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DJ Damion vs. Candy Rapper Robuk-Z

Damion looked at the tall, gelatinous beast that loomed over him. Robuk stood on top of the beast, looking down at the two with a smirk on his face. "Aww, F! Why did I have to be the warrior of the party!"[1] Damion complained, causing Ryou to look at him with a 'what the hell' face. "Now, now, my little beast, don't be anxious, these two punks ain't got nothing on us." Robuk said. Damion then gritted his teeth. "I've had enough of you and your poor rapping abilities! Prepare for defeat! Ishivenca!" Damion said, irritated. Ryou opened as he shot out a blue beam towards the towering beast.

The attack hit the side of the gelatinous being, causing it to cringe and let out a small whine. The beast the looked at the team, apparently angered by the attack. A tentacle-like appendage then sprouted from the creature and shot as Damion and Ryou. The two dodged and Damion countered, "Ishiyon!" Ryou then shot out a few clusters of ice shards at the creature, but they didn't seem to faze it, as the shards just seemed to disintegrate on contact.

"This thing will be tough to beat!" Ryou said. "That's what she said, now drop dead!" Robuk stated, ensuring a small chuckle from Damion. Ryou sighed and said, "I'm surrounded by idiots." Another tentacle sprouted from the beast and whipped at Damion. Damion dodged by jumping back. "Oh, now try this out! Thordayon!" Ryou then shot two weak lightning bolts at the creature. The electricity hit the creature, and while Robuk got zapped, the creature didn't even notice it. "Damn, I should've know that it was strong against lightning!*" Damion cursed. "How about you try this!" Charlie said, the green book glowing. The creature then spit out a gelatinous bullet, powered by the lightning at Damion.

Damion barely it and said, "Ok, that's it! Now I'm pissed!" Damion gripped the booked tightly as is gave a strong, black shine. "Thorvenca!" He cast with power. Two large thunder bolts shot up from Ryou's hands into the ceiling lighting. "Now it's time to rap this up!" Damion said as he backed up a few paces. He pulled out a brick of something then ran toward the creature.

With this running start, he jumped and drop kicked Robuk off the top of the creature, while also throwing the brick in the creature. The brick had a string of some sort of cord sticking from it going to the top of the creature. Robuk crashed into the wall while Damion landed on his side. As Damion got up, he screamed, "3…2…1…Yatta!" As he said the last word, the lightning bolt came out of the light above the creature, striking the cord. In a matter of seconds, the beast exploded, leaving green jelly along almost every surface. "What the hell was that?" Ryou asked, wiping the gelatinous mess off his body.

Damion laughed as he got up, the entire front of his body covered in jelly. "It was a brick of C4!" he laughed. By now, Robuk, who had gotten out of the wall, was once again against the wall, due to the force of the blast. Charlie, who is still covered in jelly every where except around his lips, has moved to where his mamodo is. "It seems that we're evenly matched." Damion said, now next to Ryou. "Agreed." said Charlie. "Well, there's only one way to settle this…" Damion started, glaring at Robuk, who responded with a nod.

"RAP BATTLE!" The two said simultaneously. Just then, the landscape changed, from the candy filled scenery, to black, nightclub-type room with a single microphone stand and a pair of turntables hooked up to a large pair of speakers on a large stage. "You want to start, punk?" Robuk challenged. "Certainly." Damion replied.

As Ryou took the turntables and started a beat, Damion took a breath and started off. "Yo, my name is Damion, this ain't no game-ion, imma win this freaking battle and claim me some fame-ion! My posse is beast, we from the far east, no ever stood a chance, not in the least! Don't be a hater, 'cause ya just won't win, nothing you can do, nothing you can say, gonna burn ya book, so get out my way!" Damion finished his verse, and just dropped the mic on the floor, for Robuk to pick up.

Robuk then said, "Hey, Damion, why you so lame-ion, we gonna put your crew to shame-ion! 'Cause you fighting Robuk-Z, nobody can touch me, ya gonna lose now, so's your lame-ass posse! Ain't no other, not my brother, who can beat me, all you haters can just freakin' eat me!" With that, Robuk ended his verse and tossed the mic past Damion.

Damion reached up and caught the mic and started, "You talk a lot of smack for a poser, ya can't fight, ya can't rap, you really can't do crap! You'll lose, no doubt, don't worry, don't pout, I'll be quick, over before ya know, and when your fadin' away, remember this…" Damion paused. "YOU BLOW!"

He finished his verse with a laugh, dropped the mic, and kicked it into Robuk's face. The mic hit him in the face, and then he grabbed it and started, "I blow? I blow! Those are big words, hoe! I'm the best, a level none compare, and those who dare, be done, son! Your spells are fail, your skills are weak, you won't be hard to beat!"

Passing the mic to Damion, Robuk held a smirk on his face. Damion grabbed the mic and put his other hand behind his back, holding his spellbook, which was tucked in the pack of his pants. "Man, your rhymes are dead, your style's dead, mama must of dropped you on your head! I am one you can not defeat, nor even match! So just keep hatin, hate-a, and I end this with Ishivenca!" Damion finished.

Ryou shot a beam of cold energy straight at Robuk's jungle green spellbook while Charlie was distracted. As the book erupted in a green flame, Robuk started to fade back to the mamodo world. "Dead." Damion spouted into the mic. Robuk looked at Damion with contempt. "You douch-" Before he could finish cursing Damion out, he completely faded back.

Charlie ran away as the room restored itself to the candy-filled landscape. Damion just sat on the ground, tired from the battle. "Pooped, huh?" Ryou asked. "Well, when your this awesome, things get tiring." Damion replied with a laugh, causing Ryou to roll his eyes. "Man, I wish I could've at least punched him once." Ryou said, kicking the ground.

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