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The Owner of the Lime Spellbook

Alice ran through the forest, towards the explosion that took place only seconds ago. Once she got there, what she saw shocked her. In the clearing, all she saw was a small, black-haired child dressed up like royalty and in front of him was a bunch of tree stumps which looked like they got the rest of them blown off. The child then noticed her presence and turned towards her.

"Who are you!" They both asked at the same time. "Uhh…I'm Alice. Are you the one who did this?" Alice asked. "I…think so. I'm Kerouji. What are you doing with that book?" Kerouji asked, pointing the lime green spellbook in her hands. She followed to where he was pointing to and raised the book up. "What, this?" She inquired. He nodded, confirming her question.

"I don't know, I found it in the pond near the cabin me and my dad rent for the summer. I lifted it out of the pond and it started to glow, so I looked inside of it." She explained. "Were you able to read any of it?" Kerouji asked. "Well, not at first, but then I found this one line that looked legible, so I read it and then I heard something come from over here." She finished.

"Oh, so I guess that means you're my book owner, if that's ok with you?" Kerouji explained. "Book…owner?" Alice asked. "That's right, you are the only one who can read that book. And as my book owner, you are to help me win the mamodo battle!" he stated. "Mamodo…battle? What's a mamodo?" She asked. "Mamodo, like myself, except not as handsome, live in a world parallel to your, called the Mamodo World. Every 1000 years, 100 of us come to this world to participate in the Mamodo Battle, a battle-royal type contest to decide the ruler of our world. Any questions?" He explained.

"Umm…yea. What are the books for?" Alice inquired. "Oh yea, the books. Well, these books are our spellbooks. For this battle, we mamodo must find a human who can read our books and cast spells. These books are the only way to judge who wins, for if our books get hit with another mamodo's spell, that mamodo is out of the competition, and the last one without their book burned is crowned king." He also explained.

"Oh, I…guess that makes sense…" Alice said. Then suddenly, a little north of that spot, there was a crashing sound followed by the sound of a few trees falling. The two went over to investigate the noise.

"Auis!" was called out, followed by a yellow glow and another explosion. "Hi there, Komaru." Said a short figure. Komaru turned around and looked at his attackers, a frown then immediately swept across his face. "I should have guessed it was you to from your attack." Komaru said to the shorter figure.

The figure was about 11, and had short, white hair with a black streak right through the middle from front to back and blue eyes. He wore a black sleeve-less shirt under a white jacket, and a pair of black shorts and blue sneakers. The figured then turned to the taller figure holding a pale yellow spell book, nodded, and said, "Now, Richard!". Richard looked around 17, and had unruly, blonde hair, a sleeve-less white t-shirt with a black diamond in the center, and a pair of dark blue pants. Also, one of his eyes was brown, while the other was blue.

"Auis!" Richard yelled as a cloud formed in his partners hand. He then threw the at Komaru, who barely dodged it because of the speed of the cloud. "I think you need to work on your aim before you go picking a bone with someone, Xeidor." Komaru taunted the smaller figure.

"Auis!" Richard yelled again. Xeidor then threw the cloud that formed in his hand at Komaru, who had no way to dodge this time. "Ribboshi!" Alice called out. Kerouji then spit out multiple bullets of water. As one of the bullets hit the cloud, it burst into smaller bullets, as well as destroyed the cloud. The other bullets missed and splashed around the two. "Not bad, but take this! Richard, the third spell!" Xeidor said. "Auis Remron!" Richard cast.

A cloud then appeared in Xeidor's hand. As he threw the cloud over his head, it started to grow a little. When it stopped growing, it was big enough to completely cast a shadow around Xeidor. "Now, the lightning attack." Xeidor said. "Liguro!" Richard added. The cloud then shot of a bolt of lightning at Alice and Kerouji. "Ribboshi!" Alice countered. Kerouji fired his water bullets at the lightning bolt, but the lightning just jumped from bullet-to-bullet, not effected by the spell at all. It headed straight for Alice's book, but then she did something no book owner ever thought of.

She simply and nonchalantly moved her arm up, putting the book out of harms way. The spell then hit a few trees behind her, causing some of the bark to ignite. "Do you really think I'd just stand there and not move it out of the way?" Alice asked, a smirk growing on her face. Xeidor looked at Alice, the determination in her eyes had was as bright as the fires behind her. "Richard, cast the second spell!" Xeidor said. "Auron!"

Xeidor then put one hand on top of the other and put both of them to his forehead. A cotton-y looking orb then formed in his hand. The orb then fired out a chain-like structure of cloud that headed straight for Alice. "Ribboshi!" Alice cast as Kerouji shot out more water bullets at them. The chain then suddenly changed direction, drastically turning left. It continued to spastically change direction, leaving Alice and Kerouji only to guess where it would stop. Just as the water bullets were about hit the two, a scream from Alice was heard as they suddenly disappeared.

