Conan's Misfortunes

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Conan sat up in his bed. Another murder happened, another murder solved. But this case was different from the rest. The case itself wasn't what had been so different, though. It was what was going on during the whole darn thing! They were talking about him. Conan Edogawa. Called him the "child of the Shinigami". Claimed they meant no hard feelings, but only after they received a tongue-lashing from Sato.

He never took much notice until that case. They were right though. Ever since the day he became Conan, murders have been following him. He hardly knew any of the victims! And there was hardly a time when someone didn't die. Why? Why him? Was he really the child of the death god? He shook his head. He didn't believe in the supernatural or anything like that, but people just don't die wherever you go. It was unnatural.

Conan sighed. He began to recall everything that had happened since that day. Every moment since his life was turned upside down. Every misfortune.

Starting with that day.

Author's note:

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