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Caution: This chapter has an M rating.

It's nothing all that bad, but if it might make you uncomfortable, skip over the first big paragraph, okay? The one that starts "It wasn't the first time." Actually, it probably doesn't even need an M rating, I just like to be careful about those things.

Edward didn't realize that he'd dozed off while sitting next to Winry. If he had been aware he would have been more ashamed of the dream he was having.

He was dreaming about Winry.

It wasn't the first time, but it was certainly the best yet. She sat straddling his hips, one finger playing eagerly along his waist where skin met clothing. She smiled, letting her hair brush softly against his chest as she leaned down to press her lips against his collarbone. They were soft and the heat of her breath sent a delicious shiver up his spine so that he found himself tilting his head back and exposing his neck. She moved to it, nipping gently at the tender skin. He felt her thighs tighten against his hips as her hands splayed against his chest. His own were roaming along her sides, pulling their way into the shirt she wore. It didn't take long for him to find the swell of her chest. Grinning inwardly, he ran his thumb over the small, hardening nub he found there. Winry's body pushed against his hands as she moaned softly against his neck.


That single word caused everything in Edward's mind to screech to a halt. Reflexively, he snatched his hands away from her. Her body had begun making small, excited movements that were quickly becoming alarming. It took all of his willpower to push her away.

"Stop! Winry, stop it!" Frantically, he scrambled from the bed, suddenly embarrassingly aware of his body. He couldn't go back to his room like this! Al would know in an instant what had happened. He began to panic as what he'd been doing to his best friend began to sink in. "What the hell are you thinking!? I know you were drinking, but...jeez, Winry..." His voice rose, but as he glanced over his shoulder, seeing Winry's stricken face staring at him from the covers, he trailed off. Her eyes were wide and confused. For a moment she looked so upset that he very nearly turned around and climbed back into bed with her. So far, though, that had only led to problems and Edward wasn't stupid enough to think that he could do so after what had just been going on.

"But, Ed...wha...aren't we...? What's going on?"

"Nothing, Winry. I-it's nothing..."


"Nothing is going on. You're still drunk. Get back in bed and sleep it off." Edward snapped. He didn't mean for it to seem so harsh, but he was trying to collect himself enough to handle the situation without losing it. He had almost...with Winry! His friend, his mechanic, his...what was she now!?

He heard a movement behind him as Winry left the bed. Immediately, Edward scrambled for the door, slamming it shut behind him. Glad that he had thought to keep it, he fished the room key from his pocket and locked it behind him. A frustrated whine sounded through the door. "Ed! Let me out!"



"Got to bed. I'll see you in the morning." For several more minutes she fought with the knob and Edward leaned against the door, listening until she gave in and retreated back into the room. Once the hall had fallen silent, he wearily slid down the door and sat with his back against it, his mind racing and confused.

Alphonse found his brother in the hallway around four in the morning. Edward was slumped against the door to Winry's hotel room, the knuckles of his flesh hand grinding into his eye. He hadn't bothered to look up as the door opened and for a moment Alphonse regarded him curiously.

"What's going on?"


"Is Winry okay?" His brother flinched and Alphonse noticed instantly. "Brother, what happened?"

"Nothing, Al, okay?" Edward still wasn't looking at him. He was upset, Alphonse knew him well enough to see it. Small wisps of hair were escaping from his braid, the result of fingers tugging through it too often in a small amount of time. Alphonse leaned farther out the door.

"I get it. She stills says you're too short for her, huh?"

"ALPHONSE!" The single word escaped before Edward gained control of himself. He comforted himself by pulling off a boot and throwing it at his little brother. For a moment he stared at Alphonse with red eyes. "That's not it! Look, I need to talk to her in the morning and I'm just trying to figure out what to say, okay?" At this Alphonse immediately perked up.

"You're going to tell her how you feel?"

Edward shook his head. "Al, sorry, but can you stay away for an hour or two?"


"Please? I'd rather handle this by myself." Alphonse made a sound that sounded sort of like a sigh and retreated into their room.

"Fine. I'll just get somebody to fill me in on it later." The door closed and Edward was once more alone in the hall, a small smile splitting his face. Of course he'd have friends in every part of the hotel by now...

Winry was nursing a splitting headache when she wandered into the hotel restaurant the next morning. From the moment she'd awakened to find herself locked in her room she'd been in a foul mood. It was fortunate that Alphonse had been close enough to hear her pounding on the door and let her out. Innocent as always, he'd had no idea what might have been going on. "Ask Brother," he had said, "he was with you last night." She had scowled knowingly at that remark. Well, that certainly explains the headache.

