Chapter One

Saytani Mayo Sakura was lying on her bed, wondering about a great many things. It was the time of her life, even though she was only 9 years old, was coming to the point where she would think about her future. A long, deep sigh came from her mouth. It was also a time when she was feeling quite depressed about her life. A single tear ran down her face for what seem like an eternity, until it touched and stained the bed sheets. She sat up, immediately in the fetal position, sobbing now in shame. "I'll never be able to get out of this forsaken place! Never!" she thought. "Only until I am an adult can I ever be free!" And she continued to sob and sob until she felt as if she had cried her heart out.

Everything that she thought was true in all ways of speaking. If you were to ever meet Saytani's parents, they would seem to be the most wonderful of people. That would be what you would think until you met their daughter. What you would see in their daughter Saytani, was what would appear to be a slave. You would see one of the most miserable children alive, and you would think, "Why is this little girl like this, when her parents are so wonderful?" But if you were to be lucky enough to meet Saytani, you would know the answer to that question immediately. You would see that her parents were nothing but hypocrites around other people, and to their daughter, were nothing but monsters. Yelling and screaming at their child for things that actually didn't make any sense sometimes. They were the kind of parents that would silence a baby's cries with beatings.

But, unfortunately for Saytani, people who came by like that only talked to her parents. Mostly because when that happened, Saytani's parents locked her in her room, sometimes leaving her locked in several hours after those visitors had left. Also she and her family lived out in an extremely desolate Outer Rim world. Saytani couldn't even remember the planet's name. But because of where they lived, visitors only came in about once a year.

Life on this planet was harder than ever. Her parents were farmers, oh but of course, she did the farming though. They harvested three different cash crops as well as some edible ones. Why in the hell would Saytani know what they were? Her parents never told her what anything was, just to work, and how to work. At least Saytani was much more fit than her parents, due to all the work she did and all the sitting around her parents did.

Saytani stood up, off the bed, and strode over to a drawer in a corner of the room. She counted the handles from the bottom up, until she counted three. She opened the drawer she stopped on, and looked inside. Inside was a crystal, bright blue, her favorite color and her good luck charm. With a little grin on her face, she picked it out of the drawer and held it in the palm on her hand. This was her most prized possession out of three others. It immediately gave her a sense of comfort, as she slowly walked over to her bed again. She wanted to cherish every moment of holding it, because if her parents found it they would probably take it away and sell it. She brought it up closer to her, and then touched it to her chest. She felt like she could breathe very well again. She let out a long, deep sigh. And not a sigh of suffering, but one of relief. For a couple of moments she was happy to be alive. Her pain and suffering seemed like nothing compared to the peace she felt. In that grim, filthy room, on that musty old bed, the thing that would stand out the most was a little 9-year-old girl, just sitting there with a friendly little smile on her face, holding a small bright blue crystal to her chest.

But then a dreaded voice boomed up the stairs into Saytani's room, and broke the wonderful peace.

"Hey runt! Get the hell down here now! We have somethin' to tell ya."

On hearing her father's voice, she jumped and gave a little involuntary yelp, and dropped the crystal. She quickly picked it up, ran to the drawer in the corner, opened it, dropped the crystal inside, and closed the drawer. Then she hesitated with a short exhale, and continued to go meet her father, for him to pass possible judgment on her for a crime she didn't commit.

"When I tell you to get down here I mean GET DOWN HERE!" Her father boomed up the stairs with frustration.

Saytani's walk down the stairs turned into a run for her life, for she did not want to anger her father any more. Once she made it down the stairs she was out of breath.

"Y-y-yes?" She said with her small, delicate voice. "F-father?"

Before her stood the behemoth that was her father. He was very round in the center, no hair, and had a putrid rotten kind of smell. But at least his teeth were clean. Both of them were in the family dinning room, her mother was sitting at the table watching with a cruel look in her eye's and a cold look on her face. Saytani's father had stopped her in front of the entrance to the staircase.

"O.k. runt. You know of that little incident a couple of months ago." said her father as an evil grin appeared on his face, "don't ya?"

Saytani twitched with sheer terror as she remembered what he was talking about. The incident a few months ago was when she ran away. "What?! B-b-but they already punished me for that! W-why is bringing it up again?!" she thought.

"Y-y-yes?" she said very quietly.



"Yes!" Saytani said with a wail-like scream, as she fell to the floor in terror.

"Ack! Not that loud! People on the other side of this planet will hear you!" Her father said back. "Now stand up." he commanded.

She did what she was told. Over at the table, her mother was laughing like it was some kind of stand up comedy done by a Wookie. At first this embarrassed Saytani but then it infuriated her. Just watching her mother laugh drove Saytani insane with anger. No. Don't. But she couldn't hold it in.

