This is a poem, song thing about Bella's feeling when Edward left. This is my first time so please tell me what I can improve on.

I should have seen your games, but I didn't, until you caught me. You have the deepest parts of me. You have my heart and soul. I told you everything, but it didn't mean a thing to you. I thought we had something, I thought you told me everything. I was just a toy to pass the time. Was I just a replacement for someone else? You were me earth, sun and universe. But now you're nothing to me .You left me here to die, with my broken heart. Loving you has caused me to change. You would never recognize me if you saw me now. The pain is and was too much for me. The pain has all but consumed me. I feel numb inside. My heart will never be the same; it will never love anyone again. My friends and family can't understand me or my pain and what you put me through. You knew that you did me wrong but you aren't here to see what you did to me, but the question is do you even care? No you won't care, like I said I was nothing but a toy. Would you care even if you were here to see the mess I am now? No I guess you wouldn't care. For I was nothing but a toy with no feelings at all. I was your play thing a pet for nothing but fun.