The little restaurant wasn't crowded, the breakfast crowd having already been and gone. At the very most there were a half-dozen people dotting the small tables. Winry narrowed her eyes, surveying them quickly before zeroing in on a head of blond hair slumped at a table in the back corner. Bingo. A waiter was wandering through the tables and she waved him over, requesting some water and painkillers before stalking toward her friend.

"Edward," she greeted. A jerk rocked his body and he was instantly on his feet.



"You...you look tired." It was so nice of him to point it out. His eyes darted away from her face and he looked so tired himself that for a moment she felt a small pang of guilt for startling him. It was quickly replaced with annoyance.

"Yeah, well, I apparently had a rough night." She saw him wince at the words as she sat and frowned. He joined her, sighing as he slumped in his chair again and poked idly at some bacon on his plate. The food was very interesting, apparently, and he focused on it intensely. "Ed?"


"Why was I locked in my room when I got up this morning?" she asked, getting right to the point of things. If he was going to get a beating, she wanted to get it over with. Edward's fork moved to stir the remnants of his scrambled eggs. The utensil slowly gained speed as he refused to look at her. "I was wearing your clothes, too..." she pointed out. She'd been confused by that fact as well, and had changed back into her dirty clothes upon failing to find her luggage. He bowed his head, attempting to hide his flushing face with his hair.

"You...you had to borrow some of mine. We left your things at HQ..."

"Oh. Okay, but why was the door locked?"


"Edward, what happ-" She was cut off by the clatter of silverware as Edward lifted his head to look her in the eye.

"Look, I'm sorry!" he choked out, his face twisting into a guilty frown that was very familiar to her. He huffed a little and suddenly words were pouring out of him in a frantic jumble. "I-I thought I was dreaming and you were drunk and all of a sudden you were all over me and I touched y-your chest and just couldn't help it and I wanted to-I wanted to-" As if he suddenly realized what he was saying, Edward froze in mid-sentence. He stared at Winry in horror as she stared back, her brow furrowed as she tried to process his babblings.


"Look," He took a breath, steadying himself. He spoke more calmly, although he now looked as if he felt extremely sick. "I understand if you want to kill me or leave or whatever. Hell, I would too, but you have to understand, I..." Vague memories were fluttering around in her tired mind. As she listened, they slowly began to drift into place. Everything from when she had met the Colonel was a blur. She'd arrived at headquarters, something vague about Ed's shorts...and about Ed himself. An image floated into her mind that she immediately pushed away again. They tended to crop up every time she saw him and getting it mixed in with real memories was a bad idea.

"So," Edward had been babbling again, albeit somewhat more calmly, and he quieted when she spoke. "What you're saying is that I was drunk last night?" He nodded and she frowned. That was unusual. "Then, how did I get here?"

"I...carried you here." His face darkened again, causing Winry's frown to deepen. He was doing that so much this morning...what could have been making him do that?

"And I'm in your clothes because...?"

"Because they look freakin' great on you."

"I'm serious!" she snapped. He'd been wanting to lighten the mood, apparently, and didn't know how else to do it. The sheepish smirk on his face evaporated.

"I forgot your bags and I didn't want you to have to sleep in your clothes. They were dirty so I gave you some of mine." That wasn't so bad. She lifted an eyebrow.

"Well, then what are you sorry about? If I was drunk, obviously that would be my own fault. If it's that I had to wait for you, well, it's not the first time."

"No no..." Ignoring the jab at his reliability, his left hand went into his hair, clutching at the bangs as he drew a deep breath and tried to collect himself. "Damn it...Winry." He straightened again, his brow furrowing as he looked her in the eye. "You're a horny drunk."

The silence that followed sent warning bells off in his head and the instant the words left his mouth he regretted them. Winry's eyes narrowed and her face darkened.

"What did you call me?"

"Look, you kept trying to pull my clothes off...Win, I woke up and you were on top of me!" he exclaimed, getting himself in deeper. "It was pretty clear what you were trying to do."

Livid, Winry went at him with her fists, knocking him to the floor. She bore down on him, roaring about hormones. He didn't struggle, but answered with own screech of "you have nice breasts, I can't help it if I like them!"

So, Al makes a random appearance and Winry is spared the humiliation of him knowing that she was pretty much molesting Ed. :D Somehow I think that last image was a lot funnier in my head. Darn it...And I feel like Ed's reactions/feelings are all over the place. Then again, he's been up all night agonizing over it.