just to make it clear: this chapter happens in the middle of harry's third year at hogwarts. he and remus were having lessons on the patronus charm. this was BEFORE they found out that sirius was innocent and not the one responsible for lily and james' deaths.



Sixteen years later: 1993

"Professor Lupin?"

"Ah, good evening, Harry! You arrived just in time for your lessons."

"What exactly can make a dementor go away, Sir?"

"Well, since dementors feed on sadness and fear, it's pretty obvious that they are defeated by happiness," Remus smiled warmly at Harry. "Anyway, a corporeal patronus is the hardest to make, Harry."

"A corporeal patronus?"

"It is a patronus that has a defined form. It's usually an animal and it depends on the caster of the spell as to which form his or her patronus will take."

Remus led Harry to a chest. "Now, here is our boggart-dementor, Harry. You know what to do."

He opened the chest and a dementor immediately swooped down. "Expecto... Expecto Patronum..."

"Come on, Harry, you can do it," Remus muttered.

Harry felt fear flood through him, but he didn't let it get the best of him. He was brave. Just like his parents. "Expecto Patronum... EXPECTO PATRONUM!"

From Harry Potter's wand erupted a silver cloud-like substance and it formed some sort of shield. The dementor couldn't come any closer. Soon, he defeated it and it fled back into the chest.

"Excellent work!" Remus praised his student. "Here, have some chocolate."

Harry accepted it and then afterwards, they practiced more with the dementor and he was starting to have an easier time casting the patronus charm.

After an hour, however, they were both starting to be sort of fed up. They started talking about random things. And then Harry asked Remus a deep question.

"Sir, what were my parents like?"

Remus smiled sadly. "They were the best kind of friends anyone could ever get. Lily was a sweet, sweet girl. You have her eyes, Harry, precisely the same shape and colour of her eyes."

As Remus continued to tell a few details about the story of his childhood, it started to rain.

"James, on the other hand, was quite the troublemaker in his younger years, but he toned down when he and Lily started going out," Remus smirked and Harry laughed. "He was a very loyal man. A very good person with a big heart. You look exactly like your father, Harry."

Harry remained silent before asking, "Professor Lupin... what form does your patronus take?"

A ghostly trace of sadness crept up Remus' face. "A wolf," he answered.

"A wolf?"

"Expecto Patronum," Remus muttered. From his wand erupted a large, white, bear-like wolf. It pranced around the room and Remus smiled.

He took out a picture from the inside of his robes. It was rather old.

"Harry, look here," Remus gestured him to come closer, "These are your parents... right there."

"Who are the others, Sir?"

"Well, these were the newest members of the Order of the Phoenix. This was taken in January 1977. There I am, next to Sirius Black."

"Sirius Black? That person who escaped from Azkaban?"

"Yes. And then over there," Remus pointed to another part of the picture, "is Peter Pettigrew. He died before Sirius was arrested for your parents' murder."

There was silence as the rain became harder. There was a strike of lightning.

"Sir, who's this?" Harry pointed to the girl next to Remus. She had an elegant smile, eyes full of happiness and jet black hair just like James. She was very pretty.

Remus sighed. "That was Jolie Potter."

Harry looked at her questioningly. "Jolie Potter?"

"Your fathers' half sister."

"Sir," there was a trace of hope and longing in Harry's voice, "Is she... is she still alive?"

"No. She died one month after this photograph was taken," Remus said somewhat bitterly. Harry did not press the topic any further.

Then there was a knock on the door.

"Come in," Remus called out.

It was Hermione and Ron.

"Good evening, Professor Lupin," she smiled. She was carrying a furry cat with a squashed face. It leapt out of her arms and settled on Remus' desk. "Crookshanks, no!"

"No, it's perfectly fine, Hermione," Remus stroked the cat behind the ears. He stared at it, "She did love cats... never learned to be an Animagus, though," he muttered to himself.

"What was that, Sir?" Hermione asked.

"What?" Remus jumped. "Nothing," he said hurriedly.

"Anyway," Hermione said a bit weirdly, "We've come to fetch Harry, Professor. He has quidditch practice and Wood didn't know where to find him. Ron and I did, though."

"Oh, yes, I'm sorry I kept you from your practice, Harry," Remus apologized.

"No, it's alright, Professor," Harry said.

Remus looked out of the window and into the rain. "You fly as well as your father did," he said a bit sadly.

Harry didn't answer but just stared at his professor, wanting to ask more questions.

"Harry," Hermione said impatiently. "The match with Hufflepuff..."

"Okay, okay," he hissed at her. And then he said to Remus, "I'll see you tomorrow at class, Sir."

"See you tomorrow," Remus replied. "Good luck against Hufflepuff," he smiled to Harry before turning to the window again.

Hermione picked up Crookshanks from Remus' desk.

When the door to the office closed, Remus took a deep breath and sighed. He looked at the picture of The Order again.

He looked at all the people he lost who were important to him there. James, Lily, Peter, Sirius... and her. Jolie.

There she was next to him, and they were holding hands.

A lump rose in his throat as another loud crash of thunder came from the sky.

He cast another patronus charm and watched the white wolf prance around gracefully around the room. He remembered what it was like with her.

How they first met.

How he was too nervous to tell her how he really felt.

That day at Hogsmeade with her, Lily and the Marauders.

How Sirius persuaded him to confess to her about his feelings.

And when he did, how he found out she felt the same way.

Their first kiss and how they both fell asleep in the Common Room on the sofa in front of the fireplace.

How his friends teased him about her.

How he felt when he suddenly found out she was a shape shifter.

Their fight, which caused her to spend a day with the same people who would kill her—the Slytherins.

The Christmas Ball.

Her dance with Sirius, and how he felt immensely jealous about that.

How they made up with each other in the Room of Requirement. Remus smiled at that memory. His patronus became brighter and it danced more around his office.

How they found out that she and James were actually siblings.

Their time in Forks with Jacob, Uncle Billy, Bella and Cassiopeia.

Justin's death... Their hardships... All that pain and tears.

How he pretended to be with Nymphadora and how Jolie pretended to be with Snape.

The time that he and Jolie made love with each other... until Jacob interrupted. Remus chuckled to himself as he remembered that night.

The Valentines' Ball.

The battle in the storm... Remus' chest tightened with anger. His patronus faded a little.

And it faded a little more when he remembered that dagger piercing Jolie's heart.

Unknowingly, tears sprung out from his eyes. He had been trying to ignore the pain ever since she died.

The rain went on harder outside as he strived to remember her laugh, her smile and that certain sparkle in her eyes. The soft touch of her skin... The gentle feel of her lips...

And then suddenly, Remus' patronus whisped away and disappeared, just like a cloud. But despite every hardship he's gone through, every cherished memory he was sure will never happen again, every person who's left him...

Despite Jolie Potter's death, he believed that a cloud will always have a silver lining... even in the most harrowing storm.

Remus inhaled the scent of the room as another memory filled his mind again:

"I love you," Jolie whispered sixteen years ago.

"I love you, too," Remus said.

"More than anything?" she asked, a smile curving on her lips.

Remus smiled back as they embraced each other tightly and then kissed.

"More than everything."