Ok, this is the real 1st chapter, This is where they meet for the first time, and the start of the first mamodo battle so enjoy what I could write with no mamodo sent in. Send your fan mamodo to be the bad guy.


It seemed to be a normal day for Chikushou, wake up, take the train to school, ignore the teachers lessons, eat lunch, break in to someone's locker and take their homework, take the train home, go to bed. He didn't have any friends due to his uncaring attitude and lack of social skills, that is until the day he met Jhouru.

After those locker brake-ins, and almost getting pinched, Chikushou took the train home as usual, the odd thing is that he wasn't alone on this ride. There was a 3 1/2ft. Child with White hair, A blue hoodie, black pants, and a white-ish gray book in his arm. Chikushou never rode on the train with anyone else since his childhood. After a small time of silence, the train stopped and the child left the train. Before the door closed, Chikushou noticed the child left the book he had. Chikushou stepped off the train to return the child his book. But the boy was nowhere in sight, so he kept the book. When he got home to his empty apartment, he started dinner and turned on the tv. In the middle of his canned ramen, he heard the doorbell ring. When he opened to see who it was, he was shocked to see the child from the train standing out in the rain. The child stuck out his hand and said "Book." Chikushou ignored his demand and took him inside to dry off. As the boy repeated his demand a few times, the door bell rang again. As Chikushou was about answer the door, the child's eyes widened before he tackled Chikushou away from the door. As they both got up, they saw through the smoke what looked like a person holding a book standing next to a child of some sort.

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