"SHUT UP!" She shouted.

Saytani's anger could not stay in for very long. There had been times when her parents had made her angry, but not like this. She had screamed so loud that her father had fallen on the floor. Saytani was surprised by this. She couldn't have been that loud, could she? Her mother had immediately stopped laughing and instead looked appalled by what her daughter just done, but somehow she also looked terrified. Saytani then regretted what she had done because her father had started standing up. He looked ready to kill.

"Why you little runt." He fully stood up. He reached for Saytani with a giant hand, and grabbed the collar of her shirt. "You little damned beast. How dare you talk to your mother that way." By now he had hoisted his daughter above his head. "You know, me and your mother brought you into this world and we can take you out. So if you want to stay you better not talk like that to me or your mother ever again. DO YOU UNDERSTAND!

"U-u-un-under-understood," She said in terror.

"Good." Her father said as he dropped her to the ground. "Now it's time to get to business. About the incident, we don't want anything like that ever happenin' ever again. It cost at least 10,000 credits to get them damn police to find you. This mornin' we received a letter sayin' that our surplus of crop has sold on market for at least, about 10,000,000 credits. That's right! We're rich now! And the letter also said that we have an opportunity to move to Coruscant. That is somethin' we're gonna do today.

Today? Saytani had already been blasted away by this information. But today? Today they were moving to Coruscant. It sounded crazy, but it was really good news.

"But, the reason this has anything to do with that incident is because, since were we're movin' and that we're rich now, we don't need you anymore.

Automatically, Saytani was frozen like a statue. Didn't need her anymore!? Because of how cruel her parents were, Saytani got the terrible idea that her parents were going to kill her.

Her father cackled with amusement. "I knew that that would scare you. Heh-heh, tell you what. We've decided to be merciful by sending you to some kind of orphanage there or somethin'."

Saytani was relieved. Oh thank goodness. Just that. She thought.

Her father spoke again, "Now go pack up! The shuttle leaves in an hour. Move!"

He gave her a bag to put her things in. A very small bag. She then scampered off, up the stairs. When she reached her room the first thing she did was stop and look at it. Just like the entire house, the wooden walls were rotten and wormridden. So much rotten, that there were even some plants growing out of some cracks in the wall. "I hope this place goes to hell" she thought. She then ran over to the drawer that held her possessions. The first thing she got was the wonderful crystal. She then decided to keep it in a safer place, so it went into her pocket.

Then she needed the pair of scissors she cut her hair a little. She picked up the scissors and walked over to the grime covered mirror at the foot of her bed. There was a stool there for her to stand on, waiting for her. She looked at herself. Because of the fact that she didn't really know how to use the scissors very well her hair grew over her eyes. She could see just fine, but when she looked at herself in the mirror, she couldn't see her own eyes. But it didn't really matter, because she was satisfied with the way she had styled it herself. Her bangs may have hidden her face, but the hair on the side of her head had grown much longer. In the front, the hair on the side of her head was past her shoulders but not touching. From there it led up into a diagonal line, until the hair on the very back of her head was barely going down her neck. She liked it this way, and had no need to cut it at the moment.

She then hopped off the stool and walked back over to the drawer, after putting the scissors in the bag. In another compartment there was a book. The only book she had, but her favorite. It was a historical story of how during the Sith Wars, during a great battle in space, a group of Jedi Knights infiltrated a Sith lord's ship to fight him. After a great battle between Jedi and Sith, the Sith lord became unconscious. So the Jedi wiped his memory and taught him to be a one of them, even though he was a Sith lord. In the end he savedthe galaxy.

After Saytani put her favorite book in the bag, she walked over to her bed. Next to her pillow was the ion-battery powered lamp that she read under. She put it into her bag and right when she was about to go downstairs, the booming voice of her father went up the stairs.

"Sweet Holy Hell. Are you done packing or what?!"

"Yes!" she called down.

Saytani rushed downstairs to her parents. They were packed and looked at her as if they had been waiting for hours. They all continued outside to the land-speeder owned by her father. As they drove out through the swampy landscape, Saytani was excited it had been her first time going some other place with other people. To her it was the most exciting thing ever. Once they had gotten to town Saytani had altogether seen many interesting things, mostly other creatures. She had never known that there had been so many different aliens. It was amazing. Once they had gotten into the port, she wasn't as jittery, but still excited. She was amazed at how big the shuttle was. She had before seen many models of space-craft but not the actual thing. Inside was more amazing, all these strange electronic devises that Saytani couldn't identify. When they sat in their seats, Saytani then wondered if the people at the orphanage would call her by her nickname? But then she decided not to think about it yet. Then after take-off, she looked out the window. Wow. The stars looked beautiful. Wow.

She definitely had never been in space before.