Sorry guys! Just had to put something on the end of this to bring it further up the list! :)

Lol well, check out some of my other stories I guess! They are pretty kool if I do say so myself.

Twilight stories:

He Saved Me-Their relationship would never be the same. She didn't care. *I stared hatefully at him. I had never done this before, but I had changed.* Bella and Edward break up over Bella's friendship with Jacob. Bella becomes friends with Cullen's. Strong anger.

Earthquake- Sequel to He Saved Me. Bella began to feel bad about what she had done to Edward. Until Alice and Edward did the unthinkable. Now, Jasper and Bella become close friends as their world is rocked by the aftershocks of the earthquake. Not a BelxJas

Naruto stories:

No More Pep- If you had the chance to change the future of the Naruto world, you would do it right? 3 girls wind up in the narutoverse and struggle to hold on to their friendship as the life of a ninja bears down on them. Love, humor, and eventually tragedy.

Akatsuki in my Kitchen- Random. Funny. Akatsuki appear in my kitchen. Cussing, glomping, anime tears. Lee and Gai obsess over kittens, my horse takes a bite outta Naruto. Giant snake, pedophile, and candy mountain! GUESS WHAT! ITS COMPLETE! BE on the lookout for...

Everlasting Darkness- Short love, angst story. Really sad, so if you don't like sad stuff, then you probably shouldn't read it. GaaxIno. I like it. Ino goes to Suna, yadda yadda. You can probably guess what happens from there. But you should still read it! :P

Forever Forgotten- Short poem. I found the first couple lines I wrote like a year ago and continued it, then turned it into a fanfic. Use your imagination for characters. *stand in the background, stand in the rain. It'll take awhile to ease this pain.*

The Blind, the Perverted, and the Bipolar- Random fic that my friend Angie asked for. Happy Late Birthday ANGIE! A normal day at the Akatsuki base...crap, Itachi's running into furniture again. Gay jokes, blind Itachi, and bipolar Tobi/Madara. Enjoy! Not meant to be serious at all.

Zelda story:

Of Plays and Love- Random story, with my famous OCs Nani and Ema. Link and another unnamed chick are actors in a theater, and Link is in love with Ema. Itachi and Tobi from Naruto make an appearance. Let the fun begin. Btw, this is totally pointless. As you can tell.