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Carson Beckett was on the balcony of his room. He was kissing the lovely Laura Cadman right where he knew she'd melt.

"Carson, I love it when you do that," Cadman whispered.

Carson smiled glad she loved his touch.

"So would you? For me?" Laura asked looking into Carson's face as it turned into a picture of confusion.

"Would I what for yer woman?" Carson asked truly perplexed.

"Jump into a landslide?" Cadman beamed.

It'd been nearly a week since SGA-1 had returned and the story of what happened had reached everyone. Ronon's heroics had all the female population sighing much to the annoyance of the male population.

"Laura, sweetheart, if I had to, aye, I guess so," Carson murmured against Cadman's neck.

"If you had to? No… of course… without a doubt," Cadman spat.

"Oh hell," Carson knew he was going to suffer, thank you very much Mr. Dex.

Rodney McKay was as usual in the lab working on a way to make Atlantis more energy efficient. Beside him Dr. Jennifer Keller was twiddling her, hair letting her thoughts take fancy.

"Rodney," Jennifer said.

"Umm," Rodney uttered distractedly.

"Would you jump into a landslide to save me?" Jennifer inquired.

"What? Well, ermm, they're nasty dirty things believe me I've seen one!" Rodney stammered.

"But would you save me, like Ronon did for Orla?" Jennifer persisted.

"Look this is a silly hypothetical question, if you were in danger then…," Rodney's voice trailed off.

Jennifer deflated slightly, he was never going to be a hero like Ronon Dex she guessed, but he was hers so it was okay.

Major Lorne was walking down the corridor after leaving Marie, it hadn't gone too well. She'd wanted to know if he would ever save her from danger without a thought, like Ronon Dex had. Gee thanks Ronon he thought. When he hadn't answered quick enough Marie had gotten upset and told him to go, she wanted to be alone. It wasn't his fault, he was trying to think of a danger she might get into. She never left the infirmary.

As he walked towards his quarters his commanding officer came into view.

"Colonel Sheppard, sir," Lorne addressed Sheppard.

"Relax Major, it's late," Sheppard replied.

"Yes sir," Lorne sighed and turned to allow Sheppard to walk past.

"So, what's eating you?" Sheppard asked.

"That obvious?" Lorne smiled.

"Pretty much," the Colonel replied.

"Well sir, no offence to your team but it's Ronon," Lorne started.

"Since you returned from "Planet Mud" it's become common knowledge of your mission and to be honest, sir, most of the guys are feeling a bit cheesed off," Lorne stated. "Every woman knows that to save Orla he threw himself into a landslide without hesitation, now all the women keep asking is, would you do that for me?" the Major complained. "Any chance you can have a word with Ronon and tell him to tone down the heroic boyfriend bit?" begged Lorne.

"Will do Major, good night," Sheppard promised trying not to smirk.

Major Evan Lorne walked to his quarters thinking that if the Wraith don't kill them all, keeping up with Ronon Dex will and palmed his door open.

Colonel john Sheppard smiled as he made his way back to his quarters.

He understood the Major completely but he wasn't going to go and tell Ronon Dex to stop looking after Orla, he had no intention of spending a large amount of time recovering in the infirmary. Besides how do you tell Ronon to stop being… Ronon.

Unlike the men on Atlantis Sheppard decided to take matters into his own hands and turn Ronon's heroics to his own advantage.

He'd walked to her quarters and chimed the door.

When she'd answered he looked her straight in eyes and said, "If there was a landslide. Would you save me?" he smiled his best naughty little boy smile.

Teyla had grabbed his shirt and pulled him into her quarters, "Of course I would John," she smiled as she palmed the door shut.

Later as he palmed his own door open Sheppard knew that he would be visiting Teyla's quarters a lot, after all, they did have missions to discuss.

Ronon came out of the bathroom from his shower and walked up to his giant bed covered in his favourite furs. He wore only a towel tied at his hips, his dreadlocks swung loose.

Both Ronon and Orla had been cleared to leave the infirmary a few days earlier and put onto light duties.

He looked at the woman occupying the bed, her bruises were vivid and it pained him to see them, but she was safe.

"Hey you," Orla smiled up at her lover. "Coming to bed?" She asked.

He nodded, his throat and chest tightened as he thought of the moment he'd been sure she was lost to him.

Ronon pulled the towel off and dropped it onto the floor; he slipped into bed and reached for Orla.

"I love you," Orla told him huskily as she kissed his lips.

"I love you," Ronon gruffly replied as he returned Orla's kiss, fiercely.

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