't promise anything," Jim admitted as he let go of her. "You know, you should join Starfleet as a doctor," he said and left the room before she could answer.

"Maybe… one day," she whispered to herself before she walked to the bedroom of her father and Winona.

Author's note: Don't ask me how I came up with this. I honestly don't know. (I've never seen Star Trek before, but I watched the movie on Friday and I'm addicted. I think I'll watch it next week again.) Maybe - based on this one-shot - I'll write a story. Well, what do you think?