Okay, I may not know as much about the Fullmetal Alchemist characters as most but I am willing to try writing about them. If I happen to write someone OOC, pm me and correct me alright? I don't mind criticism.

I am Envy.

My true name is Williem Von Hohenheim.

I am the Raven, the Trickster and the Deceiver.

My heart is chained, holding me back, holding the monster back.

'The Forgotten Son' is branded on my forehead.

I am used to the sounds of screams but was there a time when I wasn't?

Blood, the metallic scent is everywhere.

We, homunculi, do not belong to either the night or the day.

My hands are furious enough to strangle anyone who gets in my way.

I remember Hohenheim teaching me how to use alchemy when I was still foolishly human.

"Take me to Hohenheim!"

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