"A Mello Winter" – Kiba Inubake

Haha, it feels good to be writing again! Especially something different than what I usually write about. Anyway, I hope you like it!

Chapter 1: "Café Girls Are The Sweetest"

It was a blisteringly cold day in the western Kanto region of Japan. Snow whipped about as people hustled to get into a building or into their cars, longing for warmth. However, there were a few people who didn't seem to mind the dry, frigid air; more like they were enjoying their time out in the flurries, actually. Some could be seen frolicking off to the side, picking up snow and throwing it at their companion. In particular, a foreigner was walking along the bustling streets of Tokyo. His blond hair made him stand out in the field of Asians.

"God damn it, where is she?!" A heavy-set glasses geek yelled. He wasn't with anyone, so it's assumed the madcap was talking to himself. "My mom was supposed to pick me up half an hour ago!" The ironic thing was that he must've been in his 20s, yet he still relied on his mother to drive him around.

The foreigner passed by the fool, irritated at his childish behavior in public. 'Fucking idiot,' he thought as he decided whether he should spit on the guy or not. He proceeded to pulling a chocolate bar out of his red coat pocket. Chocolate was to him what a cigarette is to a smoker; chocolate always helped him calm down and keep a leveled head. He was about to unwrap his chocolate bar, but noticed he was about to pass by a café, so he put it in his pocket and took a step inside.

The little shop didn't have too much business—at least, not compared to how it was a few short hours ago. A few people were there, but other than their business the place was empty. It seemed like the place was a breath of fresh air to the foreigner. He bathed in the heat of the café, inhaling the scent of coffee—and even better, chocolate.

"…All right, is this all, sir?" A cashier asked the foreigner.

"Yeah," he replied. "I just need something to keep me going…" He reached into his pocket and handed over 250 yen. Taking his mocha in his right hand, he turned around and walked over to the other side of the café and sat down on a black leather couch, similar to the leather outfit he wore.

A cute, young girl stood next to the foreigner. She looked about his age. She bent down, toward him, and asked, "Do you mind if I sit here?"

"Go ahead," he said apathetically. The couch bounced as she hopped onto it.

"Thank you!" She responded cheerfully. "So what's your name?"

The foreigner hesitated. "…M…my name?" He choked out. She nodded, not seeming to notice his pause. "…You can call me Mello."

"Oh, Mello? That's a cool name!" She said optimistically. "Is it a nickname, or is it your real name?"

"It's a nickname," he said without thinking. He then noticed his error. "…Uh, but it's what everyone knows me as," he quickly corrected. "So, uh, please address me by Mello."

The girl looked confused, but she accepted his secretive behavior. "Okay then, Mello. My name's Sayu Yagami," she told him. "I don't have any nicknames," she said, laughing.

Mello forced himself to laugh, although he failed miserably at making it sound genuine.

"So are you from around here, or are you traveling? We don't see many blondes around here," Sayu pointed out, laughing affably.

Mello didn't return the laugh. "No, I came from London…but that was a while back."

"Ooh, from Europe? Wow, how nice!" Sayu complimented. She smiled, but then took a step back. "…Wait, did you say 'a while back'?"

Mello nodded. "Yeah. I came from an orphanage, but I left it when I was 15—two years ago."

"Oh…" Sayu responded despondently. "So, why did you leave? I mean, did it burn down or something?"

"No, it didn't burn down…" Mello replied, trying to hide his frustration in the form of a vein from pulsing out of his forehead. "I just left because I was tired of being compared to this other guy, Near," he explained. "Wammy's House is an orphanage for geniuses, and the smartest kid there will take over as L—you know, one of the three greatest detectives alive."

"L…? I think I've heard of him from my father before… He's the deputy director of the NPA, the Japanese police," Sayu told him. She then returned to the discussion of Wammy's House. "So you left just because of competition?"

"You don't get it…" Mello sighed. He pushed his bangs out of his face. "But, enough about that…"

"All right," Sayu allowed. She tried to continue the conversation. "So, if you left two years ago, where've you been living?" Sayu asked.

"I've been traveling from place to place… I spent most of my time in America; I just recently came here," Mello explained.

A look of surprise came across Sayu's face. "Where have you been staying overnight all these years?"

Mello looked down. "…I'd rather not say."

"…Oh… Okay…" Sayu said. "…Hey… It's almost Christmas time, so…well, do you need a place to stay at for a while?"

Mello's attention was caught. "Do I need a place to stay? …Yeah, I do, actually…" He admitted. "But I don't want to impose; I mean, I'm pretty much a total stranger to you, aren't I?"

Sayu smiled sweetly. "You're a good person, Mello… I can feel it."

"So, where exactly are you going with this…?" He asked her.

"Why don't you spend the holidays with us?" She offered. "If anyone asks, we can say you're my boyfriend." Thought in her plan was clearly not evident; even Mello could see that.

"Yeah…see, I don't think that's a very good idea," Mello pointed out. "You live with your family, don't you? Is your father really gonna want his daughter's boyfriend sleeping over?"

Sayu paused. It took her a moment to realize the flaw Mello had shown her. "…You're right…" She rested her chin on her hand, thinking of a way to counter her father's approval. "…I've got it! We can say I found you homeless on the streets! That tattered-up coat of yours won't have anyone disbelieving that!"

Mello closed his eyes in frustration. "I'm not going to let you say I'm homeless…!"

"But aren't you?"

"…" Mello was silent. After a long pause, he sighed, "Let's go…" –End of Chapter!

Since I'm in a good mood, I'll give you a little preview of the following chapters. ^^ First, Sayu will introduce Mello to her family. Then, Mello and Light will have a friendly competition (that's a secret 'til later, though). Which brings me to my next point: Should I put Ryuk in this story? I want to without making Light pose as Kira, but I think that's going to be a problem. I was thinking maybe I'll have Ryuk attached to Light without Light actually killing any criminals in this story, but being Kira changed his personality slightly. Sigh, what to do...? Help me decide and review, please. (This includes you too, Saphy.)