"But Karin, you should... talk to Suigetsu." Sasuke said after a pause.

"Why!? There's nothing left to be said. He tried to KILL me! It's bad enough that I have to work with him!" I yelled.

"Karin!" Sasuke stopped my arms, which I had been beating against him. "I'm telling you to, because I never did." He looked me in the eyes. "I killed my older brother, who had given up his whole future for me, because I was blind with rage. If I had known about Danzo and the others earlier, there would've been no regrets."

"...Okay." I said, realizing Sasuke was right. "I'll try."

It was a couple days before I finally could even look Suigetsu in the face again.

"Karin?" Suigetsu asked when I looked away. "Have you finally gotten jealous of my hot looks?" He joked. I raged over how he could so easily joke after trying to kill me, but kept it down this time.

"Suigetsu..." My voice was getting shaky.

He stopped.


"Why did you..." I swallowed. "Why? Why, Suigetsu? Why?" My eyes got wet as I earnestly looked at him. We were alone, since Juugo and Sasuke had gone on a mission. For what, I hadn't heard.

"Karin..." He tried to touch my face but moved back.

"Why did it have to be like this? Why do I have to love someone who wants my head? Why did everything end up being so messed up."

"Karin... Stop." Suigetsu said in the gentle voice I had remembered from his childhood. "I'm sorry-"

"Stop apologizing!" I yelled.

"Karin!" He shouted back. "Would you please just stop and listen? All you ever do is think about how you feel, how everything sucks for you. How about everyone else in the world?"

I was silent, because he was right. I never thought about anyone, except myself, and at one point, Orochimaru. But even that, was for my own benefit.

"Karin, when you left from that 'test' Orochimaru ordered me to kill you. Said that attachments are never good for us so young. It was 'unhealthy' and should be stopped before it was too late." He looked up, tears lining his eyes. "Or he would kill you himself."


"Orochimaru said, attachments weren't good for ninjas, and since overall, I would be more useful in the long run, so to destroy the attachment, I would have to kill you. And if I wouldn't, he would do terrible things to you, before having you killed. I-I was so scared." His voice cracked. "He gave me three days to get ready, and I tried to think of ways to escape, but I couldn't."

He reached over and took my hands.

"Karin, please. You have no idea how glad I was when Orochimaru knocked me against the wall and saved you." He squeezed my hands. "The sacrifice of letting you live, was having you hate me forever."

"Suigetsu..." New tears started to flow again.

Cleaner tears.

Tears of happiness.

"I'm so sorry!" I cried and he hugged me tight.

"Shh... it's okay." He whispered into my ear.

And for now, that was enough.

Being in his arms.

Holding him tight.

It was enough to be like this forever.

And that's the end. I hope it's something similar to this, because Suika is one of the best couples ever.

and of course, Orochimaru is the bad guy again. I wish I could've involved Kabuto more, but that's okay.

As for who Sasuke truly loves, I won't comment so you can have your own ideas ;)