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Chapter 2

B pov

I have been lying in bed crying for the last 5 days . When I'm not crying I'm getting sick and when I'm not getting sick I'm eating. Angela heard the news about Edward leaving again and has phoned me everyday begging me to let her come over she hasn't phoned today….yet…. Just then the phone rang Thought to soon I thought to myself as I went downstairs to answer it Charlie got their before me so I went back upstairs he didn't call me so it must just be someone from work. About 20 minutes later a car pulled into the yard someone got out slammed the door then there was 3 loud knocks on the door downstairs

"Come on in" my dad shouted from the living room where he was probably watching a game or something to do with fishing. Someone walked in "She's in her room go straight in" he said. Shit he was talking about me. What am I going to do I don't want to talk to anyone?!

"Okay thanks chief Swan" I knew that voice anywhere

"You're welcome and Angela call me Charlie!"

"Okay" then she ran upstairs knocked loudly on my door once then came in. She walked over to where I was sitting on the middle of my bed and said

"I wasn't taking no for an answer today"

"Thanks for coming Ange" I lay there crying on her knee there was a comfortable silence in the air Ange was mumbling stuff to me like it'll all work out and you'll be fine Then she spoke

"I have to tell you som-" before she could finish I felt my stomach knot so I put my finger up to silence her I knew where this was going I jumped up and ran for the bathroom just in time to be violently sick.

"BELLS I'm leaving for work" Dad shouted up the stairs

"Okay" I shouted back down "love you"

"You too"

Angela had followed me into the bathroom and was holding a glass of water for me- she was a really good friend… no Angela was my best friend.

"Thanks Ange but you didn't have to see that"

"that's okay but bells what is wrong with you are you sick or what?" she had a concerned look on her face so I decided to tell her the truth.

"I don't know I keep getting sick even though I haven't ate anything in like 3 day, I'm always crying, I'm sleeping too much 1 night and too little the next, I guess I just can't believe he did this to me."

"Bells did you and him ever… you know….do.. It?" she asked in a worried tone I blushed and looked down. I managed to nod as I couldn't trust my voice "Bella I think you're pregnant" she screeched

"What no Ange me and him did it the night before he left my body wouldn't even have registered the fact yet!"

She jumped up and said "I'll be back in a few don't move" she then ran out of the house.

I got up and went back into my room I wasn't pregnant Angela was over-reacting. No way I couldn't be the only person I had ever done it with was a vampire. Just then Angela arrived back she didn't bother to knock this time she bolted through the door, up the stairs and into my room she pulled me up and said in a hushed voice

"my mom thought she was pregnant she bought like 20 of these she won't miss 2" in her hand she had 2 different pregnancy tests and a plastic cup

"go pee in the cup" she ordered I didn't object but in my head I said anything to help you sleep at night Ange. I went to the bathroom and when I was ready I told her to come in. we had to wait for 5 minutes till' the tests were ready. Angela broke the tense silence in the room by saying

"Bells its time!"

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