"A Mello Winter" – Kiba Inubake

The last chapter... This one skips ahead to New Year's Eve. It would've been better to write more filler chapters, but I need to finish this so I can move onto my other in-progress stories.

I know the presence of L and Mello in the Yagami house at the same time makes no sense whatsoever because Mello wouldn't have left if L hadn't died...but I couldn't just not include Lawliet! He's too amazing to keep out!

Also, I would've included Misa...but I forgot about her. XD

Now all this party needs is Near... Ahahaha!

Chapter 6: "The New Year's Party"

Pretty pink lips curved upward as their bearer was satisfied with her work. Inside the Yagami household, Sayu was decorating the house with multiple colors in preparation for the party that evening. "Aha! I like the look of this! What do you think, Mello?"

"Mmm… Needs more purple," the blond foreigner replied. Mello was about to head out to buy snacks for the evening. Soichiro Yagami was inviting the men from the taskforce over to celebrate the new year. Even Ryuzaki and Watari agreed to come. "Ja ne, Sayu," Mello said as he closed the door.

Evening had arrived, and so had the taskforce members. Mello went to go answer the door.

"Hey, Mello. Is everything ready?" Light asked as Mello let him and the rest of the taskforce members in.

"Yup. Took Sayu and me some time, but everything's going as planned."

L took off an old pair of shoes and walked around the living room barefoot. "Yagami-san, you have quite an impressive home…"

"Th-thank you, Ryuzaki," Soichiro stammered. "O-oh, right. Let me introduce you to my family." He quickly moved over to the kitchen and called for Sayu and Sachiko to greet their guests. As the females of the family made their appearance, Soichiro presented them. "This is my wife, Sachiko, and my beautiful daughter, Sayu."

"Very nice to finally meet you all! Soichiro is always talking about friends at work!" Sachiko gave them a warm welcome.

Matsuda blushed upon seeing Sayu. Multiple shades of warm colors burst into his head. "S-Sayu! You've gotten so big since I last saw you!"

Sayu giggled. "You must be Matsuda! My dad's told me about you."

Immediately, Matsuda's hopes were dashed. "H-he has, huh…?" Groaning, he turned away and noticed someone who hadn't been introduced yet. The blond orphan from England…

"And, this is Mello. He's spending a few weeks with us," said Soichiro.

Watari gasped. He took L off to the side and whispered something to him. "This…this is a prodigy from the orphanage I set up in England! Mihael Keehl, your runner-up successor!"

L's eyes widened, but his expression remained calm as always.

Sayu went over to Mello and whispered something into his ear. Mello blushed, then nodded, and the two proceeded to go into Sayu's room.

"Heehee…!" Sayu pinned Mello down on her bed. She bent down and caressed his lips with hers, sliding her arms under his back. His long hair tickled her cheeks. She struggled to keep from laughing.

Mello rubbed her cheeks and gently pushed her face away. "Sayu, I have to tell you something."

Sayu's expression turned serious. "What is it?"

"I think I've fallen for you, Sayu," Mello admitted. "I can't stop thinking about you lately."

Sayu's eyes lit up. "Mellooo~!" She fell onto him and hugged him as tight as she could.

"I love you, Sayu. You make me want to forget about surpassing Near," Mello told her. "No one's ever been able to do that before."

The two embraced each other and forgot about everything else.

Downstairs in the family room, the countdown to the new year had begun. Only a few minutes remained until 2007 ended. A slice of cake on his plate, L asked, "Yagami-san, where are Sayu and her friend?"

"…That's a good question," Soichiro said. Roughly half a minute later, Sayu and Mello reappeared, their hair a mess and Sayu's shirt buttoned improperly.

"Oh, there they are," L commented. He walked over to Mello. "Mihael Keehl, is it? I have something I want to tell you."

Mello recoiled. "H-how'd you know my name…?!"

L looked him in the eyes with absolute seriousness. "I am L."

Meanwhile, Matsuda was hitting on Sayu again. "So, Sayu… I hear you're in college now?"

"Yup! It's my first year," she answered.

"S-so how are you doing?"

"Well…certainly not as well as Light was…" Sayu said gloomily.

"B-but Sayu, Light's a genius! No one would expect you to surpass him," Matsuda attempted to console Sayu, not realizing that she was talking about her poor grades, rather than losing to Light.

"Matsuda," Light intervened. "Do you want some coffee?" He asked, holding out a cup.

"NO!" Matsui shouted. "I hate cups of coffee!" He glared at the paper cup.

'…Oh, right. Matsuda hates cups of coffee, how could I have forgotten that?' Light thought to himself as he walked over to L. "Hey Ryuga, do you want this coffee?"

L stared at the coffee. "…Yes, that would be lovely. Uh, where is your sugar, Yagami-kun?"

"Over there," he pointed to a container on the east counter.

"Thank you." He proceeded to drown the coffee in sugar.

Mello went over to Sayu. "Hey, the countdown's about to begin."

"Oh?" She looked over to the clock. "Ah! It is!"

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1… On the strike of 12, Mello and Sayu kissed, and truly welcomed in the new year. –End of Story

I'd say the most fitting song from the Death Note OST for this story as a whole would be "Taikutsu", wouldn't you agree? It's one of the songs I would always listen to for inspiration for this fic. Anyway, hope you had your fill! Thanks for reading.