The dawn found Aang up and about. He had heard something in the woods at about four, but all he could find was a broken twig. He fixed himself some breakfast, and took a walk. Soon after, Katara awoke and found Aang in a meditative trance. He heard her approach and rose to greet her. She cut him off with a quick kiss and asked why he was up so early. He told her he had heard something and went to investigate. Suddenly there was a snap and a rustle of branches and a girl tumbled out of a nearby tree. Aang, Katara, and the newly arrived Sorga rushed over.

The girl got up immediately and was mumbling about trees not having sturdy branches when Sorga asked her if she was okay. "Yes." She replied.

"What's your name?" was the question Katara asked.

"Anita." It occurred to Sorga that he had seen this girl on nearly every single mission he had been on in the past few weeks.

"Why have you been following me?" Sorga asked.

"I'd rather not say." Was then only response that he got out of her. However, Sorga saw something in her that he had seen only once before, but not in her eyes. It had been in someone else's, but he couldn't recall who. Oh well, he thought, it probably doesn't matter.

As they got back in the camp, Sokka came up and tried to greet her, but she was a little surly and knocked him five feet flat. Aang, Sorga, Katara, and even Toph winced as Sokka rammed into a large rock. Sokka got up and staggered towards his tent. Sorga was surprised by her strength. "How did you do that?" he asked.

"I have special gloves that increase my physical strength. It helps when it comes to getting rid of jerks like him."

"Oh. I was just wondering. Wait, what's that?" he pointed to the woods where a squad of Fire-nation soldiers were marching out. Aang leaped into the air and came down, striking the ground with his staff, creating a wave of earth that knocked some of the soldiers off their feet. Anita smacked one soldier, which created a kind of domino effect on the army. Sorga set his blasters on stun, and began firing with 100% accuracy. Sorga suddenly spotted a figure in the distance. He recognized in as Azula, whom he had seen in the palace. Suddenly, she leaped toward the battle, bending a streak of lightning. She shot it at Aang, but Sorga got in the way. His armor sizzled with the power it had just absorbed.

Aang spoke: "How come you aren't dead? The lightning should have killed you!"

Sorga responded, "My armor absorbs any attack. Now, I will retaliate!" So saying, he snapped his fingers, and a ball of electricity formed. "Oh, and by the way, my armor can now create a static charge that is significantly stronger than the lightning she shoots. Service!" he shouted, hitting the sphere of electricity as you would a volleyball, sending it straight for Azula. He quickly followed with a barrage of blaster shots. Azula dodged, but one blaster shot hit her squarely in the back, her immediately. The soldiers fled, but not before firing a final blast sequence at Katara. She blocked it, and escaped completely unscathed.

As Aang and his friends got back to camp, they discovered a small creature getting into the food bag. It had a large snout, a stout body, and a large tail. It was mammalian, but its tail looked kind of reptilian. "Oh, how cute! A rat! I wonder how it got here?" Anita said, picking the animal up and holding it. It seemed too like her feel, and the rat started climbing all over her. "Isn't that funny, Sorga?" laughed Aang, but there was no response. Sorga had left. Anita was determined to look for him, but both Aang and Katara said that he was quite capable of taking care of himself. Anita wouldn't hear it, and she rocketed off in her own ship.

Sokka stepped out of his tent and walked over to Toph. "We need to do some shopping. Wanna come with me?"

"Sure, Sokka." Without another word, the two climbed aboard Appa and rose into the sky, leaving Aang and Katara alone.

The word that was on both their minds was: "Finally, time to each other!"Meanwhile, Sorga was flying through hyperspace towards Tatooine. A call had come through on the holonet that Jabba had a new job: capture a rogue that had stolen 500,000 credits from him. The hutt was furious, setting a bounty of 60,000 credits on the rogue. Sorga was eager to get this cash, because he was in need of it. He guided his ship out of hyperspace and landed near the hutt's palace. Sorga walked into the palace and was escorted to the throne of the hutt. "Ahhh, Sorga!" the hutt said through a mouthful of something. "Kora noog chere hou wern!"

A translator droid did its job; "The illustrious Jabba says that he knows that you are here to accept the task that he has set. He trusts that you will set a reliable date."

"Yes, Jabba." Sorga replied, "I am going to bring back the thief on the third day of Hvn."

Jabba said something in Huttese. The translator continued: "Jabba will be expecting you then. He wishes you bring the thief back with all due haste."

Sorga smiled behind his helmet. "I will, or my name isn't Sorga Fett!"