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"Okay guys, we are starting the movie now so you better get down here! NOW! Or you'll have to face the wrath of Alice!" Emmet yelled up the stairs to us. Edward and I had just been lying in his bed listening to music. But since I, Rosalie and Jasper were sleeping over we had to follow our tradition and watch a movie. Tonight it was Rosalie's turn to pick.
"We're coming!" Edward got up and yelled back. I already missed having him so close to me. He had been lying with his arms around me and it felt so wrong when he let me go.
"We should probably get down. Alice gets really evil when she is mad." I got up too and we headed downstairs to watch Rosalie's movie.
"So what are we watching?" I looked at Rose for an answer, she smiled.
"Mr. and Mrs. Smith, it has Brad Pitt for us girls and guns, spies and fighting for the guys." The boys looked at her a bit angrily.
"So you picked a movie that makes us have to watch our girls drool over a celebrity? " Emmet looked at her confused. I just blushed and looked down, I wasn't anyone's girl, but I wish I was.
"Don't worry guys, we'll still love you!" Alice just smiled at Jasper.
"Fine, just start the damn movie." Edward looked a bit grumpy, maybe because Emmet practically said that I was his girl. Ouch, that hurt, I looked at my hands.
"What Eddie? Afraid that Bella won't love you afterwards?" Emmet started to laugh and it didn't last long before everyone joined in, everyone except me and Edward. He sighed and looked at me.
"Shall we just start the movie?" I nodded, and he went to put it in.
"Don't worry Edward, Bella doesn't even like Brad Pitt, she prefer dark/brown haired guys." Alice had managed to stop laughing.
"Isn't that right Bella?" Everyone looked at me and, of course, I blushed.
"It's not my fault that he is ugly. I really don't see what's so special about him." Rose and Alice looked at me shocked but Edward smiled at me.
"It's okay, I think he is ugly too." Emmet made us all laugh again.
"Okay, enough laughing, let's watch the movie" I was still blushing , but now it was because Edward was sitting next to me with his arm gently around my shoulders. But he always did that, so it was nothing special.
When the movie finished it was time to go to bed. After we had said our goodnights I went to "my" room and threw myself on the bed to just enjoy the peace and quiet.
"Oh, Beeeellaaaaa!" Alice squealed as she and Rose entered the room. So much for the peace and quiet.
"Bella, when are you and Edward going to get together?" Rose smiled.
"We are just friends, he doesn't like me that way." I couldn't hide my disappointment from them, they already knew.
"Yes he does, didn't you see his face when Emmet called you his girl?" (Alice)
"Or when Alice said that you don't like Brad Pitt!" Rosalie and Alice smiled.
"You two are imagining things. He's my best friend!" I looked down.
"Then why did neither of you protest when Emmet said you were his girl?" (R)
"He probably didn't hear it" I just shrugged.
"What about all the songs you have written for him?" (A)
"I never said that I didn't love him! Just that he doesn't love me."
"Bella, just open your eyes!" (A)
"And tell him!" (R) I couldn't take this anymore, it was hopeless, they didn't understand. But then again, why would they? They're beautiful.
"You don't understand. He doesn't love me and he never will. He is EDWAR CULLEN for Christ's sake! He is beautiful, funny, charming, sexy, careing, selfless, kind, amazing, smart, wonderful and PERFECT! I'm just plain, boring, ugly, best friend Bella Swan!" I was almost crying now.
"YOU ARE NOT UGLY" They both shouted it so loud I'm sure they woke up everyone. I opened my mouth to continue arguing, but I heard footsteps and a light knock on the door.
"Come in" Alice answered, and in entered the boys.
"What is going on here? Why are you shouting?" Edward looked at me concerned. Great, like I wanted him to know what we were talking about.
"Uhm..ehe… nothing, I just…." Alice cut me of.
"Edward, do you think Bella is ugly?" Crap. I blushed and looked down.
"Of course not, she's beautiful!" He sounded shocked.
"Emmet?" (R)
"No!" (E)
"Jasper?" (A)
"No!" (J)
"See Bella? I told you so." (R)
"Of course they say so when I can hear them" I mumbled.
"What did you say?" Rose sounded a bit annoyed.
"Nothing, can I sleep now? If I'm right Alice is dragging me up 4am to do my hair, make up and clothes?" I really wanted them to leave so I could be alone with my thoughts.
"Of course I am. So everyone, time to go!" She pushed everyone out.
"Good night Bella!"
"Night" I mumbled when the door closed and I was left alone with my thoughts about me and Edward, that could never happen. So I cried myself to sleep.

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