Hi, I'm BetaWriter, and this is my first Zatch Bell fic. If anyone would like to submit a fan mamodo team, do it thru reviews. And be so kind to use this format to your characters.

Partner: Name, eye and hair color, any articles of clothing, personality

Mamodo: Name, eye, hair, clothing, personality

Book: Type of spells(fire, water, ect.), Book color.

Spells: Name, Description. Up to 10 spells, only 1 ultimate.

Side: (good, bad, neutral)

And that's it.

By fate, the most uncaring mamodo ends up with the most uncaring human partner. Join Chikushou and his mamodo partner, Jhouru, on their quest

(sort of) to become the mamodo king(and his human partner). They will meet many other mamodo, some good, some bad, some who really don't give a crap about who wins. There is not a 100% that they will win(or come close…). You just have to see what happen to these…..oddly paired two.

That's the intro, deal with it. Chapter 2 will start to be written when I have some fan mamodo sent in. So you know what to do, SEND IN THE CLONES…I mean MAMODO!