Title: Brighter Than Sunshine

Summary: Human Nature Causes people to react in one of two ways when presented with an issue fight or flight, so reason stands that

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"Emmett has always been there for me… like when Edward and I broke-up in high school because I found him with Lauren Mallory, Emmett was there for me and when I was little, when you and Alice wanted to play Barbie and I didn't Emmett played video games with me, he's my best friend, and I want to be there for him because I'm not the only one who got hurt by Edward and Jessica's actions." Bella explained

"That sounds like a lot more than friendship Bells." Rose replied

"What do you mean?" Bella asked

"You need to figure this one out for yourself Bell." Rose said

Chapter three: The fight (Part one)

"Rosalie, Jake…Would you mind letting Abby sleep here tonight, I would be back to pick her up in the morning?" asked Bella

"It's not a problem, we love Abby, and it will be fun to play with her." Said Rose

"Thanks Rose." Bella replied

"Hey, Emmett can you Drop me off at Edward's house I need to get my car?" Bella questioned

"Sure, no problem." He replied

"Well, we should probably get going." Said Bella who was jumpier than she normally would be

"Bells is something wrong?" asked Jacob

"No, no nothing is wrong… I'm just…Emmett can I talk to you for a moment?" Bella asked Emmett

"Sure, come on doll, let's talk outside." Replied Emmett and Bella nodded, when they got outside Bella was being quiet.

"Bells, what's wrong?" he asked concerned for his best friend

"Look at the text message Edward sent me…" Bella said pulling out her cell and showing him the message

"Bella, you are not under any circumstances going to meet him without me, sorry, nope, not gunna happen." He said after he read both text messages

"Look, you can come, but please stay in the car unless something bad happens, ok?" Bella reasoned with Emmett, who little did she know was falling hard for her

"Fine Bells, but if I even think that you are in trouble I'm going to get you back into that car." Emmett promised Bella and she smiled

"Of course, so, are you going to let Dylan stay here tonight, with Jacob, Rosalie and Abby, because we have to meet him there at midnight tonight?" asked Bella

"If Jake and Rose don't mind, then I probably will." Emmett responded

"Right, well, you should ask them, and then you and I need to get going because you need to drop me off at Edward's, so that I can get my car, so I can drive it to the bridge tonight." Bella said to Emmett

"Alright, Doll, we can go get your car, but, we should take my Jeep tonight, so he knows not to try anything." Said Emmett

"That's a good idea, so let's go ask Jake and Rose if they mind having one more little one to watch tonight." Said Bella

"Okay." Emmett following Bella back inside Jake and Rosalie's house

"Rose, would you mind letting Dylan sleep here tonight, and Bella and I'd be back for both Abby and Dylan in the morning?" Emmett asked Rosalie when He and Bella walked back inside.

"Sure, Emmett, it will be fun." Rose replied

"Thanks Rosalie, I have some stuff to sort through regarding divorce papers tonight and I didn't want to sort through that stuff with Dylan there." Emmett explained

"Em, we should probably get going." Bella said quietly Bella didn't understand how he could already be signing divorce papers if had just found out about Edward and Jessica that day.

"You are probably right, Doll." Said Emmett

"Bye Sis, I love you Kay?" Bella said to Rosalie while hugging her

"Kay, so I'll see you in the morning?" asked Rose

"Yeah, you will, because I have to come get Abby then." Said Bella

Then Bella said bye to Jake and then Emmett and Bella left

"Emmett I have a question, why are you already signing those papers if you just found out about Edward and Jessica today? Or did you already know about Edward and Jessica and just choose not to tell me?" Bella asked him when they got in the Jeep

"I already knew, but Jessica asked me not to tell you." Said Emmett, and then he braced himself for what Bella was going to say

"So you just didn't tell me? Wow, some friend you are." Said Bella with tears in her eyes

"Doll…" started Emmett only to be interrupted by Bella

"You know what I said when Edward asked me the same thing? I asked him why I should lie to my best friend. I told him that he was crazy if he thought that me and you hid stuff this important from each other, but apparently you don't think much of our friendship Emmett." Bella told Emmett astounded that he didn't tell her the day that he found out about Jessica and Edward

"Bella…" started Emmett, but Bella interrupted

"When you get to Edward's house drop me off so I can get my car and I'll transfer mine and Abby's things to my car, and don't follow me to the bridge tonight." Said Bella

When they got to Edward's house Emmett thought he would try to talk to Bella again "Bella I…" Emmett started, but yet again Bella interrupted

"Abby and I will stay somewhere else." Said Bella then she got out of the Jeep and got in her car and called her twin sister Alice

"Hey Allie." Said Bella when Alice picked up the phone

"Hey sis, I talked to Rose five minutes ago… anything you need to tell me?" asked Alice

"Well I assume you already know about Edward and Jessica, but Emmett and I are in a fight now." Said Bella

"What happened sis?" asked Alice

"Emmett knew about Edward and Jessica's affair before today and he didn't tell me." Bella responded

"And that's it?" asked Alice

"I'm sorry that my life is not more exciting!" Bella responded sarcastically

"That's not what I meant, what I meant was that's why you are mad at Emmett?" Alice said quickly

"Yeah, why?" asked Bella

"Because even though I'm pregnant I think you may have overreacted Bells." Said Alice

"Really?" asked Bella knowing that if her twin said she overreacted, then she did

"Really sis, and I want to let you know that if you and Abby need a place to stay for awhile you can always stay with Jasper and me." Said Alice

"Okay, Allie I have to go." Said Bella

"Bells are you going to come over to my house tonight?" asked Alice

Bella looked at the clock; it was just after 10:00pm and Alice and Jasper lived on the opposite side of town from where Bella had to be in just two hours

"I can't tonight." Bella responded

"Okay." Said Alice who sounded sad after Bella told her that she couldn't come that night

"I'm sorry Allie, but I have to go, Love you sissy." Said Bella

"Love you to sis." Said Alice

Then Bella hung-up her cell phone

Two hours later (midnight):

When Bella got of her car she walked over to the bridge and she saw that Edward was already there.

"Bella, thank you for coming to meet me here." Said Edward when he noticed her

"Edward, lets make this quick shall we? What do you want?" asked Bella

"I wanted to talk to you about Emmett." Said Edward

"What about him?" asked Bella

"I want you to know that he's not good for you." Said Edward

"He's not good for me? Who do you think you are that you can tell me what is and what is not good for me? You weren't good for me because you cheated on me, and it's none of your business who I am friends with Edward." Said Bella who was getting angrier by the second

"I'm your husband, Bella, weather you want it to be that way or not, I want me, you and Abby to be a family again, and our relationship is not over until I say so. Is that clear?" Edward said coldly

"Let's get something straight right now, our relationship was over the moment you decided to sleep with Jessica and under no circumstances will me, you, and Abby will never be a family again." Bella retorted angrily

"Bella, I don't think you understand, I want you and Abby to move back into the house, and I always get what I want." Edward said menacingly

"My daughter and I are not moving back into your house, you and I are getting a divorce, and then I am suing you for full custody of Abby and you will never again see my daughter." Bella explained

"Isabella-" started Edward, but was interrupted by Jessica who was under the mistaken impression that Edward and Bella were getting back together walked up to Bella and Edward who were standing on the bridge.

"Edward is mine!"' Jessica said to Bella

"Why would I want him after he slept with you?" Bella asked Jessica

"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Jessica angrily

"It means I wouldn't want to catch any STD that he caught from a slut like you." She replied at that point Jessica shoved Bella backwards over the bridge and into the water.

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