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Now before hand, I am bad at spelling but not as bad as I used to be when I did Forbidden Love


I ran as fast as I could. Behind me I heard dogs, they bayed to have my neck. My heart beat like it was about to come out of my chest. The dogs are getting closer and closer, I wave through trees but they still are gaining ground on me.

Why me, why is it always me! First I lose my mother then I get hounded by hunters who has nothing else to do but hunt a lone girl. I start to trip over myself, I couldn't help it my vision was gettin' all blurred and I couldn't see the roots out of the ground. I fall, rapping my paw around my hind leg. WHY ME!

In the distance I heard howling, Graypaw! Next I hear growling right in front of me, Silver! I couldn't hold them back, I was so relived, tears formed at the edge of my eye. My pack had finally found my. Graypaw jumped, landing behind me putting himself between me and the hounds. He was a old wolf with a gray pelt, his left front paw was a gray so dark that at a distance you would call it black. In a flash next to him was a light gray she-wolf, his mate, her silvery pelt shown in the light that made its way through the forest.

As the hound neared us my Parent growled, they would not let nothing happen to me after they promised my dead mother. I rose to my hind paw, the only one in the pack that could other then my mother.

"Run, Jade," Silver yelled behind her back.


"GO NOW!" Graypaw didn't have to tell me twice, if I disobeyed the Alpha I would have my hide torn of my back. I turned and ran, as I neared the edge of the forest I heard the boom stick. I started to cry, I lost my mother not a week ago and now I lost my pack. What should I do!? Now that Graypaw is most likely gone, the pack wont take me in, HE was the one who promised my mother that he would look out for me when she died, the others where ageist it, they wanted nothing to do with the two leggers.

I tuned, and as I tuck my first step on my own, I heard Gadget, the beta, howl "GET HER SHE KILLED THE ALPHAS!"

I ran, my heir less pelt frozen from the autumn air, I wish I was in the packs cave next to Graypaw, Silver, and Blacktail, Graypaw's son.

I don't remember much of that first night but I do know that I some how found my was to a small lodge and made my way into the two laggers cave and fell a pone the floor next to the glowing flam. Wanting so much to have Graypaw and my mother next to me.


Well I know it has nothing to do with Totall, YET! I am getting to it, this is only to tell you about Jade/what ever I name her later in the story and how she becam on her own.