Title of story: Brighter than Sunshine

Summary: Edward Cheats on Bella with Jessica who happens to Be Emmett's wife, How dose Bella react? How Dose Emmett react?

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Chapter One: Finding out

Bella Cullen had a felling her husband Edward Cullen was cheating on her, ever since their daughter ,Abigail, had been born Edward had been extremely distant toward her and Abby and he was always taking business trips. Bella's only comfort was in her sister's, Alice and Rosalie, and her husbands Brother's, Emmett and Jasper, who were there for her and Abby when Edward was not there which was more often than not. Bella's sisters were married or engaged; Alice was married to Edward's brother Jasper, Jasper and Alice had been together since high school, and Jasper couldn't be more perfect for her twin sister, as he seemed to be the only one able to calm her down and Rosalie was engaged to Jacob Black, Jake had always been like a brother to Bella, so she couldn't have been happier for Rose when she and Jake announced their engagement, And what could she say about Emmett, he was her teddy bare, her best friend they had always been close to each other and as kids they were inseparable , to say Bella's parents were shocked when she told them that she would be marrying, not Emmett Cullen, but his younger brother Edward Cullen would have been an understatement, her parents had always assumed that Bella would marry Emmett because of the closeness that they shared, but 2 years after Edward and Bella got married Emmett was married to Jessica Stanly and the year after Emmett and Jessica got married they had a baby boy named Dylan .

Bella woke up to Abby's crying; when Bella got up she expected to see Edward to bed, but in his place there was a note that said:


I have gone on a business trip. I won't be back for a week.


Grate thought Bella this time he goes without telling me that he is leaving before hand as she was going to get Abby out of her crib.

"Shhh… Momma's her, Baby… its okay." Bella soothed her daughter, when Abby stopped crying she took her into the Kitchen and put her in the highchair and grabbed the phone, Bella was going to call Edward and tell him that she had enough and that she and Abby would be staying with Emmett and Jessica for a while, that was what she was going to tell him except he wasn't the one who answered his cell phone, It was Jessica,

"Hello?" Jessica answered and Bella heard "Babe, who is it?" and she was sure it was Edward

"Jessica, let me speak to my husband, I have quite a few things to say to him." Replied Bella with tears in her eyes

"Fine" Jessica said

"Hey Bella" Edward said when he answered

"We are done Edward, don't expect to find me or Abby here at your house when you return and I'll mail the divorce papers over to you as soon as you get back." Bella told him

"Bella please be reasonable. I don't want to loose you or Abby." He pleaded

"You should have very well thought of that BEFORE you went and slept with Jessica Cullen, which reminds me, dose Em know that you've had sex with his wife?" Bella asked remembering that Jessica was Emmett's wife

"No, and Bella, you can't tell him." Edward replied

"Why should I have to keep a secret from my best friend from who I've never hid anything from?" Bella asked

"I am your husband and I'm asking you to please not tell Emmett." He said

"Lets get something straight, Edward, we are not married anymore, at least as far as I am concerned, and yeah, I'm going over to Emmett's place after this conversation is over and I will tell him, because he is my best friend and I don't hid things this important from him and I am not about to start now, And I'm telling both my sisters , so yes, Jasper will probably find out too, because He and Alice don't keep secrets from each other" Bella replied angrily how Edward could be as stupid as to think she would basically lie to her best friend was beyond her.

"Bella don't-"Edward started, but she cut him off

"Look this conversation is going nowhere and I've got things to do that don't involve talking to you, so goodbye." Bella told him before hanging-up, and then she called Emmett.

"Hello?" he said when he answered the phone

"Em, it's me Bella, can Abby and I come by your house, because we need to talk." She asked him

"Sure, like I'd pass up a chance to see my best friend and he adorable kid." Emmett replied

"Thanks, ummm… do you mind if Abby and I come and stay with you for a while, because I am divorcing Edward." Bella asked

"Of Corse, you and Abby can stay with me and Jessica, but what did Edward do to finally do to make you want a divorce?" Emmett asked

"I'll tell you when Abby and I get to your house." She replied not wanting to tell him over the phone that his brother was having sex with his wife.

"Ya, sure, so see you soon." Emmett told her

"Bye, I have to go pack mine and Abby's things then I'll call you and let you know that I'm on my way." She said before hanging up the phone.

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