Conan's Misfortunes

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Today's the day. Conan thought as he lay in the hospital bed. Last night was a stressful night. Of course, he had to make sure no one knew what he was planning. Just act normal. He took a deep breath, trying to pull himself together. Rachel and Harley were coming by again, so he might as well enjoy the last moments he'll ever have with them.

"Hey Conan, you'll be able to get out of the hospital in a few days!" Rachel said excitedly.

"That's great!" Conan tried to sound excited. Wait…if I leave the hospital early, what will happen? If I recall correctly, I'm not 100% okay yet…

Harley eyed Conan with suspicion. Conan sweat-dropped.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Conan asked nervously.

"Oh, no reason." Harley replied slyly.

That's a total lie. Conan glared at him. Rachel looked between the two in confusion.

"Did…something happen?"

"I guess." Conan replied flatly.

"Cheer up!"

"Sure." He shrugged.

Rachel frowned. He didn't look very willing to do so. "Well, we can't really go anywhere…but what do you want to do?"

Conan thought for a bit. All of a sudden, three kids burst into the room. "Conan!" The Junior Detective League came to visit again.

"Oh, hey guys." Conan gave a friendly smile. He was attacked by Amy, who was crying.

"Conan! We were so worried!" She sobbed. Conan was struggling to breathe.

"Amy, I think you're killing him." Mitch said in a worried tone. Amy squealed and let go immediately. Conan was gasping for air. Harley laughed.

Conan grew worried. Will he really be leaving behind everything he ever knew? All the friends he made, everything. Everything will be left behind. He had already made his decision. The world will be rid of Conan Edogawa once the time comes.

"Hey, Conan?" Amy looked worried. She noticed that Conan's eyes were filled with sadness, so did everyone else.

Conan noticed that everyone was looking at him, and forgot about what he was thinking. He clumsily fell off the bed out of embarrassment. Everyone continued staring. Harley hit himself on the forehead, Rachel nearly fell over, and the kids all sweat-dropped. Conan rubbed his head a bit. Then, he started to laugh. A genuine laugh, which he hadn't done in a very long time. The tension in the air seemed to relax. A few moments later, Conan wiped the tears out of his eyes from laughing so much. He was definitely in a better mood now. He climbed back into the bed.

"I haven't heard that from you in…wait, I don't think I've ever heard you laugh for real!" Harley laughed himself, realizing Conan never laughed in front of him, unless it was sarcasm.

Conan yawned, waking up from a nap he decided to take later on. No one was there. They must have left while he was sleeping. He had spent five hours with his friends, no wonder he was so tired! It was near midnight, almost time. He noticed there was a tray with food on it beside his bed. Might as well have a snack. He thought to himself as he took a bite.

When he finished eating, he went outside the hospital room. He looked around to make sure no one was watching him. When he knew that the coast was clear, he walked out. He took the closest elevator that did not have anyone nearby. Luckily, the nurse was on the other side of the building right now. He went to the first floor of the hospital. He quietly walked towards the main entrance. Once he was out, he would probably never be seen again. He walked out into the rain.

Before I do it…I should leave something for them to remember me by…but what? He thought for a bit. Something that only he had. Something that distinguished him from everyone else. Perhaps he can leave his glasses? No one else has glasses as insane as his dad's. Plus, they were what made him Conan! That was it. He would leave his glasses. He couldn't just leave without a trace. He walked back to Rachel's house, he needed to do one last thing.

Conan walked into the office. No one even locked the door. It's a wonder that no burglaries have occurred here. He walked silently into Rachel's room. He had to complete one more task. Rachel… He held back some tears. He slowly took off his glasses and placed them beside Rachel's bed. Thank you, for everything. I'm sorry it has to be like this, but it's for you. If I stay here any longer, sooner or later, you might get hurt because of me. I can't let that happen. Not to you, or anyone else. Please don't take this the wrong way.

Conan felt something touch his hand. It was Rachel's own hand. Conan couldn't hold back any tears this time. Silently, tears dropped onto Rachel's hand. He turned away, taking his hand from hers. He had to do this. He had to get away. He quickly rushed out the door. He couldn't let Rachel see him like this. I'm sorry, Rachel. Please forgive me. Maybe we'll meet again in the afterlife.

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