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Rating : M

Plot : Off World, Mud, mild whumpage (I'm new) and hopefully a pairing you will all love.

Pairings : Ronon Dex/Orla Grant

Spoilers : Set in Season 5 but I had changed a few things, Ronon has Season 4 hair NOT that wig, Teyla has not had her baby (hurry up John), Laura Cadman is now stationed on Atlantis and Carson Beckett is the CMO, I love him sorry.

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Orla was being roused from her slumber by the delicious hot, wet, persistent mouth of her lover suckling on her right breast. She arched with delight as she felt his calloused, giant paw of a hand gently squeeze and stroke her left breast. He captured her hardened nipple between his thumb and forefinger and gently squeezed, pulling at the bud until she moaned in delight.

The sounds escaping her mouth were joined by the growling of pleasure being emitted from her lover, well actually it sounded a little like purring to be more accurate.

Orla lifted her head to take in the sight of the man making her shudder, Ronon Dex. She saw his face relaxed, suckling at her breast eyes closed.

When she called his name the lids of his eyes slowly opened to reveal lust laden green gems for eyes.

When they started their relationship a month ago, Orla was sometimes scared at his intensity. Almost making her wonder if she had what it took to be his lover. But she'd steeled her courage, soon she'd come to realize that out of the Milky May and Pegasus galaxies, Ronon's arms were in fact THE safest place to be provided you weren't Wraith!

Ronon left Orla's breast and moved up to capture her mouth with his. He was hungry to devour every piece of the woman under him.

They drank deeply from each other, tongues loving each other until oxygen forced them apart.

Ronon panted as he dived for her neck, licking his way down to that spot at the base of her throat he knew would make her melt and beg him to love her.

Orla's started to slowly writhe under Ronon, knowing exactly where he was going with that mouth and trembled.

Ronon nudged her legs apart as he lowered himself onto her, his erection proud and throbbing dripping pre-cum.

He placed his hand between her legs knowing she would be wet, then growled with pleasure as he felt just how soaking wet her silky folds were. As he opened her he slid his fingers deep into her body and felt her hips buck as she started whimpering, the sound he loved to hear her make.

He wanted to taste her, he loved the taste of her, but he knew he'd probably come with the first lick of her sex.

They'd only been apart for three days, he'd been away on a mission, it'd felt like three months; he wanted her so badly.

"Rononā€¦please" Orla begged breathlessly as she dragged her hands over as much of his body as she could. He couldn't wait any longer. He withdrew his fingers from inside her making her sob aloud.

He looked down at her beautiful face and smiled as he slowly entered her.

"Don't move, pleaseā€¦.not yet" he whispered, knowing he'd come if she did.

Slowly as he gained control over himself he started the long powerful strokes in and out of her. Knowing she was near her orgasm Ronon moved his hand to her clit and gently teased it, thrusting himself into her, feeling her orgasm he rode her through it.

He was so near. A few more thrusts and he spilt his seed into her roaring as his orgasm hit him.

As they held each other bodies trying to calm down, Ronon looked at Orla and with a very sexy grin and in a deep husky voice he said "Morning beautiful".

"Morn..ing" Orla weakly replied.

Ronon looked very smug indeed as he gathered his very sexy scientist to him knowing the evil clock she owned would start to wail very soon.