PLEASE READ: In this story, I felt like connecting a few details of Twilight, and making up my own—hey, it's fan fiction. :) Okay, anyway. So I'll just tell you the Twilight detail I got, nothing else, so it won't spoil much. Okay, so, remember Breaking Dawn? Jacob wasn't a werewolf, he was just a shape shifter. The choice of the shape of the wolf, according to the book, was pure chance. They inherit the ability to change form from their ancestors—it's genetic. They do not multiply like how true werewolves do: by infecting.



James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew were all seated on the floor of their dormitory, laughing their heads off.

"Hey, what time is it?" Sirius asked. James said, "Uh, quarter to midnight. Good thing it's a Friday!" and they all started laughing again.

"Prongs, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" asked Sirius, wearing a mischievous smile. James immediately wore the same identical smile. "Yes!"

Remus' smile faded. "You guys are thinking of sneaking out to the grounds again, aren't you?" James and Sirius nodded enthusiastically. Peter let out a squeaky, nervous laugh. "Let's go!" he said. Suddenly, James stood up and got his invisibility cloak. Sirius and Peter also stood up. "Moony, aren't you coming?" Peter asked Remus, a little upset. "No," said Remus, "my transformation is tomorrow," he gave a sad smile. "Oh," James said, holding his cloak, "Oh, yeah. Well then, we'll just tell you all about our little adventure later, then."

They all laughed.

Remus shook his head, "I bet the only adventure you'll three get in tonight is detention!"


"Oops, sorry!"

"Padfoot, shut up, you'll get us in trouble!" James hissed at Sirius.

"But that was MY foot!"

"OH, we can all worry about your BELOVED foot later—"

"Who's there?" asked a new, wheezy voice.

"Filch!" whispered the three at the same time.

"Who's in here? Show yourself! I command you!"

The three stifled a laugh.

"I know you're in here even if I can't see you. Mrs. Norris will find you, won't you my sweet—"

And then there was a booming sound from the third floor, followed by Peeve's menacing laugh.

"I'll get you Peeves!" and Filch went running to the staircase.

"That was close," James said, relieved.

Sirius opened the main door and they slipped out of the castle as quietly as they could.

They were already on the grounds. It was raining hard.

"Oh, dammit," Sirius said.

"Nevermind the rain," said James, "maybe tonight will be more interesting than the other times we snuck out."

"Right then," Sirius said, clasping his hands. "Let's head to the Forbidden Forest ."

They walked a little and then suddenly heard a loud whimper from what sounded like a dog. They turned their heads and saw a white animal fighting off the branches of the Whomping Willow.

"W-what is that?" Peter said, a little nervous.

They all backed away. "It… it looks like a white wolf, I think," answered James.

The white wolf escaped the tree, ran fast past the Marauders and headed straight to the Forbidden Forest .

Nobody spoke. It seemed like an instinct to the three to follow the wolf. And they did. When they reached the forest, however, there was no sign of the wolf. Not even anything white.

Peter was stuttering.

"Ssh! Quiet! I can hear something," James silenced Peter.

They all remained quiet, and James tried hard to listen in the darkness. And there it was, a faint crying from what sounded like a girl.

"I can hear it, too!" exclaimed Sirius.

They walked deeper into the forest, and the sound was becoming louder. They felt tired and cold in the rain and were about to give up their search when they saw what they were looking for.

"Look!" Sirius said, pointing to a girl of about their age, clearly lost. He started to walk towards her when James pulled him back. "No! Don't, Sirius! She's from Durmstrang, look at what she's wearing!"

Clearly, she was from Durmstrang. She was wearing black leather trousers and matching black leather boots, a dark red long sleeved top and a gold cloak lined with fur with the logo of Durmstrang at the back.

"No, Prongs. Just look at her, she needs our help," Sirius said and took the invisibility cloak off of him. He started to walk slowly towards her.

"Excuse me?" he said.

She stopped crying in an instant and suddenly, she looked furious. She withdrew her wand from inside her cloak and suddenly blast a stunning spell in Sirius' direction and missed him by inches.

"NO! WAIT, STOP! I'm here to help!" Sirius said, holding his hands in front of him.

The mysterious girl slowly lowered her wand. She didn't speak.

James finally took the invisibility cloak off of him and Peter.

"Please," James said, "We'll help you."

She walked forward, straight to James. She looked him in the eyes so close that it made James feel uneasy. She tore her eyes away from him, and did the same to Sirius. Then, she looked into Peter's eyes. She frowned at him and backed away. The boys didn't like it much. They felt weird around her. It was like she wasn't human. But she looked human. James, Sirius and Peter supposed she was beautiful, but she had deep gashes on her skin.

"Who are you?" Peter was the first to speak. "What are you doing here?"

She looked around, as if checking if there was anyone listening, and said, "My name is Jolie Daniels. I come from Durmstrang… but I ran away tonight." She eyed their uniforms. "You're from Hogwarts."

"You ARE in Hogwarts." James said.

"Please, I need to speak to somebody. P-professor Dumbledore, maybe? Is he here?"

"Sure. We'll take you to him. I've been there loads of times because of my detentions, I know the password."

Then they started walking back to the school.

PLEASE READ: Thanks for reading guys. I haven't typed much, but I have the whole story in mind. I'll try to update ASAP. School's next week already. ANYWAAAAY- What was that white wolf?! How did Jolie get into Hogwarts?! Answers will be in the later chapters. :) as in, way way later. =))