Perface: Max an evil figure from Annie and Eric Camden past decided to pay Annie a little visit. Eric and the rest of the family except for Ruthie went to a festable at the church. Max came in and kissed Annie. Ruthie saw and took it the wrong way and told Eric. He went to Napa Valley an old familiar place took take his mind to what happened. He ran into his old flame Maddie. He went to her vineyard to talk awhile. She was always mad that he broke up with her. They had dinner. Annie took a plane ride to Napa. She walked around for a while until she saw Eric. Maddie leaned over and kissed him. With out thinking he kissed her, reminding himself of what she did. Annie saw and then she got mad her ran after her. She said she wanted a divorce. She ran into an old friend Edward. She asked him to help her make Eric jealous. Before Eric had arrived Annie talked to the judge she said she wanted the divorce to be fake. The judge he could do it, but the divorce would be real, but it would only last for a little while. Annie and Eric signed the divorce papers. She only took her thing and the kids and Eric kept the church home and his things. Eric usually finished his work on Sunday and Monday. Lou one of the church deacons told him that the couple that are getting married wants the choir to sing "Lost in This Moment". Eric taught then the song because he listens to country and he knows the words to that song. Big and Rich were sing in a town next to Glen Oak. John Rich told Big Kenny that he wanted to stop by the church. They heard Eric's voice and they both fell in love with his voice. Then they started to sing their song. They asked him if he wanted a record deal he said yes. Then he got a deal with MCA. The got a stylist called Sandi Spika. Eric became famous. He wrote all of his songs. Three years passed. Eric went to a bar in Houston, to give a little surprise to the people there.

The Start:
Reba to get her mind off from the family and work went to a bar. She got up and sang "Head Carolina Tails California". Eric heard her voice and was like wow she kicks a**. He got up and sang one of his "Measure of a Man". He sat down in a stool next to Reba.

Reba-"that is one of my favourite songs of yours."


Reba- Hi my name is Reba.

Eric- Hi Reba

Reba- Can I buy you a drink?

Eric- How about I buy you a drink?

Reba- I all ready have a beer.

Eric liked the way she was down to earth. Reba would would you like a record deal.

Reba-are you kidding me

Eric-no, I think you are a great singer.

Eric-here I'll give you my number,555-4271

Reba-ok; she looked in her purse to see if she had one of her business cards with her. She grabbed her eyeliner and took the napkin off the bar and wrote down her cell phone number 874-4301

Eric- I will pick you up at the air port.

When she got home, she ran upstairs. The family gave her a dirty look. She went in her room and started to jump up and down her bed. She was yelling yes wooooooooooohoooooooooooooowwwwwwwww I did it, I did it yeah. The kids gave her a look then went to their rooms.

Eric went back to Glen Oak. The next day he told Sandi about Reba. She asked if he was sure he wanted to put her on his deal for now. He said yes.

Eric- She is pretty, smart, and has a voice of an angel.

Sandi- fine, but I get to give her a makeover.

Eric wrote a new song called "Ticks" about Reba. He previewed the song to his friend Morgan Hamilton. A napkin fell out of Eric's pocket. Morgan picked it up and started to chuckle.

Morgan- well what do we have here

Eric- give me that, she is just a friend, and it was just business.

Morgan-sure, than why did she write her number in eyeliner

Eric-"she could not find her business card". Reba found her card and gave it to him before he left. Eric looked in his pocket to see if the card was still in there.

Eric- here I found the card.

Morgan- so you are buying a house in Houston.

Eric punched Morgan and they both started to laugh loud.