A/N: I'm pretty sure in '03 Gibbs is married, but just pretend he's not.

Also, for anyone who has started reading Playing With Fire, it is on pause for now.

Summary: When a burned-beyond-recognition body is found near an NCIS badge, all evidence leads to Gibbs' ex-lover being dead.

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The masked figures stepped out of the car and scanned the area before opening the trunk. They hauled the burned body from the back onto the park lawn and dragged it near the fountain. Placing the charred ID down next to it they walked quickly back to the car and sped away. It would be found soon enough; and the events would be put in motion.

The masked woman sighed as she sunk into the passenger seat and watched the world outside tear by in a blur. A lone tear ran down her cheek. She had done some cruel things, but to but everyone through something like this would take the cake. But it had to be done, or it would all be over.

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