A story in five parts of one hundred.

George heard the door to the shop open with a clink from the bell. He turned to see a girl about his age entering.

"Welcome to Weasley's Wizard Wheezes! How can I help you this fine Wednesday?" He asked in a cheery voice.

"I'm just looking around." The girl replied in a monotone voice. She turned her back on him a wandered down the trick potions isle. George looked at her, puzzling over why she'd come in. She didn't seem to be a very prank-y type of person. He sighed and went back to the counter to work on something.

It was a Wednesday again, and George was still thinking about the girl that had come in just a week previous. She had left without buying anything, and he hadn't gotten a chance to ask about her name. It was while he was pondering this that the subject of his thoughts walked into the store. George was jolted into reality and smiled brightly at her. The girl looked somewhat disappointed, and just turned on her heel and left George shocked and annoyed. He wondered what was so repulsive about him that drove away pretty customers. He wanted desperately to know.

She had only come in twice before, but George was hoping that it would become a pattern. He had become almost obsessed with running through what he would say if she did come again. It was Wednesday, and George was nervous. He was worried that she wouldn't come. Even if, for a few brief seconds, he could see her, it would be enough. He at least hoped so. When he heard the bell ring, he put his plan into action, slipping from behind the counter, past a shelf, and saw her. And she saw him, smiling charmingly, and promptly left.

Wednesday came and went, but George didn't see her again. He moped around all evening after the shop had closed. His thoughts turned to other things, convinced that he wouldn't see the girl again. Fred noticed him moping, but didn't say anything. His philosophy was to let these things work out. And when that didn't work, start pranking people. But this wasn't any help to George. All week he didn't think of her, but it affected his attitude. He wasn't smiling as much, even though it change was subconscious. He couldn't bear to think of what would happen next Wednesday.

George was so lost in other things on Wednesday that he barely knew what day of the week it was. He wasn't waiting for her. And that was why he didn't notice when the door opened and the girl walked into the shop. She saw him sitting in the corner, and when he looked up, his face scrunched into a frown, she smiled for the first time at George. He looked at her in shock.

"I've been waiting for a month to see you frown." She said. "I'm Mary. Mary Mirth." Mary stuck out her hand and shook his hand.