Author' Notes: I honestly love Ichihime and UlquiHime. Both a fave het pairing of mine in fact. Everything was supposed to be happy, but re-reading the lust series in Bleach I just had to do it like this…

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"Yes? Kurosaki-kun, was is it?"

"Close your eyes."


As soon as her eyelids softly close she feels something warm on her lips. Opening her eyes she is shocked to see her savior with his lips on hers, his eyes closed and his cheeks a faint pink. He pulls away, their noses touching by a hair and he smiles, "I love you too, Inoue."

Her heart stops by a beat and she pulls away, she opens her lips to say something but nothing comes out. But, a second passes by and everything suddenly feels so wrong. She looks at him, his eyes shining and full of warmth. It hurts so much.

She knows she should say something like…

I like you too, Kurosaki-kun.

But, as soon as she is about to say it, green eyes flash in her memories, and she can't bear the thought of letting go of it. Of him. Making up her mind, she gives a smile. Her lips wavering as her eyes well up, she locks eyes with him and gives him her best smile.

Shocked, Ichigo was about to ask her what's wrong when he hears her whisper something. Straining to hear what it was, he cups his face into his hands and asks in his softest voice, "Inoue? What's wrong?"

She knows she should be happy. She has been dreaming of this moment for so long, her face held gently between his palms and his face so close to hers. However, despite of all her antics to make him notice her, it was someone else who took the first step.

"I…I'm sorry, Kurosaki-kun. I'm afraid that… my heart is with him."

The orange haired teen looks back in surprise as the words pass her lips. Swallowing hard he replies,

"W… who?"

His brown eyes followed her every movement, and when she looks up at him with her eyes flowing with tears and a smile so genuine, he felt his heart break.


"H…how, I… Inoue-"

She didn't want to do it. To hurt the first man she ever truly loved. She stands up, her hands holding his as he follows her. Putting her hands on each side of his face, she rubs away a tear threatening to fall with her thumb.

"I'm so sorry Kurosaki-kun. I love you, but I… I just can't let him go."

Standing on her toes, she leans up and kisses him on his cheek. Giving him a quick hug before running away, tears running down her chocolate eyes as she runs away from him, she remembers him. His green eyes shining with newfound joy and his pale hands covering hers as he whispers something she has been waiting for so long. I love you.

She doesn't want to look back. Because she knows that he is still there, his arms still frozen in place as he cries.

I'm sorry, Kurosaki-kun. I don't know what to do anymore.

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