Kerouji then turned to see Alice on the ground, her back was starting to bleed, apparently from the spell. The book was closed and on the ground beside her. "Alice, are you ok?" Kerouji asked, kneeling down beside her. "Yea, the wound isn't deep enough to keep me down, I'll be fine as long as we finish this soon." Alice ensured. "Why don't you just give up now! It doesn't look like you'll be getting much farther in this competition." Xeidor said.

"Listen to me, you reverse-oreo haired freak! I may not completely understand this battle, but I know this. There is no I'm giving you this book, so might wanna get some new spells, because I've been hit with a nerf ball that leaves a bigger impact than what you've shown me." Alice said, taking a hold of the book, which started to brightly shine. "Ooo, it looks like a new spell!" Kerouji pointed out.

"R…r…reverse…O…oreo…!" Xeidor twitched with anger. "RICHARD, THE FOURTH SPELL!" He yelled with anger. "Oruga Auis!" Richard cast. Xeidor then put his palm forward as two small, white balls then appeared in his hand. As he pushed his palm forward, both balls emitted a cloud-like beam, which began to spiral around each other. "Ribboshi!" Alice yelled as Kerouji fires the bullets. They went straight for the spiral, but the spiral pierced each one of the bullets, and still went on.

"Then lets try this new spell, Liloshield!" She cast. Kerouji put his hands forward as a large lily pad took the hit of the spell. "A shield, huh? Just in time." Alice commented.

Out of nowhere, a man walked out of the forest, in between the teams. "Did, someone call me?" He said in a voice with a higher pitch than it should be. Alice sighed and said, "No, Justin, I was just making a comment." He looked at her, smiled, and walked off. "What was that about?" Kerouji asked. "Oh, that's Justin Time, he comes if thinks he heard anyone say his name." Alice explained. "Why?" Kerouji inquired. "You know, just in case someon…oh, dammit." She cursed.

Just then, another man dressed like a lawyer walked by. "Did any call me?" the man asked. "Who are you?" Komaru asked. "My name is Justin, Justin Case, defense attorney." He introduced. "My card." He said as he handed Komaru his business card. "Auis!" Richard yelled. There was then an explosion and Justin went flying. "Don't worry, I have a parachute!" He yelled. "Why!" Kerouji asked, also yelling. "JUSTIN CASE!" He screamed from the heavens.

"Enough of you ironically named Englishmen, are we gonna fight?" Xeidor asked, rage still present in his voice. "Sure, that is…" Alice started. She then walked over to the only burning tree, which was surprising that it hadn't spread to the rest of the forest yet. She then pulled off a flaming branch from the tree and walked back to Kerouji. "Alright, now, where were we?" Alice asked. "Oh, right…FIRE! Ribboshi!" She said, running at the other team. Kerouji shot a few water bullets as Alice used them as a shield. "Auis Remron!" Richard cast. Xeidor summoned a cloud, which acted as a shield against the bullets. While they were occupied with the spell, they forgot about Alice, who was still charging at them.

As she got close, she swung the branch, aiming for the book. As the smell of something burning filled the air, Richard dropped the yellow spellbook. After a while, the one sound that everyone expected to hear, Xeidor complaining about having to return to the mamodo world, never happened. They all looked down and saw that the spellbook was still intact. Richard then looked at his mamodo, and a small look of shock came a across his face. As everyone else followed Richards gaze and looked at Xeidor, they either chuckled or smirked. "What are you all looking at?" Xeidor asked, confused. The only reply he got was Richard pointing to his hair. He put his hands on his head, then withdrew them in pain.

It turns out that it was not the book that was lit on fire, but Xeidor's hair. "AAAAAHH! SOMEONE PUT IT OUT!" He said while stopped, dropped and rolled. Richard then picked up his mamodo and made a break for the nearest water source, which he had no idea where one is. "WE'LL BE BACK!" Xeidor called out.

After they fled, Alice walked over to the other two. "Was I forgetting something?" Kerouji asked himself. "Oh, right! Jhouru and the others, we gotta help my friends!" Kerouji realized. "Ok, sure, just let me go back to the cabin and get this bandaged up and explain this to my dad." Alice said, walking back to where the cabin is. "Umm, this might be the wrong, time to ask, but how can I get to London?" Komaru asked. "Just go that way, till you see a village, from there you should get a ride to London." Alice explained, pointing in some direction. Then Komaru went the way she pointed and the team went back to the cabin.

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