When she got that idea in her head she didn't even want to think twice about it but she promised Eric she would think about it twice. She the tough about it one more time, that counted as thinking it twice. She thought it would be the right thing to do. She would use her job to help help.

She made up her mind to find a house in Glen Oak and move there and never tell anybody but Jack, and the kids about the baby. She couldn't trust anyone to keep this secret away from Brock. She knew someone would just spill their guts and just tell Brock so no one should know. She was so scared to tell Jack about the baby. Would he break up with her.

Reba-Brock and Barbra Jean can't know about this. I can't hurt her. I can't force Brock to do something like marring me, or do anything just 'cause I'm having his his baby. I just can't.

That weekend Reba looked at different houses around the town. She couldn't find a house she could call a home, a home for her and her family, until she saw a house that was for sell right across the street from Eric's house.

Reba-I'll take it.

Real-estate agent- Are you sure. I mean I'm not even allowed to sell this house it's really bad I mean very bad. I mean there are termites, the only good thing about this house is the foundation.

Reba-I'll take it.

Agent-Are you sure.


Agent-Fine $2,000

Reba-$1,000 and i promise never to sue y'all. Plus have the house tented for the termites. Deal.

Agent-Deal. They said with a hand shake.

She signed the papers knowing that this was going to be it. She was going to try her best to make this house her home. She was going to surprise Eric by not telling him she was moving it to Glen Oak and to surprise him by moving in her new home. When she she was done signing the paperwork, she packed her suitcase and was headed home, her old home.

Monday afternoon:

Jake-Mommy why do we have to move?

Reba-Jake honey I told you I got a great job offer and I'm taking it. She said partly lying through her teeth.

Kyra- I think it's a good thing that we are moving. I mean no one will know us so they won't know that my family are freaks. Plus when I go to school people won't make fun of me for having a sister who got pregnant at 17. She said with a sarcastic smile on her face.

Cheyenne- I agree with Kyra even though she is being mean.

Reba-OK,so lets get to work. Remember we are selling the house 'cause I just finished paying for we are leaving behind all our stuff here. We are only taking a little clothes and important things like, pictures, stuffed toys and game systems. OK. We will buy the things we need over there. Remember don't tell your father and Barbra Jean. I'll tell you my reasons later.


Reba-Wait give me your old keys, I changed the locks today.


Reba-Wait, here are the new keys. Do not give them to your dad or BJ. OK.

She was nervous forgeting everything ang taking on and on having many things on her mind.

Kyra-Yes,mom. Can we go pack now?


Reba finished packing her things then went to get gas for the car and some snacks for the road.

Monday night:

Reba sat on her front porch waiting for Jack. He walked up the front porch.

Reba-Hey,she whispered.

Jack-Hey there.

Reba- We need to talk it's very important. Please sit. She patted the seat right next to her.


Reba- I'm pregnant.

Jack-What?! How? We never! With Who? How could you? Jack shouted getting up off of his seat.

Reba-Shh! Jack the kids don't know yet. Please calm down and let me explain.

Jack sat back down.


Reba-Thanks. It's Brock's. Jack started to talk. Let me talk OK. She explained her condition to Jack.

Jack-Oh I'm sorry I over reacted. I can't believe this though.

Reba-Jack please don't tell anyone especially Brock. I'm moving because of Brock.

Jack-Well at least give me your address and phone number so, I can call you and visit you on the weekend.

Reba-Really, I thought you were going to break up with me.

Jack-I would be an ass if I would break up with you just because your having a baby. I promise I won't say anything. So when are you leaving?

Reba-Tomorrow mornin'.

Jack-Why so soon?

Reba-I just can't face Brock.

Jack-Need help packing?

Reba-No all done.

Reba and Jack sat there and talk till 10:00.

Reba-It's getting late. I need to wake up early tomorrow. I'll call you when I get there OK.

Jack-Ok,but I want a kiss before I leave.


They shared one last kiss before she had to go.

In the morning about 5:00 a.m they finished putting the last boxes in the car. Reba gave one last look at her old house and her old life. She got in her old harvest gold Volvo and drove away. Right behind her was Van in Rhonda. It took two days to get to get to Glen Oak, CA because Reba was always stopping for rest stop because of her morning sickness. Reba put the kids in a hotel suit until the necessary repairs were made to the house. After she left the kids to rest, she drove to their new home were her new was about to begin.

Annie-Look Eric we got new neighbors, Annie said while looking out the window.

Annie-Lets go say say hi.

Eric and Annie went to say hi to their new neighbor.

Annie Hi.

Reba-Well hi there neighbor Reba said with a giggle.

Eric-Reba you bought this house?!

Reba-Yeah, I decided I can't tell Brock.

Eric-You know this house stinks right.

Reba-Yeah, I know this know but I'm going to hire someone to remodel the house.

Eric turned to Annie and said Annie why don't you help her out. It can be a pregnancy project for the both of you please.

Annie- Ok sure. As long as Reba helps me.

Annie-Reba you don't need to hire anyone to fix the house. I'll teach you how to fix the house.

They started with making a little apartment like house that had two rooms in it , in the backyard for Cheyenne and Van. It had just the two room and a small living room. Annie taught her all she knows from pluming to fixing cars. They had the house done in three weeks plus another week of painting, decorating, and making the top part of the garage into an apartment for guests.

Eric-Reba guess what.


Eric-I got you a contract to sign with Valory Music Co.


Reba started to scream and jump around.

Reba-I know what can be my debut single. It's a song I wrote called "I'm a Survivor".

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